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Lin YaZhi's actions shocked not only Huo PingChuan and the other teachers in the office, but also the person on the other end of the line. After a while, the person slowly said: “Friend, this is an office line. Please don't use it for gags.”

Lin YaZhi replied: “I'm not kidding. Here, let Huo PingChuan tell you.”

As he spoke, he bullied Huo PingChuan into accepting the phone. “ Huo, hurry and talk, ah, what if they hang up? Then we'll have to call them twice.”

Huo PingChuan had never been so humiliated in his life. He didn't know if he should scold Lin YaZhi first, or answer the phone first.”

The person on the line then angrily yelled: “What's the matter with all of you? I can trace your number, don't say I didn't warn you. We're not an organization you can make fun of…”

Huo PingChuan hurriedly replied: “Is this Xiao Zhong? It's me, Huo PingChuan.”

When the person called Xiao Zhong heard a familiar voice, he became even more confused. “Is this really Huo? What are you guys doing?”

Lin YaZhi quipped: “ Huo wants to report me and ask the Bureau to dismiss me. Hurry up and connect your superiors to the line. Don't make be a person who's all talk and no action.”

There was an awkward silence at the other end of the phone. Although he didn't know what was happening, Xiao Zhong could tell that Huo PingChuan had no control over this teacher.

This matter should be reported. No matter who was right and who was wrong, Huo PingChuan probably lost a lot of face already.

Huo PingChuan was very embarra.s.sed. But he simply smiled and pretended that nothing was wrong. “This is only a misunderstanding. Don't take this seriously, Xiao Zhong, it's nothing. We'll be hanging up first.”

Huo PingChuan quickly ended the call and glared at Lin YaZhi. “How can you have the Education Bureau's phone number?”

Lin YaZhi hadn't hesitated when he inputted a string of numbers into his phone minutes before. It showed Huo PingChuan that Lin YaZhi knew the number well. Moreover, this particular number wasn't available through public channels. It was his superior's secretary that answered the phone, not some random clerk.

Lin YaZhi replied: “Of course, it's because I've been ready to report you for a long time now, ah.”

Huo PingChuan: “…….”

He really wanted to get angry and threaten Lin YaZhi, but sadly, he was in a public place.

Who would've thought that the punk Lin YaZhi would suddenly become like this? He actually called the Education Bureau right in front of Huo PingChuan and asked to get reported. Now the situation was like a person trying to get off a tiger. Teacher Zhu attempted to calm the situation down. With a small voice, he said: “Eh, we're all colleagues here. Why make trouble like this? We still have to work together afterward….”

“No, we're not going to be working together anymore.” Huo PingChuan tried to make his breath steady. His eyes were like sharp blades of air, and his tone was cold. “Lin YaZhi, a person such as yourself doesn't deserve to be a teacher. Resign. From now on, you're no longer allowed to enter No. 12 High School.”

At Huo PingChuan's words, all the other teachers gasped. A trembling Bai YanZhu hastened to plead: “How can this be? Huo, this punishment is too severe. Teacher Lin was just a little too impulsive….”

Teacher Sun also followed. “ Huo, don't get too excited. Teacher Lin was just angry. I don't think he meant all the things he said.”

But Lin YaZhi calmly said: “I meant every single word I said.”

Teacher Sun: “……”

The other teachers also voiced their thoughts: “ Huo, if you dismiss Teacher Lin now, what's going to happen to the math of Cla.s.s 7 and Cla.s.s 8? They're seniors now; this is a critical time for them.”

Huo PingChuan remained unmoved. He was determined to make an example of Lin YaZhi today. He immediately said: “I will naturally arrange other teachers to teach his”

The other teachers all looked at each other. Huo PingChuan looked very resolute. It seems that Lin YaZhi really was going to lose his job today.

Although his temper wasn't very good, Lin YaZhi was still their colleague. So with this news, they couldn't help but feel down. For a while, there were no other sounds in the office other than some sighs.

All the teachers in No.12 knew that it wasn't easy to find a job.

Huo PingChuan looked at Lin YaZhi with fierce eyes. With a dignified voice tinged with pleasure, he said: “Lin YaZhi, you should pack up your things and leave.”

This was the power a had. The power that he should have.

Bai YanZhu still continued to struggle for Lin YaZhi: “ Huo, this is too hasty, please think about it for a while longer….”

The others pinched the corners of their clothes and clenched their fists. They all felt pity for Lin YaZhi.

Lin YaZhi looked at Huo PingChuan and slowly exhaled. “Who do you think you are? When did you have the power to dismiss me?”

The other teachers: “….??” Ah?

Huo PingChuan: “….??” In the end, Lin YaZhi still refuses to follow the script?!

Huo PingChuan angrily laughed. “I'm the; I naturally have the right to dismiss you.”

Lin YaZhi's face looked funny. “Controlling me is one thing, but dismissing me is another. I'm a formally trained teacher. Even if the Education Bureau wanted to dismiss me, they would have to have a good reason for it. Who do you think you are?”

Huo PingChuan: “……”

Lin YaZhi then twisted the knife. “Besides, you should watch what you say, Sima PingChuan. You're not the, but the No matter how anxious you are to take the position, you can't just raise your position whenever you feel like it. Don't forget; you've also just been punished. They can easily postpone your promotion.”

Huo PingChuan: “……”

Bai YanZhu's brain couldn't process Lin YaZhi's words at the moment and could only stupidly say: “I think you're confused, Lin YaZhi.'s name is Huo. Why did you call him Sima PingChuan….”

Lin YaZhi sneered. “Oh, doesn't everyone know what's in Sima PingChuan's heart?”

Bai YanZhu gravely corrected him: “It's Sima Zhao….”

Huo PingChuan: “…..” If it weren't for the sincere expression in Bai YanZhu's face, Huo PingChuan would've doubted whether Bai YanZhu had joined hands with Lin YaZhi to mock him.

Looking around, Huo PingChuan saw the other teachers struggling to contain their laughter. Even the people who usually sucked up to him were now looking embarra.s.sed.

At this moment, Huo PingChuan truly felt that his grandeur was gone.

Maybe his anger had surpa.s.sed its limit. Huo PingChuan showed a strange sort of calm, while his voice became increasingly vicious. “Naturally, the Education Bureau will be the one to deal with you. Lin YaZhi, do you really think you'll still be able to run around when I report you?”

Lin YaZhi replied: “You don't have the final say.”

Bai YanZhu covered his face. “Teacher Lin, please just say less…”

Suddenly, the office door opened, and Qiu came in. Sensing the weird atmosphere, Qiu asked: “What are you guys doing?”

Lin YaZhi immediately answered: “Oh, Huo was just saying he wanted to fire me.”

Huo PingChuan: “????” Wait, aren't you a bit too straightforward??

Huo PingChuan wanted to refute his words, but he didn't know what to say. Because to a certain extent, what Lin YaZhi said was true. Qiu didn't know what was going on and looked at Huo PingChuan with questioning eyes.

Huo PingChuan took a deep breath and reminded himself not to mess up. He said: “ Qiu. Because Teacher Lin's score from the satisfaction survey wasn't ideal, he placed his interests above the school's interests. He even doubted the fairness of a survey approved by the Education Bureau. These kinds of thoughts aren't really suitable for a teacher to have, so I suggested…”

Huo PingChuan hadn't even finished when Qiu interrupted him. Looking somewhat tired, he said: “I actually came to find you because of that matter. Some students reported that the results of the teacher satisfaction survey were fraudulent. Because of this, we need to review your survey again.”

Huo PingChuan: “…..what????”

Lin YaZhi laughed. “Why am I not surprised, Huo.”

He deliberately lengthened the word ‘vice,' making Huo PingChuan, who was already sensitive about the word, feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Why did you come in?” Qiu turned and looked at Zheng PingQing, who had entered the office. He initially worried that Huo PingChuan would make it difficult for Zheng PingQing, so Qiu had intended to hide the ident.i.ty of the whistleblower. But who knew that young people nowadays were so brave and unafraid. Zheng PingQing even followed him in. With a sigh, Qiu said: “I said I would deal with this matter. You don't need to be here…”

Zheng PingQing looked at Huo PingChuan and deliberately bared his teeth. “Oh, don't mind me. I just couldn't wait to hear Huo's excuses. I couldn't help myself.” Qiu: “….” This young man…not only did he follow me, he even tried to provoke Huo PingChuan.

Sure enough, Huo PingChuan's face became extremely ugly at Zheng PingQing's words. “How can it be you again? Student Zheng, you've repeatedly interfered with your fellow students' work time and time again. Now you even dare to throw dirty water all over the school leaders? Do you really think the school wouldn't expel you?”

With this talk of dismissal, it was hard for Zheng PingQing not to think of what happened to Lin Qian and him in their last lives. It made him even more disgusted towards Huo PingChuan.

Zheng PingQing looked down on Huo PingChuan and said: “When did I interfere with my fellow students' work? Please give me all your examples one by one so that I can understand. I won't even ask for a lot, just give me three examples. And if you can't…then aren't you the one who's splas.h.i.+ng dirty water on me?”

Huo PingChuan almost had a heart attack. He hadn't been thinking carefully when he said those things. What he had been referring to was nothing more than Zheng PingQing's random questioning of the math problem that resulted in Huo YeRui getting caught out.

Who would've thought that this student would be so keen and immediately find the loophole in his words? Huo PingChuan was a little overwhelmed and failed to find the words to fight back.

Fortunately, a teacher spoke up and helped him. Teacher Zhu chimed in and said: “ Huo describing the situation. Why are you trying to turn things into a fight?”

Zheng PingQing looked at Teacher Zhu funny. “Teacher, what's with your double-standards, ah. It was clearly Huo who splashed dirty water on me first. Why didn't you blame him for bullying me: a poor and helpless student. How can you criticize me for seeking justice for myself? Teacher Zhu, how can you serve as a model for your students when you're acting like Huo's b.i.t.c.h?”

Teacher Zhu didn't expect a student to speak so sharply towards him, and he soon turned purple.

The other teachers were caught in an ellipsis-like silence. They looked at this ‘poor and helpless' student…

It was only Lin YaZhi that laughed. He said: “Student Zheng, don't be afraid. I'll help you condemn him! Although you pretty much said all that was needed to be said…”

Zheng PingQing smiled at Lin YaZhi and flattered him: “With Teacher Lin here, I can rest a.s.sured.”

In his heart, he muttered: Father-in-law is so reliable.

Huo PingChuan, whose face had turned blue, shouted: “Zheng PingQing, you have no reason to doubt the teacher satisfaction survey. Isn't this hindering the work of your fellow students?”

Huo PingChuan glanced towards Lin YaZhi and sneered. “Be honest, Student Zheng. Did a teacher encourage you to come? Think about this. A false accusation has dire consequences. Don't you want to partic.i.p.ate in the college entrance exams?” Huo PingChuan was typically a very intimidating figure in the eyes of the students. And he would be even more daunting now, with his heavy voice and threatening words. If Zheng PingQing had been a real high school student, he probably would've been petrified.

Unfortunately for Huo PingChuan, the soul inside Zheng PingQing was a hardened adult man. Zheng PingQing's expression didn't even twitch as at Huo PingChuan's attempt of intimidation. Instead, he calmly said: “How did you end up thinking like that, ah. It's my personal desire to report the survey's problems.”

Huo PingChuan saw that Zheng PingQing wasn't affected by him and could only change his tone. “Student Zheng, I don't know if it was me being too strict with you in the past that made you angry, but I'm honestly saying this for your own good. You're still young now, so maybe you don't understand. But I'm sure that when you become an adult, you will be able to appreciate what I'm trying to do. But either way, don't you think you're going too far? There's no going back once you start accusing people, you know?”

Huo PingChuan, with bitterness in his heart, put on a heartbroken appearance. This made Zheng PingQing greatly admire him, and he couldn't help but give Huo PingChuan a thumbs up. “Woah, your acting skills are too good for you to be a teacher. No wonder you're more successful than others.”

Teacher Zhu, who's acting skills were suddenly criticized: “………”

Huo PingChuan: “…..”

Huo PingChuan couldn't understand how the students suddenly became so difficult to deal with this year. Huo PingChuan looked at Qiu and said: “, I think this student can't be reasoned with. Look…” Qiu coughed awkwardly and said: “PingChuan. Zheng PingQing didn't report his suspicions w.i.l.l.y-nilly. He has evidence, ah.”

Huo PingChuan: “….”

Zheng PingQing revealed a cheap expression. “Unexpected isn't it, Huo~.”

The author has something to say:

Huo PingChuan: QAQ

Father Lin scattered a considerable amount of angry energy during the investigation in his last life…

There's going to be another chapter detailing Huo PingChuan's fall. If you don't want to see Huo PingChuan's friends, you can skip the next chapter.

I originally wrote three chapters, but I ended up deleting thousands of words and condensing things into two chapters. QAQ

Finally, BOSS Huo PingChuan will be dealt with in the next chapter. There's no more room in the script for another scene about him…

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