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After Qiufeng finished in the arena, he went to YY to find someone to chat with. However, since it was a workday, there was no one else in YY, so he had to disturb the private world of his guild leader and deputy leader.

Fortunately, Regardless of Lovesickness was AFK, so Chunxiao didn't just directly kick him out of their channel.

“Why do you think she's so… hard-hearted?” Qiufeng couldn't help talking to her about his situation with Xiao Tianjing. He complained helplessly, “Look at how lively she is when she's with Yearning For. Whenever she's with me, she only talks if she has to.”

Chunxiao sneered coldly, “This is why they say men are so cheap, the less likely it is that you can get her, the more you want her. Be honest, don't you just want to steal someone from Yearning For? ”

Qiufeng choked, but he couldn't deny it. It was only because ofYearning For that he had started to pay more and more attention to Xiao Tianjing.

“I came here to have a good time, and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.” He paused. “Not really ba, Xiao Tianjing is very interesting herself, and she has many good points.”

Speaking of this, Qiufeng couldn't help laughing, and his tone was gentle, “She has a cute temperament, all her words are a bit coquettish, and she plays well… Most of all, she is very guileless. ”

Chunxiao's tone was very complex. “Guileless?”

“En, I wanted to give her some Opportunity Stones this afternoon. She found them too expensive and wouldn't accept them no matter what I said,” Qiufeng said with a smile. “It's totally different from other girls…”

Qiufeng didn't even manage to finish speaking before his voice vanished into the air.

Because at that moment, the chat box on the right side of his screen was overwhelmed with notifications.

[System Announcement: Xiao Tianjing pries open the mysterious Opportunity Stone and gains the Seven Color Stone x1! Congratulations, young hero! ]

[System Announcement: Xiao Tianjing pries open the mysterious Opportunity Stone and gains the Dragon's Tongue x1! Congratulations, young hero! ]

[System Announcement: Xiao Tianjing pries open the mysterious Opportunity Stone and gains wool x3! Congratulations, young hero! ]

The most abominable part of the Opportunity Stone system was this. When you opened up an Opportunity Stone, you had the chance to get either money, experience, or items. As long as you got an item, good or bad, the system would announce it.

For Xiao Tianjing, getting a pile of garbage while being broadcasted was like a public execution.

After a moment, Chunxiao ridiculed in a cool tone. “Very guileless.”

Qiufeng responded, “…Could it be on a whim? She would rather spend her own money than spend any of mine, isn't that even more precious? ”

“When I was pa.s.sing by the Unknown Realm, I saw that she was in Yearning For's team.” Chunxiao smiled. “And Yearning For was the team leader.”

Only the team leader could click on NPCs, and you needed to talk to the NPCs to buy the Opportunity Stones.

Qiufeng: “…”

“It's just that she wants Yearning For's and not yours.” Chunxiao's tone inexplicably held a tiny bit of praise. “From a certain point of view, this is really quite guileless.”

Jing Huan didn't originally intend to accept the Opportunity stones—his purpose was to destroy Yearning For. Who was interested in these d.a.m.n Opportunity Stones?

But from Lu Wenhao's case, Jing Huan realized something; the more money he was cheated out of by his wife, the deeper he was hurt when he discovered the truth.

100 Opportunity Stones were at least 2000 yuan. Anyone would be a bit heartbroken over that for a while.

So Jing Huan sent out a bunch of “ah ah ah“, “Gege, why are you so good QAQ”, “Gege, I can only pray for luck with my entire body!”, and took the 100 Opportunity Stones.

However, he didn't expect that he could be so unlucky. One hundred Opportunity Stones didn't produce a whiff of luck. Instead, he came out with a load of garbage materials, and all 2000 yuan were dribbled away just like that.

Black money game, sooner or later your bank account will be the same.

[Team] Xiao Tianjing: wuwuwuwu QAQ

[Team] Xiao Tianjing: I'm going to delete this account. Thank you!

[Team] Xiao Tianjing: This terrible hand of mine, it's better to cut it off ba. [lifeless]

[Team] Yearning For: …Don't exaggerate.

[Team] Xiao Tianjing: I'm so unlucky, Gege… T.T Should I go pray to Buddha?

[Team] Yearning For: It's a matter of probability. Opening another 100 should produce something good.

Jing Huan was given a scare and quickly interrupted.

“Gege, don't buy any. I won't open them!”

He really did want to empty Yearning For's bank account but he also really didn't want this stupid game getting an easy 4000 yuan.

Xiang Huaizhi's fingers stopped.

[Team] Yearning For: Don't want to open anymore?

[Team] Xiao Tianjing: [shakes head crazily]

Only then did Xiang Huaizhi slowly close the purchasing interface.

These 100 Opportunity Stones should count as returning the favor to Jing Huan for helping shelter him. The hot spring resort they stayed in that day had a room charge of at least four figures a night. For people who only had a few hundred yuan of pocket money a week, who knows how long he saved up to go there.

Also he was very clear that there had to be some other factors to Xiao Tianjing refusing the Opportunity Stones from Qiufeng

With the little fox fairy tired of playing with the Opportunity Stones, Xiang Huaizhi moved his fingers and used a flying charm to fly away with her.

As if the “ex” and her sister group didn't exist.

In private, their group chat had reached 99+ messages.

Ji Xiaonian: That Xiao Tianjing is too arrogant ba?! Did she know that Immortal Mengmeng was afking here, so she intentionally came here with Yearning For??

Dian Dian ya: 80% likely, this woman is really too awful.

Immortal Mengmeng: Oh forget it. Don't say anymore about this, I already have nothing to do with Yearning For.

Mini Wheat: Probably not ba? Yearning For was the team leader, so if it was intentional, it should be said that it was deliberately done by Yearning For ba…

Ji Xiaonian: Mini Wheat, you just came back, so you don't know. This woman is really disgusting. She also buys likes!

Mini Wheat: Buys likes?

Ji Xiaonian: Yeah, she must have bought all the likes for <>! Several of my friends said their accounts showed they had liked the song, but they hadn't voted on it at all.

Mini Wheat: Then you can report it to the official ah. Properly ban the account.

Ji Xiaonian: That's why I said she's disgusting. I'm afraid if we report it, she'll find an excuse to quit the compet.i.tion in advance!

Dian Dian ya: Puking.

Mini Wheat: So arrogant. No one tries to cause trouble for her?

Ji Xiaonian: She's holding onto Yearning For's thigh, who dares to cause trouble for her? You didn't see that even Regardless of Lovesickness bowed her head. Now she can parade through the entire server, and no one dares to offend her.

Dian Dian ya: Mini Wheat, your husband is the second ranked DPS and not much worse than Yearning For. You're the only one in the group who can help us vent our anger.

Ji Xiaonian: That's right [crying]. If you still don't act, this server will change its name to match hers!

Mini Wheat:…

Mini Wheat: Let me think of something.

The next day, Jing Huan went to cla.s.s alone. Although it was quiet without Lu Wenhao and the others around, he was also bored. He yawned about ten times in one cla.s.s.

After cla.s.s, he got up and walked back. On the way back, his chat group popped up with some messages.

Lu Wenhao: @Xiao Jing ya, Huanhuan baby, have you finished cla.s.s?

Xiao Jing ya: ?

Gao Zixiang: Deliver the two of us breakfast, and in the next life I'll be your horse and cow while Hao'er will be your daughter-in-law.

Xiao Jing ya: Scram ah.

Jing Huan woke up late, so he hadn't even eaten his own breakfast; how could he want to take any to them. Right now he just wanted to go back and have a nice nap.

He only turned off his WeChat after ranting his fill and ending it off with two unfriendly emoticons.

He walked towards the back gate and couldn't resist taking a peek as he pa.s.sed by the basketball court.

At a glance, his eyes were drawn to the wide shoulders of the guy with his back to the fence.

The rarely seen guy was wearing a black jersey, his hair was neatly cut, and his exposed neck was clean and slender. At this moment, he was bent over playing on his cellphone, with his legs crossed and elbows on his knees.

Xiang Huaizhi was a little irritated at this time.

After great difficulties, his feet had finally recovered, and his hands were itching to play basketball again. This morning, when he saw that someone @him in the groupchat to play a match against him, he agreed without thinking about it.

It was only when he arrived that he found out that two people hadn't come because of an emergency, so there were two empty spots.

Even if they were missing people, there were so many other people on the basketball court. Grabbing a few people to make a team was fine, but he didn't expect that his neighbor in soph.o.m.ore year, who had bad tactics, was also there. This immediately made Xiang Huaizhi lose half his enthusiasm.

Xiang Huaizhi let out a tsk and tried to think up a reason to leave.


Xiang Huaizhi jolted, turning around.

Jing Huan stood outside the iron fence with both hands curled around it. Jing Huan's eyes were curved into crescents as he looked at him, his smile fresher than the autumn wind.

“Morning, senior.” Jing Huan blinked. “Playing basketball so early?”

Calling out to him like that, it wasn't just Xiang Huaizhi who turned his head, but the other guys around him also couldn't resist turning their heads to look at him.

Xiang Huaizhi's eyebrows furrowed, and he glanced in the direction Jing Huan had come from. “En. Just finished cla.s.s?”

Jing Huan nodded. “Yeah, I'm heading back to make up for my sleep.”

“Xiang Ge, who is this, your friend?” The boy next to him smiled and greeted Jing Huan, “What cla.s.s?”

Jing Huan replied, “I'm a soph.o.m.ore.”

The guy walked in front of Jing Huan and leaned over and asked, “An undercla.s.sman? That's good, can you play? ”

Jing Huan replied, “A little bit.”

“A little is fine. We're short on people for the game. Come and fill in?”

Jing Huan looked at Xiang Huaizhi. “Senior, are you playing too?”

Before Xiang Huaizhi could find an excuse to leave, the boy next to him had already gotten ahead of him.

“Xiang Ge is definitely playing ah. He's been sitting here waiting for half a day already, and we were only missing one more person. You come, and we'll start right away.”

“Oh…” Jing Huan agreed cheerfully, “Okay, but I want to be in the same team as senior. If that's okay, I'll play.”

Xiang Huaizhi's eyebrows raised slightly, and he swallowed down his excuse to leave.

The guy nodded. “Haha, yes, come in.”

After entering the field, Jing Huan stood beside Xiang Huaizhi and began to warm up.

He was dressed in casual clothes, but fortunately he was wearing shorts with shoes that weren't difficult to run in.

Xiang Huaizhi glanced at Jing Huan's white athletic shoes. Above them were slender straight calves, a sharp contrast to the muscular thick legs of the other boys around him.

He looked away and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “If you don't want to play, you can directly refuse.”

“Why wouldn't I want to?” Jing Huan looked at him doubtfully and said, “I was planning to arrange a game with you in the next few days anyway; I didn't expect to happily run into one of your prearranged matches.”

Suddenly, Xiang Huaizhi wasn't sure what Jing Huan was thinking.

“…Arrange a game with me? Why? ”

“Because I think you play very well.”

“You've seen me play before?”

“I've never seen you play, but I've seen you catch the ball.” Jing Huan raised his hand and following what he did that night, imitated the gesture. “Cool!”

Xiang Huaizhi's mouth quirked up, and he smiled.

Xiang Huaizhi's face was the indifferent and arrogant type. His single eyelids gave him a cold feeling, and it was only when he smiled that he would soften up a bit.

Ten people were divided into two groups. Jing Huan and his team stood together to discuss their respective positions.

Xiang Huaizhi was on defense, while Jing Huan was put on offense.

Jing Huan hadn't guessed wrong, Xiang Huaizhi was really good at playing basketball. As soon as he moved forward, he scored two three-pointers in a row, directly opening the game with a dreamy 6-0 start.

More and more people gathered around the court, most of which were girls, who whispered and stared at the two most dazzling boys on the field.

Jing Huan was 178cm in height. Although he didn't count as tall, he had good jumping skills and could play as offense. With the ball in his hand, he began to observe the other team's offense.

Everyone else was fine, but there was a tall and strong boy with a serious expression, who looked difficult to deal with. He only considered the situation for two seconds, then he broke away to the right, and the other side immediately moved forward to defend.

Just as the man jumped up to intercept Jing Huan's shot, Jing Huan suddenly turned around and pa.s.sed the ball behind him.

Not only the opponents, but even his teammates couldn't react. Xiang Huaizhi, either from seeing through the plan or by just having quick reflexes, caught Jing Huan's pa.s.s and decisively threw another three-pointer.

The ball went into the basket, and the score rolled to 13-2.

Xiang Huaizhi raised his eyebrows, apparently not expecting the ball to go in. His skills today were pretty good.

As he thought that, the opposing team called for a break. The undercla.s.smen who was just playing offense came running up to him.

“Senior, quickly, high five!” Jing Huan extended out his palm, facing him.

Xiang Huaizhi reacted, also raising his palm out to him.

After Jing Huan hit him with a hard high five, he deliberately rubbed their hands together, smiling while saying, “Hope your skills rub off on me.”

His hand wasn't rough, but was instead soft and comfortable to the touch.

Before Xiang Huaizhi could recover, Jing Huan had already taken back his hand and run back into position.

The break was soon over, and Xiang Huaizhi's blocker changed to the man who had played offense before.

Jing Huan didn't worry about it. Xiang Huaizhi liked to throw three-pointers, and although his blocker was strong, he wasn't as tall as him. Since he was heavier, he couldn't jump very high, so he couldn't stop Xiang Huaizhi.

But obviously it wasn't that simple.

The match continued. Two minutes later, Xiang Huaizhi received the ball again. He raised his hand and acted like he was about to throw another three-pointer. He wanted to fake everyone out, then break through to make a dunk. Suddenly, his chest was slammed into, and wherever the other side's elbow dug into really hurt.

He knew it.

Blocking him was that idiot in the neighboring dormitory next to him last term. He was part of the basketball team, and his dirty tactics were widely known. If it wasn't for his great physique, he would've been thrown out of the basketball team long ago.

Xiang Huaizhi frowned and let out a slight groan from his throat, but his hands didn't stop moving. He changed his tactics, not pa.s.sing the ball, but instead shooting a three-pointer. However, he didn't make it.

The ball thumped to the ground and was s.n.a.t.c.hed by the opposing team. Xiang Huaizhi didn't say a word. He turned back to defend and gave the blocker a cold look.

The blocker shrugged and smiled innocently at him.

At half-time, the score was 21-10, still with an overwhelming advantage to Xiang Huaizhi's side.

After resting for a few minutes during the intermission, Xiang Huaizhi calmed his face. He was about to go cause some trouble for the blocker when his wrist was grasped.

“Senior,” said Jing Huan, “Can we switch our positions? I kind of want to play defense."

Thinking of the opposing guard's tricks, Xiang Huaizhi answered, “Next time. It's already half-time, and I have experience in defending against him.”

“I'm also very good at defense.” Jing Huan insisted, “Let me try ba. I'll practice my technique, and if it's really not good, we'll switch back after a round.”

Xiang Huaizhi hesitated for a bit, and then he relented. “…Just one round.”

When the two of them returned to the bench for a break, Jing Huan took out his cellphone and wiped off his sweat while reading his WeChat messages.

Lu Wenhao: f.u.c.k me @Xiao Jing ya. How come you went off to play basketball? You're playing a match, and you didn't even call over your brothers?!

Xiao Jing ya: How did you know I'm playing basketball?

Lu Wenhao: [picture]

Lu Wenhao: The school group chat has constantly been putting up pictures of you and Senior Xiang ah. Not knowing would actually be weird.

Jing Huan took a look, and there were more than ten photos there. The camera was always aimed at either him or at Xiang Huaizhi while everyone else was pretty much just confined to the shadows.

He wasn't bothered and replied, “Just playing around.”

Lu Wenhao: But why are you with this guy? [picture]

Lu Wenhao circled the scoring guard in the photo.

Lu Wenhao: This guy plays dirty. Last time, he actually drew blood from the eyebrows of one of the neighboring freshmen.

Xiang Huaizhi heard the person next to him hiss and instinctively looked around, just catching sight of the pink avatar on his cellphone screen.

The avatar was familiar, but it said some very unfamiliar words.

Xiao Jing ya: Me, fear him? You just stay in the school group chat and see what daddy can f.u.c.king do in a second.

“…” Xiang Huaizhi looked away.

At the beginning of the third round, Jing Huan stood in front of the blocker and cracked his neck a few times.

“Why is it you again.” The man saw him and smiled. “Xiang Huaizhi has been sent fleeing by me?”

Jing Huan smiled. “I heard that you're very good. I've come to check it out.”

The boy loudly laughed. “No problem, learn a little from me.”

A few minutes later, the guard got the ball, thinking that he must make a dunk so that the undercla.s.sman could truly see his skills.

He felt completely confident and went to break through, but he had only pa.s.sed halfway when an elbow jammed into his chest. He huffed out a breath in pain without any precautions, his legs went weak, and he sat directly down on the ground.

Everyone was stupefied and hurried to see to him. Only the instigator was still standing there in place, picking up the basketball from the ground and dribbling it.

“You f.u.c.king—” The boy turned around, his face red, and he glared at Jing Huan angrily. “You ran into me like this?! On purpose ba?”

In fact, Jing Huan's jab hadn't been that heavy. Instead, the guard himself had wanted to break past Jing Huan and had intentionally used a lot of force, only for it to all backfire onto himself.

Xiang Huaizhi's brow furrowed as he moved forward, just in time to hear Jing Huan say with a face of complete innocence, “I was just defending ah.”

“Just defending my a.s.s!” The guy finally managed to get up a little. “You're hitting people on purpose! Foul! f.u.c.k…”

Xiang Huaizhi interrupted him, eyes sharp, “Clean your mouth up a bit.”

Jing Huan didn't care. The corner of his mouth lifted up a bit, and he asked, “So you actually know that hitting people counts as a foul ah?”

Hearing this, Xiang Huaizhi's dark eyes fell on the person next to him.

So he saw it.

This was why he asked to switch positions with him and volunteered to guard this idiot?

Juurensha: Awwwww, Huanhuan defending XHZ in real life! (Also, I know very little about basketball, so if something was translated wrong, let me know I guess?)

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