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The Evolution Of A Goblin To The Peak summary:

The fantasy VRMMORPG, Battle Worlds, is one of the most played games in the world.
In this game, there's a legendary player that could defeat a "Boss" on his own.
His name is Blood(In-Game-Name).
Blood is a legendary player that surpa.s.sed all the players in the world. He completed hundreds of quest and dungeon raids alone.
When Blood was going to log off, suddenly the virtual capsule that he was wearing exploded causing him to die.
His soul didn't go to the cycle of reincarnation but it was sucked by something causing him to transmigrate into a body of Goblin.
This is a story about a boy that was transmigrated in the body of a Goblin. Follow him as he rises through the ranks and become the most powerful monster in the world.

The Evolution Of A Goblin To The Peak Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 967 Douion Mar-26-24
Chapter 959 Visit Feb-20-24
Chapter 957 Return Feb-19-24
Chapter 952 Flames Feb-19-24
Chapter 891 Battle Sep-11-23
Chapter 874 Karma Aug-31-23
Chapter 873 Pain Aug-31-23
Chapter 861 Aerin Jul-16-23
Chapter 860  Fall Jul-15-23
Chapter 857 Talk Jul-12-23
Chapter 852 Report Jul-11-23
Chapter 848 Kill Jun-23-23
Chapter 800 War Mar-31-23
Chapter 799 Fall Mar-31-23
Chapter 797 Attack Mar-31-23
Chapter 788 Battle Mar-15-23
Chapter 785 Raid Feb-24-23
Chapter 781 Cry Feb-13-23
Chapter 775 Call Feb-03-23
Chapter 774 Out Feb-03-23
Chapter 773 Tribes Feb-01-23
Chapter 769 Power Jan-23-23
Chapter 762 Key Jan-18-23
Chapter 749 Report Jan-10-23
Chapter 744 Loot Dec-28-22
Chapter 742 Seals Dec-28-22
Chapter 740 Undead Dec-22-22
Chapter 736 Charm Dec-22-22
Chapter 727 - Plan Dec-10-22
Chapter 595: Curse Jul-03-22
Chapter 523: False Dec-30-21
Chapter 508 - Deal Dec-26-21
Chapter 502 - News Dec-22-21
Chapter 488 - Trap Dec-08-21
Chapter 451 - Plot Oct-14-21
Chapter 440 - Data Sep-30-21
Chapter 322 - Stay May-21-21
Chapter 266 - Deal Apr-02-21
Chapter 213 Visi Jan-14-21
Chapter 187 - Team Dec-28-20
Chapter 149 - Meal Dec-28-20
Chapter 15 - Yuko Dec-28-20
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