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Gabriel glance at the three body guards that are guarding his wife. He wanted to punch each of them, but he was calm and turn to Oliver. Oliver gave him the CCTV footage of how they kill the driver and then how they planned it well when the body guards has been held up with strangers, holding them and pointing guns on them.

It was a planned ambush. He look at Oliver as Oliver gave him the good plan for their rescue.

"I know well the island that Erickson owns." Oliver told. "It has a high security, surprisingly high technologies like EPUA." He explain briefly. "In few hours, we are able to rescue Madam and Lady Lawson." He said.

"So, Olie, how is this few hours of yours estimated?" Jason asked. Oliver only smile a little and glance on his wrist watch.

"Men are on standby."


Sabrina's heart was palpating as they were locked out in a room. The room look extravagant with Hailey's painting around. Hailey shudders and the only thing that Sabrina can do is to protect herself, Hailey and her baby.

The door opens and a maid enters with refreshments. Hailey's eyes widens. She shook her head to Sabrina. Sabrina nodded. They can't drink anything on the drinks. Because of Hailey's experience. The maid serve it on them but none of them drank it.

Soon the door opens again and the maid settle the foods on the table and after she settle it, none of them touch it. Then the door opens again and Erickson came with a bright smile. He look at Hailey with full of longing then he reach her face. Hailey move away from him.

"Don't you dare touch her." Sabrina warns. Erickson look at her and then he laughs.

"Mrs. Lawson, we will be soon a family." He told and look at her stomach. Then he look at Hailey with a smile. "I heard that you want a baby." He murmur on her and he press his lips to hers. Hailey turn her face away. Erickson stand up straight. "Let's eat first."

"We are not hungry." Sabrina said. Erickson twist his jaw.

"Mrs. Lawson, don't be this stubborn, it's making my head hurts." He said calmly.

"Let us go." Hailey said.

"Sure, but you have to promise me one thing first." He said and move closer to her as he caress her hair. "Marry me… you will be the happiest woman in the world." Hailey grit her teeth.

"I will never marry an ugly crazy s.h.i.+t like you."

Erickson's eyes darkens and his hand landed on Hailey's cheek. Suddenly, Sabrina feels déjà vu. Erickson grab Hailey and told his men to make the pregnant woman sit on the sofa and let her watch. Sabrina was shaking suddenly and it was the start on how she suddenly see herself in a different area but the same happening.

Hailey screams while Erickson toss her to bed and Sabrina has been held with two males.

"No!" Hailey screams and receive another slap from Erickson. He ripped her clothes and punch her abdominal. She almost puke and she loose her strength. She look at Sabrina with wide eyes, tears rolling down her cheeks.

She move her head and didn't let Erickson kiss her on lips as he nearly trust on her. What stop them was a sound of gun shot. Hailey stopped and immediately look at Sabrina. Her heart almost jumped out thinking that someone shoot Sabrina and the baby, but Sabrina was swift as she restrain from their hands twisting their arms and breaking them as she hit the other one with the gun and fire another to one of the incoming men. It was all direct in the middle of the forehead.

Hailey got her chance to knead Tyler on his b.o.n.e.r and push him down. She kick his thing again and then punch his nose hard. Hailey immediately get away from him and run to Sabrina. Sabrina's eyes was blank yet dark. She was calm and the way she hold a gun was flawless.

Sabrina move closer to him and shot Tyler's both legs. He cried out loud in pain and that's when footsteps are coming and Gabriel in suit came in with his men. They have guns but Gabriel was calm as he look at his wife holding a gun direct to the subject.

Jason rushed inside and immediately hugged Hailey. Her whole body is shaking and she nearly faint. He hugged her tightly and kiss her head and she start sobbing.

"I'm here."

Sabrina put down her hand and Gabriel walk to her.

"Is our baby okay?" He asked. Sabrina nodded. Oliver came and collect the gun from her hand. Gabriel check her face and her if she got any scratch. Then he patted her head. "Does it make you feel better?" He asked. Sabrina nodded again. Is she back to being mute? Then Gabriel pull her into a big hug and she shove her face between his chest.

Gabriel's men take Tyler and put a press on his legs. Hailey suddenly faint and Jason carried her. Her pulse is fast and maybe it was because of the shock. Jason caress Hailey's beautiful face and he look around.

"Take out every portrait of Hailey." He demanded then he left the room. Sabrina let Gabriel carried her back to the chopper and wrapped his arms around her. She wasn't talking.

Sabrina's mind already accepted it all. The betrayal, the pain and everything. Gabriel was always there for her to protect her. He was patient on taking care of her. That will only matter now. But her operation will continue.

Oliver gave her a bottle of water and she nodded and drank on it. Gabriel was calm as they go home.

Soon, when Sabrina arrive to the villa everyone are there. Her father, Ethan, Enzo and the kids together with their wives. Ferdinand calms down after hugging her. She didn't say anything and left the room.

"Sorry she need to rest." Gabriel told. He look at Ethan and Ethan immediately understand.

Sabrina take a shower and Gabriel join her and help her soaping and scrubbing her back. She was back to muted but he knows that it only take a while. He dry her, cloth her and brush her hair. Then he snuggle with her on the bed.

"I am here my wife. I will never leave you."

"Don't betray me." She said. He smiled and nodded. A tear fall from her eyes and he wipe it off quickly.

"I will never betray you my love."

"Good, because I don't know what to do if you betray me." She said. Gabriel look into her eyes.

"Promise me one thing…" he said. "Always take care of yourself when I am not with you." He rubbed her stomach. "Our baby will soon come out… I will help you with everything you needed to finish." She nodded with sniffle.

"What is she doing now?" She asked him. "You know right? That my mother is alive and she cook foods for me few months ago." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"She's fine. I am helping her now, so, my dear, please focus on giving birth."

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