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Chapter 1258: Traitor

“Demonic Zither Wind Chimes?!”

Green Lit Wooden Fish had already obtained orders from Dream Clouds before the two armies clashed, and he was instructed to search for a good chance to turn traitor and create chaos to Lovely Land’s rear.

But there were more than two hundred supreme-cla.s.s elites around him, and Whirlwind Young Li as well as Wind Void were not far away from him. He simply did not have the chance to attack. That was why he had held back and decided to not attack for the time being.

However, at the moment he heard the zither notes, he shuddered, and he started looking around in disbelief.

He then saw that the endless stream of zither notes actually came from a spot not far away from the left. The zither notes came from within the formation.

At the moment he saw Wind Chimes, Green Lit Wooden Fish thought of a great way to destroy Lovely Land’s morale.

Wind Chimes was someone with Nine Yin Blocked Pulses. Once she died, she had to cultivate once more, and it would be a long time before she could return to the stage.

But she was surrounded. Green Lit Wooden Fish did not have the chance and time to attack.

At that moment, he cast Orochimaru a glance through the corner of his eyes, and he saw Orochimaru occasionally casting glances in the direction where the zither sounds came.

‘He’s thinking of the same thing!’

For some reason, Green Lit Wooden Fish became at ease.

He knew that Orochimaru had always been someone with a lot of tricks up his sleeves, and he was someone who was ruthless. If Orochimaru had decided to target her, Wind Chimes would have a hard time escaping from this disaster.

Just as he expected, Orochimaru suddenly turned his head to him.

“Wind Chimes is in the formation. She will definitely become the prime for the Wild Wolves. Green Lit Wooden Fish, Wind Void, both of you bring twenty people to ensure Wind Chimes’ safety.”

Green Lit Wooden Fish had his eyes light up.

Now, he knew why Orochimaru was regarded with such hatred and wariness by so many Chinese players. This person had a really good head on his shoulders. He had been able to think of an honorable and logical reason to send Green Lit Wooden Fish over so soon.


As long as he could get closer to Wind Chimes, Green Lit Wooden Fish was certain that he could instantly kill her and create chaos so that he could flee calmly.

Wind Chimes did not voice any rejections.

Both of them quickly chose twenty people and went to Wind Chimes.

Then, when Green Lit Wooden Fish and Wind Void turned around to head into the crowd, Whirlwind Young Li looked up and cast Orochimaru an incredibly serious and wary glance. He also cast a guarded look in the direction where Green Lit Wooden Fish disappeared.

Even now, he remained suspicious of Orochimaru and Green Lit Wooden.

If Orochimaru had volunteered to protect Wind Chimes just now, he would definitely object to him, but Orochimaru had suggested Green Lit Wooden Fish go together with Wind Void, and he could not argue against that plan.

Now, he just hoped that Wind Void would be careful and also hoped that his suspicions were wrong.

Orochimaru also stared at the direction where Green Lit Wooden Fish disappeared. His gaze was dark, and when he completely disappeared, a cold and faint smirk appeared on his lips.

When he arrived near Wind Chimes, Green Lit Wooden Fish was blocked at the perimeter by Howling Moon and the others.

There were a total of fifty supreme-cla.s.s elites who surrounded Wind Chimes tightly, and once he saw it, he immediately knew that Happy had made arrangements beforehand to protect Wind Chimes.

This formation caused Green Lit Wooden Fish to have his heart sink, but he had his final question in his heart answered. ‘Demonic Zither Wind Chimes is very frail, and she has the important Nine Yin Blocked Pulses, there is no way she would not be protected.’

“Howling Moon.”

A thought appeared in his head, and Green Lit Wooden Fish put on a hearty smile.

“I didn’t know that you’re already here!” While he spoke, he started walking over.

But the people outside stood close to each other and did not show any signs of wanting to move away.

Green Lit Wooden Fish was stunned.

At that moment, Howling Moon’s voice came from within.

“Ah, it’s you, Elder Wooden Fish. Heh. I’m sorry, the sect master has said beforehand that we are to protect Elder Wind Chimes’ safety, and no one is to get close to the formation. I hope that you can forgive us for this.”


Green Lit Wooden Fish was stunned. He quickly looked around and wondered in his heart.

‘These fifty people are standing really close to each other, what sort of formation can they form?’

But when he remembered the Forbidden Daiya Technique formations that the Wild Wolves formed with nine people in each group, he did not pay a lot of attention to the faint puzzlement in his heart.

When he saw the sound blades rising to the air nonstop to form rivers filled with murderous intent above the supreme-cla.s.s elites, Green Lit Wooden Fish gradually became anxious and restless.

He knew that he was pressed for time!

Demonic Zither Wind Chimes was incredibly threatening in the battlefield, and with every second that pa.s.sed, a number of people would die in Wind Chimes’ hands.

The more Wild Wolves died, the smaller their chances were in taking down Lovely Land and Happy.

He could not wait any longer!

In his agitation, Green Lit Wooden Fish had a dazed expression on his face while he breathed and gathered his qi.

To him, right now, the difficulty in killing Wind Chimes was just a little higher. It would not be as easy and perfect as he originally thought it would be. Though the fifty supreme-cla.s.s elites were not that difficult to deal with either because he could instantly kill quite a number of people if he suddenly attacked, it would no longer be easy for him to leave once he killed Wind Chimes.

But Green Lit Wooden Fish did not know that while he paid attention to Wind Chimes, Wind Chimes had already received a reminder from Howling Moon and was now on her guard.

At the same time, Howling Wind had some of his subordinates be ready to attack at any moment.

Green Lit Wooden Fish might be a traitor that Cla.s.s One Hall put in Lovely Land. In the beginning, when Howling Moon first received this news from Happy, he had immediately suggested to cause Green Lit Wooden Fish’s reputation to be ruined.

But Happy had suggested that they act according to the situation. They were to monitor Green Lit Wooden Fish in the dark and not give him the chance to be able to cause great damage and chaos so that he could take action during a critical moment.

Howling Moon originally did not agree to this plan. After all, they already had a very powerful enemy in the battlefield. And right now, they had to even be on guard against a traitor their enemy planted among them. This traitor was even someone who only had a handful of people who could fight against him. The difficulty in this was incredibly high.

But in the end, Howling Moon still agreed to it!

“I see.” Green Lit Wooden Fish paid attention to what Wind Void was paying attention to and said, “Since the sect master has already made arrangements, I will not overstep my boundaries.”

Right when he said his last word, banging sounds rose.

He delivered three palm strikes, and caught off guard, three supreme-cla.s.s elites were sent flying by a powerful force.

However, even when the attacks came at them at close distance, these three supreme-cla.s.s elites could still react to the situation and remained wary. When the wind howled and their bodies reminded them of the danger, they quickly activated their body fortifications.

Green Lit Wooden Fish’s main target was Wind Chimes. Hence, he did not try to kill these three people. He only sent these three people flying.

But he did not expect Lovely Land’s reaction speed.

Almost at the same time he attacked and when these three supreme-cla.s.s elites were sent flying, Howling Moon had already shouted unhesitatingly, “Traitor! Take down Green Lit Wooden Fis.h.!.+”

Almost at the same time, the magnificent sound blade river above him changed direction.

When Green Lit Wooden Fish sensed countless powerful presences appearing from ahead and behind him, he was shocked, and he cursed in his heart. Because this meant that Wind Void and the others had quickly registered the situation.

He was forced to act. He could only activate his incomplete Buddha’s Palm ahead of time!

Golden Arhat Bell!

At the same time his entire body turned a golden color, he locked down on the direction where Wind Chimes was. A dazzling golden light instantly devoured the people ahead of him.


Wind Chimes was shocked.

Since she was too straightforward and honest, she was not alerted of the fact that Green Lit Wooden Fish was a traitor ahead of time. Even though she had instantly reacted to it, when she saw Green Lit Wooden Fish activating his killing move and swiftly noticed that he was targeting Wind Chimes, her face turned pale.

All the people nearby did not manage to react.

Green Lit Wooden Fish attacked too resolutely.

Once he attacked with Buddha’s Palm, everyone’s attacks looked as if they were snow melting before the sun. When their attacks landed on the gust he generated, they sank like stones thrown into the ocean.

“Protect Wind Chimes!”


Pained screams and surprised shouts instantly gathered together.

At that moment, no one noticed that there was a discreet circle away from the circle protecting Wind Chimes. More than ten supreme-cla.s.s elites stood still in their stations and surrounded one person and her zither, as if they were not at all concerned by the chaos happening ahead of them.

Xu Yao had her eyes shut in the crowd, and her hands were fixed on the strings.


One of the zither strings shattered in Xu Yao’s hands, and the seven strings turned into six strings.

Xu Yao opened her mouth and coughed up blood. Her face was a little pale.

It was only at that moment that the people around her looked shocked. They looked around them. After all, they had been tasked to protect Xu Yao, and no one was to harm her.

“I’m fine.”

At that moment, Xu Yao raised her hand to speak.

Just now, when she used her zither force, Green Lit Wooden Fish instantly shattered it with his palm strike. In her panic, she crushed her zither force as a counterattack. She did not expect that she would still receive a rebound.

She brought out a medicinal pill from her Universe Bag. A red flush quickly appeared on her pale face.

Xu Yao had a smile appear on her face.

Even though this happened suddenly, she did not fail in her task, and she protected Wind Chimes.

Green Lit Wooden Fish was rather unlucky.

Right from the start, he did not know that he was sold out by Orochimaru. Happy also learned of his secret ident.i.ty a long time ago, and he also had nearly one hundred supreme-cla.s.s elites nearby prepare to attack him.

He wanted to Wind Chimes, but he was forced to activate Buddha’s Palm ahead of time.

Wind Chimes also gained the initiative at the moment he attacked. Hundreds of sound blades gathered together beforehand and gave off an incredibly murderous air, causing him to be unable to get closer even with Golden Arhat Bell.

The third surprise was Xu Yao.

She was the trump card that was hidden beside Wind Chimes. She helped withstand the most fatal strike for Wind Chimes, causing the to fail.

When he noticed that his palm strike did not successfully kill his target and that he spent too much qi during that instant, Green Lit Wooden Fish’s face turned a little pale.

Before he could see what was going on, he had his body sent staggering by the Lovely Land supreme-cla.s.s elites around him. He coughed up mouthfuls of blood, and he did not even know why he died.

Even up to the moment he died, Green Lit Wooden Fish still did not know why he failed.

With endless gloom and indignation, he let out a cry and breathed his last.

Even so, Green Lit Wooden Fish’s palm strike killed more than ten supreme-cla.s.s elites in Lovely Land. Even Wind Chimes had her face turn pale, and she only managed to catch her breath because of the Fire Qilin Blood Happy gave her.

However, she would not be able to play her zither for a short period of time and continue playing the song of death.

The people away from the formation only saw a piercing golden light that suddenly shot out from the core of Lovely Land and sensed the terrifying presence from it. Then, the zither notes came to a halt.

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