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Chapter 146. Weapon Manufacture

I remained at the workshop in Dura's house to make my own weapon.

In the battle with Dura's father, Dolflare, the shortsword I made broke.

Then, in the battle with the Cardinal, I was reminded of the importance of a weapon.

In the body of an eight-year-old, even if it is strengthened by magic, I am unable to produce enough force unarmed.

Dura's room is divided into five areas. One is a large room at the entrance. The pa.s.sage from my room is also connected here. That's the room where we usually train.

Another is Dura's bedroom area. We basically don't enter there. Dura showed it once. A blanket was laid in a large basket made of wood. That is probably Dura's bed.

The other area is an area with a living room and a kitchen. There are tables and chairs of a size that is easy for humans to use, and after training, we all sit down there and eat snacks together.

And not to forget, an area for toilets and a place to wash our body.

As long as a dragon eats, it would surely go to the toilet.

The place where we wash our body is hard to call a bathroom. The bathroom is large enough for us human beings, but it is not a bathroom per se because it is smaller compared to Dura's body. Dura could probably only wash his body instead of taking a bath.

The last area is the workshop. It was lined with tools I use for blacksmithing and tools for Dura's cloth crafting.

「Thanks for letting me use the workshop, Dura.」

「You're welcome. I can also learn from you, too.」Dura said, looking at my hand.

Perhaps Dura is also interested in blacksmithing.

I made a shortsword, as Dura intently watched the process.

I made it carefully using the material I got from Dolflare.

There is no point in making a short sword of the same level as last time.

Therefore, I pushed my magic control to the utmost limit to make the short sword.

Three hours after I started, the short sword was completed.

Dura kept staring at my hand until it was completed.

「Amazing concentration. The technique was also amazing. I learned a lot.」

「Thank you. Next, I'm going to make the string for Rosetta's bow.」

「Will, are you okay? Aren't you tired?」

「No, I'm fine.」


「I'm just used to it.」

「Used to it?」

「Yeah. Back when I was just starting blacksmithing, it took many times longer than this and I felt very tired.」

「…Growth spurt?」

「Maybe that's the case. I am eight years old after all.」

In the latter years of my previous life, when I was 120 years old, it was difficult to increase my magic strength and power. Even maintaining the health of my physical body was taxing.

「The potential of children sure is amazing.」

「I agree.」

「Are you considered a child among dragons, Dura?」

「Yes, still a child.」

「That's good.」

「Yeap. I am glad I came here with Rubeum-sama. The training is also amazing.」

「I'm glad it was.」

Dura partic.i.p.ates in both my and Xenovia's training together with Rosetta and the others.

I was also asked by Dura to arrange and teach the training method given by the G.o.ds to the dragon.

Rubeum, who was inspired by Dura, has also been doing his best in training these days.

「Will may be alright, but let's take a short break.」

「Alright. Let's take a break for a while.」

「Ok. I will make tea.」

Dura and I moved from the workshop to the living room.

In the living room, Rubeum, s.h.i.+ro, Fluffy, and Fay were playing happily.

When I entered the living room, Fay noticed and flew towards me.

「Have you finished making the weapon?」

「The shortsword is complete, but next I'm going to make Rosetta's bowstring. I'm just here for a break.」

「Oh, show me the shortsword!」

I placed the shortsword I just made on a table in the living room.

Fay touched the short sword and nodded to herself.

Dura came back with tea and sweets.

Although his hands and fingers were too big, Dura dexterously brewed them with skillful magic control.

「Sweets!」Fay cried.

「Dig in.」Dura said.

I then ate sweets with Fay and the G.o.dbeasts.

It was cookies. s.h.i.+ro, Rubeum, Fluffy, and Fay were chomping down on the food.

「Sweetness seems to be the fuel for a tired brain. It's very delicious. Thank you.」

「Thank you.」

After a sufficient break, I returned to work.

I started making the bowstring using the dragon's beard from Dolflare.

Three hours later.

「I think I made a pretty good string.」

「Magnificent!」Dura said.

「I will give this to Rosetta as soon as she comes back from cla.s.s.」

「That is good.」

When we were talking about that, Xenovia came to Dura's house.

「Are you in, Master?」

「Yeah, I'm here.」

Dura and I left the workshop and headed towards Xenovia.

「I have something to ask you…」

「You can ask me anything.」

「Thank you. Actually, I would like for Master to partic.i.p.ate in the training camp.」 Xenovia said, seeming apologetic.

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