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Chapter 926  Battle at the Selnes Country: Fierce Battle

The battle between Souta and Nine Yin had reached a level of intensity that was reshaping the very fabric of s.p.a.ce itself. The platform they fought on trembled and cracked under the immense energy unleashed in their clashes. The purple flames and black holes added to the chaos, distorting the entire area.

Souta was fully focused on the battle, utilizing his vast combat abilities to counter Nine Yin's relentless attacks. He adapted his Blood Armor and combat tactics to the situation, constantly s.h.i.+fting and changing to gain an advantage. His sword strikes were precise and powerful, obliterating everything in their path.

The battle had become a cataclysmic event, altering the landscape and structures around them. The two powerful beings clashed with such intensity that they were causing a ripple effect in the s.p.a.ce they fought in, creating a chaotic and unstable environment.

Souta realized that the battle was not going as he had antic.i.p.ated. Nine Yin had surpa.s.sed his expectations, demonstrating an incredible level of speed and strength. The cracks in his armor and the blood seeping out were clear signs that he couldn't maintain a frontal clash with his opponent.

In a quick decision, Souta leaped to the side to evade Nine Yin's fiery attack. He reacted by using his unique abilities and tricks, strategically placing blood-red webs around the platform to set up defenses.

As the battle continued, Souta found himself thinking about the difficulty of the fight. He admitted that it was harder than he had initially thought. Even his gravitational force manipulation and other abilities were proving to be less effective than he hoped. Nine Yin's sheer power and determination were overwhelming, and it was evident that he was determined to keep Souta engaged in combat.

The platform had turned into a battleground of chaos, with devastating attacks and counterattacks leaving their marks. Souta knew that he had to adapt and find new strategies to gain the upper hand in this fierce duel.

Souta swiftly leaped to the side, narrowly evading the barrage of purple flames. Holding his sword tightly, he decided to take his combat abilities up a notch by activating his [Soul Blood Mode]. An intense rush of energy coursed through his body, significantly enhancing his overall stats. With this newfound power, he wasted no time and launched himself at Nine Yin while unleas.h.i.+ng a barrage of spells.

"Monster!! You still have some aces up your sleeve!" Nine Yin grinned, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth. He was well aware that battling the Blood Lightning Monster was no small feat, even for him.

Suddenly, an ominous presence tingled at the edge of his senses. He swiftly moved through the air, and his eyes locked onto a developing anomaly—a black hole was forming. Reacting instinctively, he swung his weapon aside without even glancing at it.


His weapon effortlessly sliced through a doppelganger, cleaving it into two. At that moment, Souta and Nine Yin collided, their figures flas.h.i.+ng, and they crashed into the nearby pillars.


Nine Yin gritted his teeth, bracing his back against the wall. His weapons crossed in front of him, effectively blocking Souta's blade.

[Dark Swift Enhancement]

[Malice Vigor]

[Earth Dead End]

Nine Yin's strength surged as he utilized the equipment skills of his red-grade artifacts. He drove his knee into Souta's stomach, momentarily halting Souta's blade swing. At the last instant, he tilted his head to the side, narrowly avoiding Souta's deadly spider limbs attempting to pierce his head.

"The enhancement from my artifacts isn't enough to end this monster! Then, I will use my technique!"

Nine Yin quickly sidestepped and continued to clash with Souta, the two of them locked in fierce combat.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

After a few more blows, the two fighters disengaged from each other.

Souta clutched the sword tightly in his hand, still emitting a dark and light energy. This was his advantage, as his elemental energy surpa.s.sed Nine Yin's, who was only at the Force Stage despite his high-tier SSS-rank status. Souta sensed that Nine Yin was on the verge of exhausting his [Element Drive], and once that happened, Souta believed he would secure victory. The elemental suppression from the [Colosseum Undead Party] had already diminished Nine Yin's abilities.

"I can see that he doesn't have much elemental energy left..." Souta observed, narrowing his eyes. He bent his knees and launched himself once again.


Nine Yin took a deep breath as the purple flames surrounding his body transformed into a foreboding black hue.

[Nine h.e.l.l Raging Flame]!

Nine Yin was determined to conclude this battle once and for all. His opponent, the Blood Lightning Monster, was far from ordinary, and he recognized the potential of defeat. Still, he held confidence in his own abilities.


Nine Yin roared, and the black flames around his body dispersed in all directions, igniting anything they touched. The entire platform quaked with the ferocity of the flames.

"I, Nine Yin, will finish my job!"

A tidal wave of black flames surged toward Souta with unrestrained force.

Souta wore a grave expression as the black flames exhibited power several times greater than the previous purple flames. They consumed everything in their vicinity, including Souta's dark and light elements. Even the very fabric of s.p.a.ce was being devoured by these intense flames.


Souta gritted his teeth, taking a determined step forward. The flames washed over his body, burning through his defenses. His webs, blood, gravity, and other skills instantly disintegrated. Even his Blood Armor was slowly disintegrating, but he persisted in pus.h.i.+ng through the relentless flames.


Souta managed to reach the exact position he needed, near Nine Yin, who was still emitting the surging black flames.

Slowly, he opened his mouth and whispered, "[Dual Element Drive: Light and Dark Fusion]..."

In the next moment, a burst of light and darkness radiated from within Souta's body. The black flames were pushed back, stunning Nine Yin.

Souta stood at the center, with white mist emanating from his body. The elemental energy he now possessed exceeded the limits of this world.

"W-What?!" Nine Yin exclaimed, staring in disbelief at Souta, who was radiating an overpowering elemental aura. He could sense that Souta had become a fusion of both light and dark.

"T-This... Fusion Stage? How is this possible?" Nine Yin was utterly shocked.

Could it be that the Blood Lightning Monster had achieved Fusion Stage?

Souta regarded Nine Yin with cold, dual-colored eyes filled with darkness and light. He made a subtle movement with his sword, causing the two elements to merge along its blade. The fusion was highly concentrated, with no energy escaping. Every bit of power was channeled into the weapon.

"I didn't want to resort to this, as I don't have much of it, but you've left me with no choice... You're strong," Souta said before unleas.h.i.+ng a powerful sword strike.

[Darkness Bite]!!

A never-ending vortex of light and darkness swirled around Souta's blade as he unleashed a devastating attack. The combined force of the two elements surged forward, tearing through Nine Yin's raging flames and creating a monstrous wave of darkness.


An enormous explosion rocked the platform, obliterating a quarter of it and sending shockwaves of power rippling across the landscape. As the dust and debris settled, a figure plummeted from the platform. It was Nine Yin, his eyes wide with realization. He could see faint wisps of fog permeating the area, a telltale sign of [Dream Power].

"Ah... I see... D-Dream Fog... Hahaha, [Dream Power]... Y-You have it..." Nine Yin's voice was shaky as he landed like a meteor, creating a ma.s.sive crater upon impact.


Souta peered down at the fallen Nine Yin, taking a deep breath as he deactivated [Dream Power], causing his elemental energy to revert to its previous state. His body slowly returned to its normal appearance.


Souta's knees gave way, and he fell to the ground, coughing up a mouthful of blood. "[Dream Power]... It forced the elemental seeds in my body to forcefully bloom temporarily. I'm not used to it, and it affects me."

Exhausted and injured, Souta knew he couldn't afford to rest for long. He had faced numerous powerful opponents today, but his determination to achieve his goal remained unwavering. The Tear of Divine Might was within his grasp, and he would do whatever it took to obtain it.

Huff... Huff...

Souta wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and struggled to his feet. Activating the equipment skill [Insta Regen] of his artifact, he felt his energy returning to his body. With newfound strength, he steeled himself for the challenges that lay ahead. He cast his gaze upon the tear in s.p.a.ce and leaped into the unknown without hesitation.

On the other side...

Li Guan observed the outcome of the battle and recognized the significance of the Blood Lightning Monster's victory. With two of the Deadly Sins' high-ranking experts defeated, the alliance had a glimmer of hope in this challenging conflict.

"I must take action as well," Li Guan murmured to himself. He rose to his feet and brushed off his clothes. His attention returned to the ruptured fabric of s.p.a.ce, a sign that this world would soon be engulfed by the devastating battle between the two formidable combatants.

Turning towards the building where the survivors from the fragmented worlds had taken refuge, he addressed them, "If you wish to survive, follow me. This world, your world, is on the brink of collapse."

With his guidance, he aimed to lead them to safety and escape the impending catastrophe.

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