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Chapter 657: Get Out Of The Territory Of China (3)

At the foot of Mt. Taibai, the group of martial artists of the Underworld stared bitterly at the Song Family. All of them felt exceptionally embarra.s.sed.

“The Song Family of China wishes to join the Nether Flame. We hope that the various experts from the Nether Flame will accept us!”

The family head of the Song Family, Song Qingtian, shouted towards the elite force in Asia, Nether Flame, who had occupied a mountain.

“Hehe! Song Family of China? What’s the strength level of your family like?”

There was a total of thirteen mountains that were shrouded within the waterfall-like spiritual energy around Mt. Taibai. Five forces occupied these mountains.

Among which, Creepy Snake and Gautama were the strongest two forces and they occupied a total of six mountains.

Nether Flame occupied two mountains and had a Budding Realm expert stationed in this place.

An old man with a rather dark skin tone stood at the mountain peak, looked down on the Song Family and spoke with contempt.

“Our Song Family is a first-cla.s.s force in the Underworld with three Inborn experts!” Song Qingtian lowered his head and said respectfully.

“Three Inborn experts? You guys are really trashy! However, your entire Underworld is trashy! I guess the Song Family isn’t that bad in comparison. Come over!”

The old man felt a little contempt as he spoke to Song Qingtian.

“Yes, your Excellency. Our Song Family will see Nether Flame denomination as our leader from here onwards!”

Agitation flashed across the eyes of Song Qingtian as he answered in a hurry.

“Great, great!”

The old man revealed a satisfied look.

The group of people from the Song Family approached the old man with ecstasy and lowered their stance once again.

“In the future, you guys can’t go against any of the orders from our Nether Flame. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being ruthless. If there are any secret lands or treasures in China, you have to report it to us immediately!”

“Yes, yes. Our Song Family wouldn’t dare to defy your Excellency. We will take instructions from the Nether Flame denomination from today onwards!” the family head of the Song Family answered immediately.

“Come over!”

“Yes, yes!”

The group of people from Song Family was exhilarated and immediately started cultivating at the foot of the mountain.

Under the cleansing of the spiritual energy, all the people in the family would be able to reach the Inborn Realm within a month.

So what if they had to become the subordinates of the Nether Flame?

When the various forces of the Underworld saw the Song Family sit below the spiritual energy waterfall, their expressions changed and they started hesitating.

“Our Qingfeng Sect is willing to join the Gautama denomination. We hope that the Gautama denomination will accept us!”

At this moment, the Sect Leader of Qingfeng exchanged glances with the members of the higher management of the sect before walking ahead emotionlessly. They shouted respectfully at the international force that had occupied three mountains.

“Come over. You guys will see our Gautama denominations as your ruler from today onwards. In the near future, all of you will be the subordinates of our Gautama denominations and shall not betray us as long as you live!”

An old man with an angry look turned towards where the Qingfeng Sect was and instructed solemnly.

“Yes, yes!”

The group of people from Qingfeng Sect hurried over immediately.

“Our Xuan Sect is willing to join the Creepy Snake Group!”

“Our Ivory Lotus Sect is willing to join Graceful Ma.s.sacre Denomination!”

With someone taking the lead, several forces shouted respectfully towards various overseas forces, surrendering and becoming their subordinates.

As for those overseas forces, they were happy to witness this development. There were countless treasures and secret lands within China. With eyes within China, they would only be advantages to their denominations without any disadvantages.

Moreover, they wouldn’t have to give up anything to recruit them for their use. Therefore, they were more than willing to accept these forces.

Within a short period of a few minutes, half of all the forces in the Underworld had chosen to join the five forces from overseas. This made all the other forces of the Underworld feel extremely embarra.s.sed and bitter.

“Haiz. As a Sacred Clan of China, how could I possibly contemplate joining overseas forces? Tsk!”

Witnessing the developments, Sui Huang stormed off furiously.

Xiao Quanshan also shook his head as he led his fellow clan member away helplessly.

“We are devils at our cores and would never be willing to become slaves of others!”

An old man from Reeds Spirits turned around emotionlessly. “Our Diabolism will only accept others who listen to us. There’s no way we would take instructions from others!”

After the experts from Sacred Clan and Sects had left, the group from Thistles and Thorns Sect also left.

The remaining martial artists of the Underworld hesitated for some time and eventually heaved a long sigh.

“We can’t cultivate here and yet they are allowed to. In no time, the entire Underworld will be under the control of overseas forces!”

An old man shook his head with melancholy as he headed for the exit.

Some people were willing to become traitors but there were also some who weren’t willing.

As those prideful experts left, the remaining cultivators were in a dilemma.

Cultivating under the spiritual energy waterfall would not just greatly enhance their cultivation realm. The greater effects would be cleansing their physical bodies. Their future cultivation would be smoother and their foundation would be more solid.

Although those forces and martial artists of the Underworld had become the dogs of the overseas forces, the rewards they would be reaping would be even more terrifying.

In a month at the most, those forces who had chosen to become traitors for the overseas forces would leave those who had chosen to leave today far behind.

Although there weren’t any Sacred Clans or Sects who joined the overseas forces, it wouldn’t take long for those who had to overtake the Sacred Clans and Sects.

Tragic. The tragedy of the Underworld and China.

“Everyone! Can our Black Wind denomination get a mountain?”

At this moment, several hundred people flew over at neck-breaking speed. Two terrifying experts stood in the air and their domineering voices reverberated across the sky.

Another powerful foreign force had arrived!

Is this Mt. Taibai?

At this moment, at the entrance to the tourist attraction, Mt. Taibai, Xiao Yu looked inquisitively at the snow-white curtain that extended into the sky.

The thousand-meter-long white curtain that started from the sky was exceptionally majestic and beautiful.


w.a.n.g Xian nodded his head. A red and blue light flashed across his eyes as he stared at the sky.

He could vaguely see another world.

A large cauldron that seemed to have existed since ancient times hovered in the air and seemed to be suppressing an entire world.

“Let me ask the Thistles and Thorns Sect…”

Xiao Yu and Elder Fang were about to make a call to the Sect Leader of the Thistles and Thorns Sect. However, before they had even taken out their phones, they saw dejected martial artists of the Underworld walking out.

“Eh? That’s Sui Huang and the Xiao Clan!”

Lan Qingyue looked at the crowd and remarked doubtfully.

w.a.n.g Xian looked across the group of martial artists of the Underworld. Leading them were the Sui Clan, Xiao Clan, and Reeds Spirits.

Over a thousand people followed behind them and each had a gloomy face.

“Sui Huang, Old Xiao!”

w.a.n.g Xian walked ahead with a smile after seeing them,


w.a.n.g Xian’s voice took Sui Huang and Old Xiao by surprise. The remaining martial artists also lifted their heads with shock.

When they saw w.a.n.g Xian, they were stunned and speechless.

“Master!” Xiao Rang greeted with ecstasy when he saw w.a.n.g Xian.

“What’s the matter?”

w.a.n.g Xian nodded his head and walked over with a gentle smile.


Seeing w.a.n.g Xian approaching them, some martial artists took several steps back instinctively.

Even the Dan Realm experts from the Reeds Spirits also took a step back in fear.

The one before them was the terrifying existence that had annihilated half the Underworld!

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