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Chapter 1353: Looks Like I Guessed Right

Gregory glanced worriedly at Gu Mengmeng. He didn’t say anything or make any moves.

Lea chuckled. “Don’t worry. Xiao Meng doesn’t cherish her own life but values Elvis’ and mine. For the two of us, she won’t do any foolish again.

Lea sounded so confident that Gregory felt both comforted and insanely jealous at the same time.

Gregory didn’t linger but just morphed into a vulture and used his claws to carry Lea out of that cave and into another one on another mountain.

This cave was completely different from Gu Mengmeng’s present cave. It was full of peculiar rocks and jagged edges, looking very much like the open jaws of a demon.

But Lea didn’t care. It was just a place to hold a discussion. It would do as long as Gu Mengmeng couldn’t hear them.

“Cole must have promised you something, right?” Lea leaned casually and calmly against the wall. He grinned at Gregory. “You don’t need to deny it. Both you and I are males and both of us desire Mengmeng. If there is anyone in the Beast World who can understand your current emotional state, it would be me. Because only I know just how cruel she can be when she sets her heart to it. She won’t even offer you a word of rejection, but can use her eyes and actions to torment one until they feel like they are in h.e.l.l. Nevertheless… despite the intense suffering, we cannot resist wis.h.i.+ng to to be closer to her even as we are crying out in pain.”

Gregory’s jaws were clenched tightly as he remained silent, neither agreeing nor denying it. But he knew in his own heart that Lea was right.

Gu Mengmeng’s cajoling and soothing of Elvis and Lea was more hurtful than a clear-cut rejection.

“It’s precisely because I also experienced this that I am able to understand your current state… by right, you should be eagerly pandering to her, desperate to present the best of everything to her even if she didn’t ask for it, if only to exchange for just one glance from her. But… you rejected her request and gave up the chance for her to be in your debt. This is not something easily done. Even for Elvis and I, saying ‘no’ to her is an extremely challenging task. But you actually did it… so the only reasonable explanation is that you have been enticed by a larger benefit… for example, someone promised you that as long as you can keep Mengmeng here for the entire winter, he can let Mengmeng willingly accept you as a partner. You could even take over Elvis’ or my status and become the most important person to her.”

Gregory’s pupils narrowed as his brows furrowed imperceptibly.

Lea chuckled. “Ha, looks like I guessed right. Did he also tell you that Elvis’ mark is on her collarbone and mine is on her left ear? So… the spot over her heart is still empty and he has the ability to place your own mark there?”

Gregory clenched his fists. The words used might have been different, but things had happened exactly as Lea said.

If not for the fact that foxes couldn’t fly, Gregory might have suspected that Lea had been hiding somewhere spying on him.

This fox… was too scary.

Lea waved. “No need to be so worried. I just know him too well, that’s all.”

Lea took two steps forward and stopped right in front of Gregory. He sized up Gregory with a faint smile. “But… didn’t you find one point suspicious? If he really had the ability to do all that, why didn’t he put his own mark over Mengmeng’s heart? Why is he helping you instead?”

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