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Chapter 593: Contest? (1)

“What’s going on? What is this?”

All the mountain sect disciples were stunned as they watched w.a.n.g Xian being surrounded by a group of female disciples from Mt. Xue.

The female disciples in their eyes looked like some girls who were obsessed with guys, including Yao Beibei and Feng Beiling.

They were the next strongest disciples after Piao Lingxue, and ranked seventh and eighth respectively. They were absolutely talented young ladies of Da Hong Immortal Sect and G.o.ddesses in the eyes of Da Hong Immortal Sect’s disciples.

They were only second to Piao Lingxue.

Yet, these two G.o.ddesses were standing by the sides, addressing Dragon King as the handsome master?

They even declared that anyone who wished to challenge the Dragon King would need to get past her first. What…

What was going on?

“Gosh, my G.o.ddess…”

One of the mountain sect disciples could not help but widen his eyes with disbelief as he watched the event unfolding.

The overall strength of Mt. Xue was ranked second, which was higher than Mt. Leng.

Moreover, the disciples of Mt. Xue, who were presented here today, were all renowned figures. Everyone had their own reputation, but yet, they were encircling Dragon King.

At the sight of this, all of them revealed shocked expressions.

Even those people from Mt. Leng, including Su Fa, wore slightly awkward expressions.

Seeing the Mt. Xue disciples glaring at them furiously, Su Fa’s expression darkened.

“Juniors of Mt. Xue, this is between Mt. Leng and Mt. Fengyu. Do you want to intervene in the business between two mountain sects?”

“That’s right. Ladies, this is a grudge between us and Mt. Fengyu. Mt. Xue had better not get involved in this and hurt our friends.h.i.+p!”

Su Fa and another disciple from Mt. Leng spoke in a dull voice as they looked at Yao Beibei and Feng Beiling.

“Why has it got nothing to do with us? Dragon King’s business is our business!”

However, a female disciple of Mt. Xue looked up and answered as soon as Su Fa and the rest finished their statements.

“That’s right, I might be marrying into Mt. Fengyu in the future. Hehe, this has certainly got something to do with me!”

Another female disciple threw w.a.n.g Xian a broad smile.

For a moment, the group of people from Mt. Leng put on dark faces after hearing what the female disciples said.

The surrounding disciples from other mountain sects twitched their lips involuntarily.

Fu*k, when did Dragon King establish such a good relations.h.i.+p with the female disciples from Mt. Xue?

And why did the female disciples fancy him so much?

This almost caused them to cough out blood.


“So Mt. Xue is bent on going against Mt. Leng?” asked a female disciple of Mt. Leng coldly as she stared at the group of disciples from Mt. Xue.

The aura around her intensified.

“Yeah, so what if we do?”


Seeing that demeanor exhibited from the female disciple of Mt. Leng, the rest of the Mt. Xue disciples did not give in as they exuded the aura from their bodies.

The lowest level of cultivation among the girls was Half-Step to Dan Realm. There was no concealment to their imposing aura when they confronted the people from Mt. Leng.

“You guys…”

Sensing the incoming aura, the female disciple of Mt. Leng paled.

Seeing how things developed, Su Fa took a step forward with a solemn expression. His aura went against them as he stared at Mt. Xue disciples with beaming eyes.

At this moment, it was the dignity of Mt. Leng at stake. Even though the other party was Mt. Xue, they could not retreat directly.

“In my opinion, Mt. Leng’s people should get going!”

Just then, an impa.s.sive voice was heard with Piao Lingxue walking from behind.


Seeing Piao Lingxue dropping warnings as she stalked over, the group of Mt. Leng disciples had a huge change in their expressions.

Even Su Fa, who was standing in front, had a tinge of fear flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes.

Dreadful looks surfaced on all the faces of people from Mt. Leng.

Piao Lingxue actually spoke for Mt. Fengyu and Dragon King.

She was the second disciple of the entire Yong Chang Immortal Sect, the supreme talent of Yong Chang world!

“Sss, Piao Lingxue spoke up to protect the Dragon King. What…what the h.e.l.l is going on here?”

“Seriously? Piao Lingxue actually went over and spoke up for him!”

The rest of the mountain sect disciples found it astonis.h.i.+ng. A disciple like Piao Lingxue was above almost all the other disciples.

The future member of higher management of Immortal Sect was now speaking for Dragon King.

This could offend all of Mt. Leng!

Even though members of higher management were no longer limited to any mountain sects, they must still pay attention to their behavior.

“Dragon King!”

Piao Lingxue came over and greeted him without any emotion.

“Miss Piao!”

w.a.n.g Xian gave a smile and a nod to Piao Lingxue before he turned to the rest of the female disciples of Mt. Xue. “Thank you, pretty ladies!”

“Hehe, you’re welcome!”

The group of disciples shook their heads with beaming faces.


From the side, Ao Shuwen furrowed his brows tightly when he noticed the situation.

“Brother Ao, shall we go over?”

Tong Xiuping gazed quizzically as he asked Ao Shuwen.

“Let’s go!”

Ao Shuwen took a brief glance at Mentor Yu and Mentor Leng, who were still engaged in a fight. With flickering eyes, he walked towards the place where Mt. Leng was gathered.

As the leader of Mt. Leng, he could not ignore this anymore!

“Brother Ao, let me get some more people!”

“I’ll also get some guys from our mountain sect!”

“Now that Brother Ao has Water Shark, Piao Lingxue might not necessarily be your match in combat!”

Lin Xingjian, Tong Xiuping, Feng Haosi, and Ming Ziyu spoke to Ao Shuwen.


Ao Shuwen looked at the longsword in his hand with his lips quirked.

With Level 12 Spiritual Equipment, he did not think that his current strength would lose out to Piao Lingxue.

On top of that, he felt that he could challenge Hong Tianda too.

“This is an issue between Mt. Leng and Mt. Fengyu. Mt. Xue should not meddle in it!”

Ao Shuwen walked to Mt. Leng without any expression.

Following behind him, Lin Xingjian and Tong Xiuping beckoned towards a group of people from two sides.

The sixth-ranked mountain sect, Mt. Xingyun!

The seventh-ranked mountain sect, Mt. Wu!

Lin Xingjian and Tong Xiuping were two leaders of these two mountain sects, and they enjoyed a high degree of prestige within the mountain sects.

When the duo beckoned, the disciples from two mountain sects walked over immediately as they knew what their leaders were up to.

“This…Senior brother Ao Shuwen went over!”

“The few people around him also followed him. On top of that, Lin Xingjian and Tong Xiuping even called out people from their mountain sects!”

“What are they doing?”

“This has got to do with the face of the mountain sect, and not personal emotions anymore. Mt. Xue’s disciples already embarra.s.sed Mt. Leng. Senior brother Ao Shuwen could no longer stand around and watch!”

“Do you think they will be sparring?”

“Hard to say. The people from the sixth and seventh-ranked mountain sects already went over. By strength, Senior brother Ao Shuwen has the strongest alliance in the entire Da Hong Immortal Sect. The four people around him are the super geniuses of the top twenty!”

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