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“Teacher Bai, what score did you get?” Teacher Sun, who teaches English in Cla.s.s 7 and Cla.s.s 8, leaned towards Bai YanZhu and asked in a low voice.

Huo PingChuan claimed to be able to a teacher's performance through this teacher satisfaction survey. So at his insistence, the results of this survey were to be applied to the teachers' bonus a.s.sessments.

Truthfully, Qiu thought the survey hadn't been properly verified and shouldn't be considered when calculating the teachers' bonuses. He and Huo PingChuan had a long argument about this.

But Huo PingChuan had already prepared a stack of random endors.e.m.e.nts from other inst.i.tutions to combat him. More importantly, he used his ultimate trump card- Huo PingChuan asked his superiors to give him their written approval and consent to use the survey in any way he deemed necessary. In the end, Qiu had no choice but to reluctantly give in.

In order to get the survey results before the semester ended, the survey agency quickly collected all the questionnaires and calculated the scores in the fastest time possible. Their methods of a.n.a.lysis weren't disclosed in detail, but somehow, a set of teacher scores was determined and was soon sent back to the school.

Teachers who had never done something like this before didn't really understand how the teacher satisfaction survey worked. But they did understand that their scores would be based on their reputation with the students. So, of course, the teachers would inevitably crowd together and compare their scores with each other.

This was especially true with the teachers who taught the same cla.s.s. Because they faced the same group of students, their scores can be seen as the most direct reflection of their work performance and their popularity. And it even affected their bonuses.

But if their scores were to be made public, some teachers with low scores would naturally get embarra.s.sed.

For example, Bai YanZhu. He was the homeroom teacher of Cla.s.s 8 and was very dedicated to helping his underachieving students. A few of the teachers joked that he was just wasting his time, while others kindly advised him to not be too sincere. They all thought that these hooligans wouldn't be moved by his sincerity and that Bai YanZhu's actions would all be for naught.

But when they entered their senior year, Cla.s.s 7 and Cla.s.s 8 changed dramatically. These little gangsters all turned into prodigal children practically overnight, creating the largest learning spectacle since the establishment of No.12 High School. This made Bai YanZhu puff up his chest and laugh all day long. He probably treated his students better than any parent treated their own child.

It can be said that Cla.s.s 8 was the pride of Bai YanZhu.

Unfortunately, according to the survey results, the students of Cla.s.s 8 didn't regard their homeroom teacher as proudly.

It wasn't that Bai YanZhu's score was particularly low. He had a relatively middling score when compared to the other teachers of Cla.s.s 8, which wasn't bad. But when you compare this to Bai YanZhu's enthusiastic chatter that one could hear in the office every single day,  this score was a little aloof.

It was as if Bai YanZhu's sincerity towards his students was just his own wishful thinking. In the end, his students had never really taken him all that seriously.

This made the other teachers feel sad for Bai YanZhu. In the end, a hooligan had a hooligan's heart, ah.

Bai YanZhu understood that even if a teacher invested so much time and effort towards his students, those students had no obligation to do the same. But when Bai YanZhu saw his scores, he couldn't help but feel a sense of loss.

So when Teacher Sun asked him about his results, Bai YanZhu could only give him a stiff smile and say: “Not bad. Everyone got the same score, more or less.”

“You got the same scores as everyone else?” Teacher Sun muttered in slight disbelief. “But you spent so much time with your students….”

Sitting across from them was Teacher Chen, who taught other He had been cynical about Bai YanZhu's actions before, so when he heard their conversation, he immediately said: “I told you, Teacher Bai. The students in the lower aren't worth the effort. You didn't believe me back then, but now, this proves that I was right!”

Teacher Chen didn't bother lowering his voice when he said this, so all the other teachers heard him. Another teacher, surnamed Zhu, joined in: “I also used to try my utmost best to help my students, Teacher Bai. But to be honest, all those kids are heartless. They just don't care.”

“Sigh, it's not your fault, Teacher Bai. You often invite students to some soda at your own expense, right? But those students, they didn't even try to help you get your well-deserved bonus. Ah, they really are a bunch of white-eyes wolves.”

These people usually disliked Bai YanZhu's proud att.i.tude. Ever since Cla.s.s 8's grades shot up at the beginning of this year, Bai YanZhu made no secret of his immense joy. He constantly chattered about the progress of his students in the teacher's office, and eventually, this led to some jealousy. But now, with Bai YanZhu receiving this sort of score, some teachers secretly felt happy. It wasn't enough for them to simply watch the show, they wanted to join in and say a few words.

Bai YanZhu was already depressed. When the teachers around him started saying all these things, he became even more embarra.s.sed. Bai YanZhu said: “They're still young…it's normal for them not to understand. They'll eventually learn to appreciate such things in the future…”

Teacher Zhu snorted. “They're no better even as adults. None of those students in the lower have ever come back and visited their teachers. I know you think they're worth the effort Teacher Bai, but they're really not. What's the point of helping them when they're nothing but white-eyes wolves?”

Bai YanZhu vehemently disagreed. He said: “That's not right, Teacher Zhu. It's our duty as teachers to train and guide our students. No matter what they think of us, we teachers should never give up on our students.”

Unfortunately, Bai YanZhu's words were ignored. Teacher Zhu continued his tirade and sarcastically said: “Since Teacher Bai is so n.o.ble, then you should continue to pa.s.sionately work with them. Let's see if they get moved by your compa.s.sion and give you a high score next semester.

From the side, Teacher Chen deliberately said: “Teacher Zhu, your score is quite high this time, ah.”

Teacher Zhu made a casual gesture. “It's alright. I'm ranked second in my cla.s.s, right behind their homeroom teacher…Honestly, I wasn't too worried. Sensible students will naturally act accordingly.

Teacher Chen continued: “The students I've been a.s.signed to this year have some sense too. They didn't let my bonus get deducted.”

These two teachers echoed one another, making Bai YanZhu more and more uncomfortable.

Just then, Huo PingChuan came to the office for a visit. He saw the two teachers happily talking to one another and asked: “What are you discussing?”

The two men usually had good relations with Huo PingChuan, so they eagerly recounted their previous argument with Bai YanZhi. After they finished, Teacher Chen asked him: “ Huo, don't you think that what Teacher Zhu and I said were reasonable?”

But then they saw Huo PingChuan shake his head. “What you two said isn't right.”

Teacher Chen and Teacher Zhu didn't expect Huo PingChuan to actually refute them. The other teachers in the office were also surprised. The two teachers had flattered Huo PingChuan a lot these past couple of days, and Huo PingChuan had also been biased towards them with some things. This was such a small matter, yet Huo PingChuan actually disagreed?

But then Huo PingChuan slowly continued to say: “This satisfaction survey system is based on science and has strong practical significance. Each teacher score is carefully calculated based on their everyday performance and their teaching achievements, not from the quality of their students. Attributing your results to a student's personal thoughts is very unscientific.”

When Huo PingChuan finished, the entire office: “………”

Bai YanZhu almost spat out a mouthful of blood. According to Huo PingChuan, his low score had nothing to do with his students and was entirely due to his poor performance.

This was even more difficult to hear than Teacher Chen and Teacher Zhu's cynicism. Huo PingChuan's words completely shriveled up Bai YanZhu's little heart.

But Huo PingChuan was their superior, and he had put on a fair and objective att.i.tude towards the survey system. It wouldn't be appropriate to refute his words.

Teacher Chen suddenly chuckled. He said: “ Huo has a point. It seems that we were too one-sided with our thoughts.”

Teacher Zhu immediately followed: “If not for Huo's leaders.h.i.+p, we would've stayed ignorant of such things.”

Huo PingChuan waved a hand. “This survey system was developed by other people, and I only learned the bare basics. But I have to say, this system is really advanced. I reckon that this system will help No. 12 improve it's teaching level by leaps and bounds.”

Teacher Chen and Teacher Zhu started another round of compliments. Afterward, Huo PingChuan turned to Bai YanZhu and said: “Sadly, Teacher Bai's score wasn't ideal this time around. But Teacher Bai can learn from this experience and find a way to improve…this survey system is quite beneficial, don't you think so?”

The wilting Bai YanZhu didn't dare contradict Huo PingChuan. But then Lin YaZhi, who had just returned from cla.s.s, spoke up. He had heard Huo PingChuan's last few sentences and couldn't help but sneer: “The satisfaction survey is pure dogs.h.i.+t. How can Huo believe that this broken system has an ounce of scientific worth? And you have the nerve to criticize Teacher Bai of all people? The idea that Teacher Bai didn't put enough effort into his work is laughable.”

Huo PingChuan's expression immediately soured at Lin YaZhi's words. With gritted teeth, he said: “Mr. Lin, you are a teacher. You'd better pay attention to what you're saying. This system has been scientifically verified and was only released after being approved by the people above. When you say such things, you are directly attacking the authority of our city's Education Bureau.”

Huo PingChuan had wanted to find an excuse to punish Lin YaZhi for the longest time. Now that an opportunity presented itself, he would do his very best to seize it.

Lin YanZhi entered the office and casually threw the textbook he was holding onto his desk. “Oh, I'm skeptical about that too.”

Huo PingChuan, who was used to being praised and flattered by the teachers below him, simply couldn't understand Lin YaZhi's complete disregard towards his superiors. After almost choking on his saliva, Huo PingChuan scowled. “Teacher Lin, I advise you to stop saying such irresponsible and founded remarks.”

“Unfounded?” Lin YaZhi looked at him with a smile. “Huo PingChuan, I'm a lot more proficient in data a.n.a.lysis than you are. As long as you release the system's calculation scheme, I can immediately prove to you that your system isn't scientific at all.”

Huo PingChuan, who taught math in the past, was incensed. “Lin YaZhi, I'm not one of your students! You can stop trying to fool me with your petty words!”

“Isn't it obvious as to who is fooling whom?” Lin YaZhi crossed his arms. “You keep the criteria of the teacher a.s.sessment all to yourself. You don't tell us how the questionnaire is being interpreted and calculated. Isn't this just you blatantly showing us teachers that you have the final say?”

Lin YaZhi's words were directly challenging the authenticity of the teacher satisfaction survey.

Huo PingChuan hated him so much that his teeth itched. But he was also aware that if he isn't able to refute Lin YaZhi's words today, he wouldn't be able to use the survey system to expand his influence and power in the future.

Huo PingChuan's eyes were smoldering as he coldly said: “How can I have the final say in a system made outside the school? The interpretation of the questionnaire is done by an outside source, and they calculate it based on their own standards. How can you, a simple teacher, negate the scientific value of a system approved by our Rong City's Education Bureau? Aren't you a bit too suspicious?”

Teacher Chen chimed in: “I guess Teacher Lin's survey score isn't very high.”

Teacher Zhu added: “No wonder he's insisting the survey system is unscientific…. after all, our bouses depend on our scores.”

Huo PingChuan seemed to have realized the same thing. He looked at Lin YaZhi and joked: “So it was like this. Teacher Lin, don't you think you're acting a bit too childishly? Even if you're frustrated with the results, you shouldn't act so embarra.s.singly…..”

Bai YanZhu was grateful that Lin YaZhi had stood up for him, but he hadn't wanted Lin YaZhi to get mocked too. Bai YanZhu pulled Lin YaZhi back and whispered: “Teacher Lin, forget about it. It's no big deal….”

Meanwhile, the other teachers were afraid that Lin YaZhi's violent temper might resurface again, so they also tried to a.s.suage him: “Teacher Lin, just forget about it.”

“It isn't good to keep arguing….”

“It's no big deal….”

Huo PingChuan couldn't allow Lin YaZhi to keep challenging his authority any longer. He shouted: “Lin YaZhi, if you don't apologize to me today, I'll have no choice but to report this to the higher-ups. You've tried to undermine me numerous times already. With that kind of att.i.tude, I don't think it's appropriate for you to continue teaching…”

Lin YaZhi didn't care one bit. He rolled his eyes and said to Huo PingChuan: “Then go tell, ah, go tell them now. If you don't tell the higher-ups, then you're a dog.”

Huo PingChuan: “……”

Did this guy turn crazy?????

Lin YaZhi didn't give him the chance to back out. Before Huo PingChuan could say anything, Lin YaZhi took out his cell phone and dialed a series of numbers. He said: “Huo PingChuan, you've threatened to report me numerous times already, but you've never actually done it! Here, I'll help you dial the number, so you have to do it today. Report me, report me, ah.”

Huo PingChuan was so overwhelmed at the sudden turn of events that he had to ask: “What are you doing??”

As he said this, the call connected, and Lin YaZhi said: “h.e.l.lo? Is this the Education Bureau? This is No. 12 High School. Huo PingChuan, the of our school, wants to report me. Please quickly connect us to your superior.”

Huo PingChuan: “……”

The other teachers: “…..”

What the h.e.l.l is this? Well, they do say that the tough fear the brutal, and the brutal fear those who aren't afraid of death....I guess this saying sums up the current situation pretty well?

If they didn't see it with their own two eyes, who would've believed that Lin YaZhi was actually forcing Huo PingChuan to report him?

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City Education Bureau: Please wait on the line, connecting you now.

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