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Chapter 1257: Each Sides Has Its Own Trump Card

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Evil Emperor and Happy stood in the air.

Clouds covered the sky. Meanwhile, a battle raged on underneath.

When they heard the devastating sounds in the air, both of them stopped moving for a while, and they moved like arrows before they clashed against each other again. Boom!

Dazzling light shot forth violently in the air.

Then, the light was swallowed away. The air turned dark and profound. Not a single bit of light shone forward.

This change happened a few times, and they had already exchanged more than one hundred moves in the blink of an eye.

But they could not do anything to each other.

One of them was Evil Emperor, someone who had perfected Great Dao Heart Demonic Seed Art and truly had the strength of someone in the dao of heaven.

The other was Happy, whose body was so strong that even the people in the dao of heaven had a hard time injuring. He also had his Supreme Technique of the World perfected. His qi was great, his willpower was strong, and he had countless killing moves. He also had Heaven Crystal helping him, so his strength was equivalent to that of someone in the dao of heaven.

Two hundred moves were over.

These two became increasingly familiar with each other’s strengths, and they knew that it was becoming even more difficult to suppress the other party.

Evil Emperor scowled.

At that moment, he was already certain that Happy’s overall strength had already surpa.s.sed the common martial artist in the dao of heaven.

But Happy felt incredibly troubled as well.

Even though he had managed to get a slight upper hand because of the Supreme Technique of the World, Evil Emperor had perfected Great Dao Heart Demonic Seed Art, and the speed of him recovering his qi was even above Tendon Changing Cla.s.sic and Marrow Cleansing Cla.s.sic. Even if he managed to seize a chance to whittle down some of his qi, in just the span of breath, most of it would be recovered, and he would recover to the peak of his condition.

As for Happy, he had to use high-grade medicinal pills to be able to ensure that his qi realm did not fall below Inaction Realm.

And he had only been able to get this result only because he had perfected the Supreme Technique of the World and had Sword Origin Pill pill. If his qi had not gone over two thousand points, after he used his series of killing moves, he would have finished using his qi.

Both sides were now a little nervous, because neither of them were able to suppress the other party!

Evil Emperor was nervous, because they were above the others, and he could see the battle underneath clearly.

The speed in which their numbers dwindled was clearly several times higher than the Chinese plains!

Even though the Persian army worked together with the elite Wild Wolves and successfully threw Lovely Land and Chivalry Alliance’s defense line, Lovely Land and Chivalry Alliance proved to be really stubborn after they tightened their defenses. It was very difficult for them to push forward, and this allowed the Chinese plains’ arrow formation to have a place for them to show their glory.

A large amount of arrows spilled forward, and a lot of Persians died because of it.

In a period of time, thousands of people died.

If they did not change the situation, things would be really bad for the Persians’ morale.

Evil Emperor was anxious, but Happy was also unable to relax.

He had his spirit sense cover the area, and he could see Wild Wolves moving around like lightning in the crowd. They were really agile, and they were just like phantoms.

These people were different from the other Wild Wolves. They did not move alone or in groups of three.

These people moved together in groups of more than ten, and among them, nine of them formed a pyramid. Their speed as they advanced forward was incredibly shocking.

There was no need to even mention it.

It was definitely the Forbidden Daiya Technique.

The Forbidden Daiya Technique had first appeared at the flanks.

When the formation showed up, the pressure on the flanks increased by leaps and bounds.

As waves of astonis.h.i.+ng presences rose from the flanks, the defense line, which had been in chaos but had been in a stalemate, looked as if it had a drill driven into it. It sank, and a gap was torn into it.

The elite Wild Wolves were unlike normal players. They knew the importance of opportunities and time. After they revealed themselves, they led their forces to push forward without ever stopping.

They led the charge and knocked down more than one hundred Lovely Land elites, leaving behind a trail of blood behind them.

A large number of casualties started showing up at the flanks.

A slight ruckus appeared in the crowd.

When he saw this, Evil Emperor’s expression finally turned softer. He moved and blocked Happy’s path.

“Sect Master Happy, with our current status and strength, no matter how many people there are down there, they aren’t our opponents. They aren’t worthy of our time, don’t you think?”

Before Happy could say anything, Evil Emperor smiled and said, “Let the people down there perish on their own. Otherwise, if we attack, we’ll end up fighting alone, and it’ll be boring.”

“Since you have such an elegant interest, I’ll humor you. Let’s form a promise between gentlemen. Before we decide the victor between us, no one can interfere with the fight down there! Do you dare swear this oath?”

Happy’s calm and firm words caused Evil Emperor to be slightly stunned.

But soon, Evil Emperor noticed waves of surprised shouts and ruckus at the back of s.h.i.+va Town.

A black sword qi shot out like lightning from the walls of s.h.i.+va Town with a presence that shocked the people. It landed at the rear of the Wild Wolves.

It tore through the skies with an indomitable spirit.


Both of them were shocked at the same time.

They looked into the distance.

The black sword qi was around 325 feet long.

The Persian players who were in its path instantly met with a tragic fate. Before they could get closer to the battlefield, they were crushed to bits by the slash delivered at the rear.

A faint smile rose on Happy’s face.

When he saw Happy’s smile, Evil Emperor snorted derisively.

“I did forget. You have One Emperor in s.h.i.+va Town, but do you think that one single One Emperor is able to change the fate of the Chinese plains losing?”

“Do you think that one single Great Forbidden Daiya Technique is able to determine the fate of the Chinese plains?” Happy did not relent, and he flung these words right back at Evil Emperor.

Evil Emperor smirked. Calmly, he cast a glance at the battlefield underneath, and he said nothing else.


The black sword qi only appeared once at the rear. Then, it was received by a power that was at the level of someone in the dao of heaven.

Happy did not even need to look to know that Evil Emperor must have asked someone to keep an eye out on One Emperor beforehand. Someone was to follow him and hold him back no matter where he went.

Since Evil Emperor had personally made those arrangements, it was only natural that he would not let One Emperor interfere or affect the fight.

But Lovely Land would also not let the people from Wild Wolves to continue wrecking havoc with Great Forbidden Daiya Technique. Wind Chimes, who had been using a human skin mask to hide her face, arrived at a spot near the center under Howling Moon and the others’ protection.

The battle in the sky and the battle on the ground were on two different levels.

But the intensity of the fight between the one hundred thousand Inaction Realm elites was even greater than the fight between the two peerless players.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The fierce battlefield hid away Wind Chimes’ zither notes. It was only when the zither sounds became agitated and filled with a murderous note and a mighty sound blade river gathered above the people’s heads in the midst of countless people and the arrow showers that the enemies and allies noticed this.

“Demonic Zither!”

“Wind Chimes!”

“It’s Wind Chimes!”

The people from Lovely Land were the first to recognize the zither player through the sound blade river. They cheered, and they received a great boost in morale.

The hundreds of sound blades traveled forward endlessly.

When the other party noticed the zither notes charging at them, their faces turned pale.


“This is bad!”

“Demonic Zither Wind Chimes is here too!”

The Persian players did not have a great knowledge of Wind Chimes, but the Wild Wolves knew that there was such a person in the Chinese plains. After all, the Wild Wolves had once lurked in the Chinese plains to Wind Chimes, and they knew very clearly just what Wind Chimes’ appearance in a battlefield like this entailed.


The sound blade river charged into the midst of a group of elite Wild Wolves effortlessly.

The group’s faces turned pale, but they did not slow down in their movements in the slightest.

They formed the Forbidden Daiya Technique and had all nine people’s strengths turn into one!

As he faced the countless sound blades that came charging at him, the leader let out a shout at the top of his lungs and attacked fiercely. A powerful gust charged forth from his palm to crash into the sound blade river. Needless to say, it contained the power of someone in the dao of heaven.




The attacks tore at each other!

During the instantaneous clash, the attack with the power of the dao of heaven seemed to have an advantage. The mighty gust managed to get rid of nearly one-third of the sound blade river.

But before the group could put delighted faces, the gust started weakening at an astonis.h.i.+ng pace.

The group quickly stopped pus.h.i.+ng forward. They pulled their hands back so that they could execute another attack.

Unfortunately for them, no matter how fast they were, it was impossible for them to win against the sound blades that came at them as swiftly as arrows.

The remaining sound blades were still as magnificent and fierce as ever! With an even faster speed, they destroyed the gust, making it scatter and disappear. Then, they crashed violently into the chest of the elite Wild Wolf who led the formation.

Ten, twenty, fifty!

In an instant, more than one hundred sound blades crashed into the Wild Wolf leading the formation.

The eight people behind him coughed up blood at the same time.

Clearly, even if they had the Forbidden Daiya Technique helping them share damage, if they had to continuously withstand attacks from so many sound blades, the nine people still suffered some degree of damage.

Even though Wind Chimes did not manage to deal a severe blow to the nine people and did not make the formation shatter, the sound blade river managed to put a complete halt to the group of Wild Wolves pus.h.i.+ng forward.

And once they stopped, this group of people ended up being surrounded by multiple Lovely Land members.

“Don’t give them the chance to connect their palms to the other person!”

“Everyone, attack!”

The people around the area pounced forward with enraged shouts.

The Wild Wolves were shocked.

The abrupt appearance of the Demonic Zither’s zither sounds threw their offensive rhythm into chaos, and when the people around them charged forward, their formation was instantly destroyed.

With Wind Chimes’ help, the first formation was successfully destroyed by Lovely Land members, and all the members in the formation were killed.

Wind Chimes did not stop, she changed direction to attack the other group nearby!

Her zither notes rose!

At that moment, many people finally noticed Wind Chimes’ existence, including the airborne Evil Emperor.


Happy moved and discreetly blocked Evil Emperor. He swung his arm, and he managed to stop Evil Emperor with a series of gusts. He laughed.

“The people down there might be fighting to the death, but why are you so nervous? Are you thinking about breaking the gentleman’s promise between us?”

Evil Emperor frowned and stared at Happy with a grave look.

“As expected of you. Indeed, whenever you do something, you always have a backup plan. But I didn’t expect that Wandering Know-it-all would be willing to let Wind Chimes appear in this sort of battlefield, considering the fact that she has Nine Yin Blocked Pulses. Isn’t he worried that his precious disciple will die in a foreign land…?”

Wind Chimes’ appearance had indeed caught him by surprise.

In just the blink of an eye, he saw two Forbidden Daiya Technique formations being destroyed effortlessly by Wind Chimes. Then, the members were all killed by Lovely Land members. He was slightly stunned.

“As long as you don’t attack, I believe with how sorely lacking your subordinates are in their abilities, it will be very difficult for them to hurt Wind Chimes.” Happy smiled.

Evil Emperor’s expression turned dark, but soon, he smiled again. “Don’t be too confident in whatever you do, remember?”

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