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Everyone watching including the guest couldn't help but say out loud in a confused and startled tone "WHAT THE f.u.c.k/FRICK??"

"Hahaha don't just stare at it, move the mouse about and try to get over the tree that's in front of the character," Said Theo smugly

They immediately follow his advice and move the mouse to gain some familiarity. When they move the mouse they realise that what you control is the arms that hold the sledgehammer. The man in the black cauldron in the centre while the arms move around it to swing. This means that your mouse movements for the game are in a circular motion.

When they move the mouse and attempt to climb the tree, they quickly realise that such simple instructions required an absurd amount of mouse control.

"Boy, this is bulls.h.i.+t" Said LittleLad (MiniLad/Craige) while comically throwing out a karate chop at the camera

"Ooh I see how it is" Said Markiplay (Markiplier/Mark)

"Theo I want you to know our friends.h.i.+p is off to a rocky start, Get over the f.u.c.kING tree," Said Bigjiggly Bear (BigJigglyPanda/Anthony) while his face went red with frustration

"Theo, how did you come up with these bulls.h.i.+t controls," Said Always_Sammy (made up character Samantha) while trying to get over the tree

"Stand back Marzia, I'm going full gamer mode for this" Said PewDieTie (PewDiePie/Felix) while cracking his neck and hands dramatically

About two minutes of the trial of error they had finally concurred the tree.

"Okay, do bear in mind that you are not simply climbing you are conquering what lies ahead of you. Whether it be mountains or terribly a.s.sorted furniture, push on to see what lies at the top. I encourage you to get angry as it was my goal for creating it but I hope you know that I won't be held responsible for any broken mouse's, monitors and keyboards. With that being said welcome to h.e.l.l" Said Theo

Then he left them to it, as he joins his audience as a spectator. He watched while being amused by his own monotone commentary and quotes.

Commentary: "There's no feeling more intense than starting over. If you've deleted your homework the day before it was due, as many have"

commentary:"Or if you left your wallet home and you have to go back, after spending an hour in the commute."

commentary:"If you won some money at the casino and then put all your winnings on red, and it came out black"

commentary: "If you got your best s.h.i.+rt dry cleaned before a wedding and then immediately dropped food on it"

commentary:"If you won an argument with a friend and then later discovered that they returned to their original view"

commentary: "Starting over is harder than starting up. If you're not ready for that, like if you've already had a bad day. Then what your about to go through might be too much. Feel free to go away and come back. I'll be here"

As they listen to the in-game commentary they feel the sudden urge to push through just to spite the doubtful voice that plays in the background but this doesn't mean they won't get angry. It took them a few minutes to finally get quarter way up the first big obstacle before falling back to the bottom.

commentary: "Oof, you just lost a lot of progress. That's a deep frustration, a real punch in the gut"

"f.u.c.k money, if I win I'm asking that you allow me to punch you in the gut" Stated BigJigglyBear angrily

"f.u.c.k off with that bulls.h.i.+t" Shouted LittleLad

"Why, just WHY!! shouted Markiplay

"Aggghhh You b.a.s.t.a.r.d" Shouted Always_Sammy

"Minor set back but it shouldn't be too hard to get back. . . How did I get up there the first time" Said PewDieTie frustratedly

"Think wedding, Felix," Said Marzia encouragingly

"My Lady has spoken, ZERO DEATHS!!!" shouted PewDieTie

Things progressed slowly with more setbacks until they finally get to narrow vertical wall climb. The only thing they can grab is the small little lamps that are stuck on either side of the walls.

They threw more insults towards Theo to show their deep hate for his absurd and torturous game.

"f.u.c.k You" Is all they could say as they push themselves on.
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Finally, as they make their way to the top Felix, Mark and Anthony over swing and cause their characters to drop back down hitting the sides of big obstacles and sliding down right to the bottom.

"NOOOOOOO YOU EVIL f.u.c.kING a.s.sHOLE" *THUD, THUD* Shouted BigJigglyBear with pure anger and while punching his desk

"f.u.c.k, f.u.c.k, FUuck YOU PIECE OF s.h.i.+T" Shouted Markiplay while jumping up an down and pulling at his hair.

"f.u.c.k YOU! s.h.i.+t, Brad, I need some of that family-friendly editing" Said PewDieTie

They continue while Theo decides to get some help from Natalie(A.I)

"Nat" Said Theo

"I am here, how may I be of use" Said Natalie

"Could you put together the most sufficient way of learning some dancing" Asked Theo

He really wanted to do a music video for his songs and thought it was about time he started to learn how to dance.

"Do you have any specification for which type of dance?" Asked Natalie

"No, you know me, I'm a jack of all trades, could you also put check for any movies that are looking for actors. Ah yes I would like to know if you've made a record of my speech pattern and use of words" Asked Theo

"Searching and building the best way to learn dance. . . . Completed acquired mulitple dance tutorial videos sent directly to your phone. . . . Searching for movie rolls. . . . .Completed would like for me to hack in and change the names to you" Said, Natalie

"No, No I meant free movie rolls not the already a.s.signed ones," Said Theo in a panic

"Understood. . . . I have found multiple roles that are suitable for your current schedule and have sent them to your phone" Said Natalie

'I should really upgrade my phone or. . . .' Theo thought

"Hey, Nat recover all data on all forms engineering, try and keep it through legal means, I don't want [ ] good name to be tarnished. Also, use five thousand to buy high-end phones, phone parts, tools and materials, while you're at add in some high-end computer parts" Asked Theo

"Understood, for tools would that be the heavy-duty kind?" Asked Natalie

"No, I just need tools related to phones and computers, so keep it small" Said Theo

"Understood" Said Natalie

'Why buy a new phone that would be upgraded the next year, when I can just make a phone that has interchangeable parts and is long-lasting. I'm still gonna have to upgrade as it should take a while to acquire the necessary knowledge that can create a phone that beats the current phones. After that, I'll try and make a supercomputer, then move on to bigger and better things' Theo thoughts

He then spent an hour going through all the movie rolls and seeing which one suits his body. He finally found a role to play and put it in his calendar. Then he went to check in how everyone is doing.

He was completely shocked. He saw Mark crying desperately like a child with his face in his hands. Craig and Anthony were now in a broken room that had holes in the walls, multiple broken mouse's on their desk, they were even standing with their chair on the side in complete shambles.

Samantha was now covered in a red blanket with a teddy bear in her left hand. Her eyes were dead, no sign of life, what once held the spark of a youthful young woman, was now the pained look of the patient at his death bed.

Felix was not as bad as he didn't have anything broken nor is he crying or wearing a blanket. Then again he has the advantage of a companion to keep him in check, in a someway Marzia is Felix's comfort blanket. Even so, you can see that his eyes are red and were dilating, it was clear that he had lost his sanity.

commentary: "Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there. I did not die. -Mary Elizabeth Frye"

"f.u.c.k off, I don't know what me off more, the fact that I suck at this or the condescending bulls.h.i.+t that plays in the background," Said BigJigglyBear spitefully

"f.u.c.k off with your comments" Said LittleLad

"I'm taking off the headphones, there's no way I can continue with the voice in the back" Said Mark

Theo quickly turned his mic on and said "If you take off the headphones and continue to play then you lose the rights to get the prize"

"Aghhh you're a bad person Theodore" Said, Mark angrily

An hour later LittleLad was the first one to finish and screamed "I did it, I did it, HA HA Hahaha f.u.c.k you Theo now for my prize I want. . "

"Mate you ain't done" Said Theo cutting him off

"What are you on, see that, that's the ending credits so I'm done Hahhah now my prize. . . " Said LittleLad with pure joy

*Cough* "If you were listening to my rules for the prize you will see that my only rule is that you play till the end of the stream and looking at the time you still have one hour left. So go to the menu, click restart and play for another hour" Said Theo with an evil grin

Quite no one was saying anything as they waited for Craig to restart but instead he put on a broken smile and face his camera. And said "We'll thank you for watching the stream this was Not fun. let's Not do this again, smash like and subscribe to LittleLad. Thank you, f.u.c.k you Theo and goodbye"

Theo was shocked before he started laughing "Hahaha f.u.c.king brilliant, okay that's one down three to go"

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