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Chapter 1256: Tolerance

“They’re coming!”

“Everyone, be careful!”

The people from Lovely Land and Chivalry Alliance might have been paying attention to Evil Emperor and Happy’s fight, but quite a number of people were constantly paying attention to the movements of the people from s.h.i.+va Town. When this group noticed that the people from s.h.i.+va Town had taken action, saw that the people at the sides had begun to show signs of circling the area, and their main camp had pushed forward, many people immediately sent warnings, and the people from the two major sects quickly mobilized their forces.

“Set up your formation!”

“Put up the crane’s wing formation!”

“Alliance Master Lin, the sect master has orders. Before we receive the orders to attack the forces outside s.h.i.+va Town, we are to retain a defensive formation and execute counterattacks.”

“Got it.”

After Lin Xiao received Howling Moon’s message, he nodded, and he quickly sent this message to everyone from Chivalry Alliance.

“Set up a defense and counterattack! Hurry!”

The large formation set up by tens of thousands of people swiftly shrank.

The people from Chivalry Alliance and Lovely Land quickly brought their s.h.i.+elds, arrows, and weapons, and those who saw them imitated their actions.

They set up their defense lines, and they were squeezed tightly with each other.


They drew their bows and pointed at their rapidly approaching enemies.

“Fire your arrows at different targets. Each of you, lock down on your target!

“After two rounds, switch your weapons and face them!”

Such shouts rose one after another in the air of the army.

A usual arrow formation would usually have their archers fire three rounds of arrows at random targets, but when they faced the Wild Wolves, who were really fierce and strong, things would be very dangerous for them after they fired two rounds of arrows. They must be prepared to fight in close-quarters combat by then.


As such orderly shouts rose, the sound of bowstrings snapping outside s.h.i.+va Town rose, causing the air to tremble.

Then, a black cloud of arrows shot to the area ahead of them.

If they used bow techniques in Moksha Realm or Inaction Realm and fired continuously, the enemies ahead of them would have no s.p.a.ce to avoid their arrows. They could only use their arrows and s.h.i.+elds to block the attacks.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

One or two arrows would not pose as a threat to them. They could also block seven to eight arrows quickly.

But when dozens or hundreds of arrows came at them while covering every inch of s.p.a.ce in front of them, no matter how strong they were, they would feel fear, as if they were facing the apocalypse. After all, the arrows looked like a swarm of locusts charging at them, and they had nowhere to run.

Quite a number of people were halfway through executing their attacks when their bodies were attacked by countless arrows. Their body fortifications and armor were pierced through, and their bodies were also shot through.

The sounds of their bodies being pierced through were mixed together with pained screams.

But there were also outstanding people hidden among the crowd.

When they saw the arrows coming at them, they lowered their bodies and seized the corpses of the people in front of them, and they continued pus.h.i.+ng forward at a fast speed.

One, two, ten, one hundred.

More people used the corpses to block the two rounds of intense arrow showers. They jumped up like phantoms and charged to the areas near the defense lines formed by the Chinese players.

Behind those corpses were calm eyes, and they shone with a cold and brutal light.

They tossed dozens of black things with a fling of their arms.

They did not throw them into the crowd. Instead, they tossed them above the defense lines.

Before the Chinese players could see what hidden weapons they were, they saw those black things cras.h.i.+ng on the ground, and thick fog swiftly came out of them.

“No good!”

“Smoke bombs!”

“Quick! Blow away the smoke! We can’t have those Wild Wolves getting closer!”

A number of people cried out in surprise.

But there were hundreds of smoke bombs that had been thrown into the crowd at the same time, and they were divided evenly in front of the defense line. Their timing was also perfect, so they exploded at the same time.

In just the blink of an eye, most of the entire defense line was covered by smoke.

Countless Chinese players attacked at the same time. Gusts from palms and sword qis were mixed together to charge into the smoke, but it felt as if their attacks had simply sunk into an ocean.

The smoke came charging forward, and it was not blown away. Instead, it spread out swiftly.


Due to that momentary oversight and misjudgment, the situation quickly took a turn for the worse.

Black figures with cold, murderous presences shot into the formation through the black smoke, and in an instant, more furious cries rose.

After the first exchange, Persia lost at least thousands of people.

But the Wild Wolves had used the thousands of Persian corpses to successfully get into the formation, and they quickly tore various gaps into the defense line.

The defense line instantly descended into chaos.

As more elite Wild Wolves and Persian players charged into their formation, the defense line descended into a chaotic battle.

The only place that did not show any signs of chaos was the center.

This place was defended by the Lovely Land supreme-cla.s.s elites. Orochimaru, Wind Void, Green Lit Wooden Fish, and Whirlwind Young Li each led fifty supreme-cla.s.s elites who had been part of the vanguard squad to gather in the area.

Even though more than ten stupid Wild Wolves had tried to cause a disturbance in the area, when the smoke was halfway to them, it was blocked outside by an invisible strength.

When the Wild Wolves rushed in, they were immediately torn apart by the sword qi from dozens of supreme-cla.s.s elites.

“The pressure faced by the flanks is very great, and the number of casualties they face is high. Should I bring someone over?”

Green Lit Wooden Fish’s eyes shone, and he suggested in a solemn manner.

As he spoke, his gaze moved past Whirlwind Young Li and Wind Void before it finally landed on Orochimaru.

Before Happy left, he had ordered that Orochimaru and Wind Void were in charge of this place. But even now, neither of them had made any signs of taking any action.

When they heard this, Orochimaru and Wind Void did not even turn their heads around. They just continued watching the battle.

Wind Void just frowned a little and tightened her grip around her divine weapon. She looked like she wanted to immediately charge forward, but was hesitating.

Before Happy left, he might have ordered her to be in charge of everything here, but the on making the commands was not her. Instead, it was someone else.

It was Howling Moon, a supreme-cla.s.s elite who was rather outstanding during the tournament, and had been the first to be eliminated.

Even though he had been very outstanding during the tournament, his splendor had been overshadowed by Silver Wolf and his party, Whirlwind Young Li, Green Lit Wooden Fish, Wind Void, and Orochimaru.

Wind Void was once the sect master of Chivalry Sect, and she was currently an elder in Lovely Land. In terms of her rank, she was higher than Howling Moon, and she felt a little displeased that she had to listen to the commands of someone who was ranked lower than her.

But before Happy left, he said something that still served as a warning to her, and it allowed her to be able to suppress the burning fighting spirit in her.

“With your persistence and talent, it wouldn’t be hard for you to reach One Emperor’s standards, but if you can’t control your composure, can’t see through the nature of things, and are controlled by emotions, your strength will be below Orochimaru, and you will never be Dream Clouds’ opponent.”

During the past few years, Wind Void had been constantly reflecting on her actions, and she knew that Happy’s appraisal was very accurate. Hence, even though she wanted to immediately charge forward when she saw the elites Wild Wolves charging into their formation, once she remembered Happy’s appraisal toward her and remembered how Orochimaru had toyed around with her in the tournament, she could not help but squash her urge and waited for Howling Moon’s orders.

As for Orochimaru, he only gave two words in the face of Green Lit Wooden Fish’s suggestion.

“Calm down.”

Indeed, they needed to calm down.

No matter what they did, they should see through the nature of things.

If they could just get rid of the two thousand elite Wild Wolves in this battle, they could be considered to have won!

By the looks of it, it seemed like Lovely Land and Chivalry Alliance were in trouble, but in truth, there were supreme-cla.s.s elites in each area. So, even though the defense line was in chaos, it would not break down.

Although the Wild Wolves were cunning and fierce, they would not be able to cause too much damage to them within a short period of time.

The rear of the Chinese army had not been thrown into chaos!

He looked at the gradually disappearing black smoke, and Orochimaru saw more Persian elites arriving near the defense line behind the Wild Wolves.

The Persian elites were gathered in a black ma.s.s beyond the defense line.

These people were generally weaker than the Chinese players, and they were no cause for any sort of fear.

At that moment, Orochimaru could already guess why Howling Moon had not given his orders even now and did not have their people attack. He must be waiting for the people behind the Wild Wolves to completely come forward.

Because if he were in his place, if he knew that Wind Chimes was guarding them, he would definitely create an illusion of weakness and have the enemies think that they had a chance to take. Thus, they would send more people to apply pressure outside the formation.

If he did that, they would be able to take down even more people when they launched their counterattack!

In the chaotic battle, even the Wild Wolves would have a hard time to immediately notice it.

Besides, who among the army would be able to threaten Wind Chimes during the chaotic battle?

Even if the enemies saw that the situation was bad and retreated, it would still be very difficult for them to succeed.

‘That Howling Moon has a good head on his shoulders.’ Orochimaru sucked in a deep breath. A cunning light shone in his long and cold eyes.

Even though he did not know where Howling Moon precisely was, if he had such a clear head and was able to think so calmly, some time later, he would definitely become someone who could stand up to Orochimaru.

Once he completed that train of thought, Orochimaru suddenly remembered something that caused him to tremble in fear.

This was an important battle, but Happy had given up on letting someone he trusted to command the fight. Instead, he let someone who was originally under Ji Feng to command the fight, and this someone was one who never was able to show his splendor under Ji Feng’s light.

When he thought of this, Orochimaru fell into silence.

The sounds of the chaotic battle still filled his eardrums, and it was noisy.

The sounds of arrows, weapons, and all sorts of angry roars as well as pained screams fused with each other to form a death symphony. They slowly moved forward from beyond the defense line.

The Wild Wolves were indeed extraordinary when it came to their fighting strength and strategies. Even as the elites from Lovely Land and Chivalry Alliance tightened their defenses, they still maintained a certain degree of advantage, making it clear that there was no doubt about their strength.

Even so, Howling Moon still did nothing.

He gave no command to launch any counterattack.

Even when he saw that the people from both sides were about to become mashed together and that the situation would become even more chaotic, Howling Moon still did not move.

A faint wave of unease spread in his heart.

Orochimaru was gradually unable to sit still.

At that moment, someone in the crowd sent a private message, because he was no longer able to stay still.

“Orochimaru, what are you waiting for?”

Green Lit Wooden Fish might be happy to see the situation turn even more chaotic, but the rear of their army was just continuously firing arrows, and this caused them to create devastating damage to the Persian players. Hence, the casualties from the Chinese side’s defense line was not that obvious.

If things went on like this, before the thirty thousand or so people from the two sects were completely destroyed, the sects working together with the Wild Wolves from s.h.i.+va Town might be the first to be unable to hold on.

To Green Lit Wooden Fish, since the current situation was so chaotic, it was the best time for them to attack.

Orochimaru frowned a little.

Right when he was about to send a private message to reply to him, Howling Moong’s private message suddenly appeared in his ears. “Something has happened to the flanks. The Wild Wolves have used their Great Forbidden Daiya Technique. Be prepared to attack!”

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