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Chapter 320 - Condition

Lynn awakening the [Eye of Perception] ability was out of his expectation. If she trained this ability of hers, her senses would become as strong as the pope of the True G.o.d's Holy Kingdom.

The pope's senses could cover the entire kingdom and he was the one who's monitoring everything that happened in the Holy Kingdom. That's why the crime rate of the Holy Kingdom was the lowest in the whole continent.

There's no privacy within the True G.o.d's Holy Kingdom. If the pope was the one who's using the [Eye of Perception] then he was omnipresent in the whole kingdom. So if someone said a wrong word to their religion then the pope would execute that person immediately.

What a terrifying ability...

Souta sighed and said, "With this, those people would pay attention to us. It's not a bad thing but we won't be able to move freely with their eyes on us."

Lumilia lowered her head and said, "Using that ability, Lynn saw Bryan and Brando. We don't know if they are dead but I hope that they are fine. I've already sent people to pick them up but Cl.u.s.ter was taken away. She saw those people went to the northwest."

"Northwest... You can leave it to me. I will track their trail. I can guess that they quickly leave this place because of the attack. With that, they will not erase their trail." Souta said to her. Even he would hurriedly leave the area if he sensed the presence of a monster lord.

He then looked at Ursus and asked, "So what happened to your father?"

"Father... He protected us. When Lynn activated the [Eye of Perception], the Deadly Sins launched an all-out attack against us, and father protected us. If not for him, I think Lynn and I would be gone now." Lumilia replied to him in a sad tone.

Souta nodded his head. Ursus injury wasn't life-threatening but he lost his arm. For a fighter like him, losing one arm would greatly decrease his fighting strength.

"Well, no matter what happened in the past he is still your father."

"Yeah, you're right."

"You should talk to him and settle everything."


"If you have any problem, you can consult me."


Souta turned his head and saw Yuko heading towards his direction.

Yuko went beside him and placed her head on his lap. She was asking him to pet her.

He smiled and patted her head like he always did. He knew that Yuko worked hard to support Lumilia per his order so he had to at least reward her.

"Lumilia, just focus on one goal. Don't let this one bother you." Souta said while patting Yuko's head.

"Yeah, I will do that," Lumilia said as she stood up. She then walked away after saying, "I will talk to father."

Souta looked at her back and wondered if he should follow the group that took Cl.u.s.ter away at this moment or maybe later.

"You'll help me, Yuko."

"Mu..." A soft voice escaped from Yuko's mouth. She agreed to him and will follow him wherever he went.

After half an hour, the rescue from other cities arrived. They help the city guards in finding the survivor from the rubble. They could only hope that some of the victims survived but almost ninety percent of the people in districts one, two, and four were dead.

It was a disaster.

The bustling city was gone.

The teachers of the Ladro Inst.i.tute that survived went to help. Regret, despair, hate, and all kinds of emotion filled the surrounding.

Souta could clearly see it in their faces. He was sure that this news will shake the whole continent. After a long time, one of the Three Bringers of Calamity appeared and attacked a large country called Hebrei Kingdom.

This was the biggest event that happened ever since Souta arrived in this world.

Souta and Yuko went around the city. Since he could see the souls using [Soul Eye], he could pick which soul he would collect. All the souls of the Deadly Sins and the monsters outside the city went to his earring.

If the soul of a civilian will get sucked in his earring, Souta will quickly turn off his [Harvester of the Soul] skill. He didn't let those familiar faces get suck by his earring. The teachers that he always met in the inst.i.tute, the shopkeeper that he goes to, and the children that he always saw in the playground. All of them have a smile on their face but now... Souta could see their pain so he didn't collect the souls of the people that were familiar to him.

Just a little bit... There's part of him that's still human in his heart.

'And if that vanished... I wonder what will happen to him.' Saya said in a low voice.

She couldn't imagine what will happen if Souta loses that tiny bit of humanity in his heart. Perhaps, he would openly kill everyone and collected their souls. Or will he become the enemy of the world?

After Souta finished strolling around the city with Yuko, he managed to reach the threshold of his intelligence attribute. His base intelligence right now was 1007 points.

The effect of raising his base intelligence to 1,000 was that his spell power would increase by 1% percent for every 100 points of intelligence. It means that his spell power will increase by 10% as his intelligence was already at 1,000 points. It would only continue to grow larger along with his spell power.

Intelligence attribute wasn't the only one that increased. Since he reached 1,000 points in base intelligence, he thought that he should let the other attributes improved as well.

For now, he will focus on improving his strength attribute. He had 860 points as his base attribute for strength and it increased by 60 points for gathering the souls around the city.

If his strength reached 1,000 points, his physical damage would increase by 1% for every 100 points in his strength attribute.

Souta and Yuko went back to the legion and found that the people that Lumilia sent were already back.

Legion...? Half of the members of the legion died in this battle. Also, the building was gone. To built their home, they used a large amount of wealth that they earned from their expedition. But no one expected that it wouldn't last one year.

The building. He could rebuild it later but if one of the core members dies then it would be hard to replace that person. The core members were the foundation of the legion. If they died then the legion would crumble.

That's why Souta wouldn't let anyone of them died. Plus, he was already attached to them.

"You can go back now, Yuko. I still have something to do." He said as he sent her to the side to rest. After all, he needed her strength in his next quest so it was better for him if Yuko recovered her strength.

He then went straight to the room where Bryan and Brando are after inquiring about their room.

Outside the room, Yujin was standing beside the door with his arms crossed. He opened one of his eyes when he sensed a presence only to find that it was Souta.

"How is it?" Souta asked Yujin.

"Worse. You should check it yourself." Yujin replied to him. He was injured when he fought the six-circle officer and he could already walk but Brando and Bryan's condition was much worse than him.

".....Okay" Souta knitted his brows before he opened the door and entered the room.

Inside the room, there were two beds. Bryan and Brando were lying on the bed as their bodies were full of grave injuries.

Aside from them, there were three people inside the room. They were the healers of the legion.

One of the healers went beside Souta and reported the two's condition.

Bryan was unconscious but his wounds miraculously stopped bleeding and it saved him from dying. His mana pool was damaged but mana was still pouring out of his body.

The healers also found that Bryan's muscles have so much vigor. It was a strange state as they found that Bryan's life-threatening wounds would only last for one week and he will be back to normal. But they don't know when will Bryan woke up.

'What the heck!!?' Souta was shocked when he heard the report of the healer. He was right at all. Bryan had some kind of power inside him that was unknown to him.

Only if Souta knew that Bryan fought a powerful A-rank alone and defeated that A-rank.

When Souta fought Randolf before, he had to use all of his aces except for the [Soul Blood Mode]. That made him go toe to toe to an A-rank like Randolf.

But Bryan's feat was amazing...

Next was Brando...

Brandon was conscious. He turned his head to Souta, the moment Souta entered the room.

Souta raised his hand to the healer and stopped him from reporting Brando's condition. "No need. I can see that he's fine now."

Brando's condition was lighter than Bryan but Bryan's weird ability made him recover easily from life-threatening injuries. From their observation, it will take a few days before Brando recovered his strength. Luckily the managed to rescue him on time or else he would be gone now.

"I-I'm... s-sorry... S-Souta..."

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