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Chapter 677: The Premature Deaths Of Marine Race


At this moment, savage aura diffused into the sea below the spiritual energy waterfall and alerted the marine creatures in the surroundings who were cultivating.

More than five hundred members of the Creepy Snake Group rode on sea snakes into the sea.

Their eyes were locked on the densely populated sea creatures in the surroundings but they did not make a move.


At this moment, the crowd of Creepy Snake Group members greeted respectfully as Da She entered into the sea while flicking his long tongue.

Despite being in the sea, their voices weren’t affected.

“Hehe! There are so many marine creatures around!” Da She commented plainly.

The eyes of the grey poison snake lit up a red light. It moved and charged towards the marine creatures around to devour them.

When it opened its mouth, the seemingly average-size mouth could surprisingly extend to two to three meters. Its mouth looked just like a bottomless pit.

“Hehe! They have absorbed some spiritual energy. My baby is going to get a sumptuous meal!”

Da She was pleasantly surprised as he looked across the densely packed marine creatures around him.

“Yes, master!”

Members of the Creepy Snake Group made creepy smiles and patted the bodies of the sea snakes below them.

The next moment, these snakes charged towards the surrounding marine creatures and started devouring them.

They were terrifyingly quick. Not a single sea snake out of the hundreds was weaker than the Inborn Realm.

And the martial artists that were on the sea snakes were similarly not any weaker than the Inborn Realm.

Swish swish swis.h.!.+

The sea snakes attacked various marine creatures at a frenzied pace. This resulted in all the creatures in the region fleeing away in fear.


At this very moment, Tang Yinxuan, who was cultivating, was alarmed. She opened her eyes right away and looked in shock in the direction before her.


Seeing countless marine creatures fleeing frantically, her expression changed drastically!

“Get out of here! Quick!”

She stood up and shouted at the surrounding dolphins right away.

The pod of dolphins had also picked up the scent of blood as they wiggled their bodies frantically.


Tang Yinxuan moved her fingers across the zither to make a rushed note that was transmitted to the dolphins.

Each dolphin turned around immediately and fled in the opposite direction.


However, she suddenly heard a scream and a sea snake appeared before them.

A naked middle-aged man was sitting on the sea snake.

“Oh! There’s a beautiful lady here too! Hehe! Who would have expected a beautiful lady to be cultivating here!”

“This pod of dolphins seems to be under your control! Haha! It’s been a long time since I’ve met a beautiful lady. Moreover, it’s a dolphin princess!”

l.u.s.t gleamed in the eyes of the middle-aged man. He extended his hand to touch the black liquid at the edge of the sea snake’s mouth, licked his fingers and said, “Hey, pretty. Come here!”

“s.h.i.+t! What is this!?”

Seeing the middle-aged man riding the sea snake, Tang Yinxuan was flabbergasted.

She moved her arm, placed both of her hands on her zither and started playing. A water arrow shot towards the middle-aged man instantly.

“Don’t even think of escaping!”

The middle-aged man showed his perverse excitement. Pulling both of his hands back, a snake-skin-like object covered his entire body. At the same time, two poisonous fangs appeared in his hand.

The sea snake below him charged towards Tang Yinxuan at a terrifying speed.

Weng weng!


At this moment, the dolphins around Tang Yinxuan made a unified piercing sound which reverberated towards the middle-aged man and the sea snake as an attack.

The next instant, a blood-curdling scream came from the middle-aged man. That sea snake was also s.h.i.+vering and remained stationary on its spot!

“What’s happening?”

A nonchalant voice sounded and Tang Yinxuan could sense seven to eight powerful existences charging towards her!

“Run! We’ve got to run quickly!”

Tang Yinxuan was astonished. She turned around, placed her hands on the zither, and started playing and launching water waves to the eight middle-aged and old men sitting on the sea snakes behind them.

“There’s a beautiful girl on the dolphins! Catch them!”


When the members of the Creepy Snake Group saw Tang Yinxuan, they charged rapidly ahead as though they were sharks that had picked up the scent of blood.

Inborn level sea snakes were exceptionally fast and the dolphins couldn’t be compared to them at all.

Ji ji!

The next instant, five to six dolphins at the back were attacked by the sea snakes. Their bodies were bitten through in an instant as they fell to the sea bed, vitality slipping out of their bodies.


When Tang Yinxuan saw a few dolphins being killed, she was infuriated. Water arrow after water arrow was launched towards them.

However, the attacks from Tang Yinxuan, who was just at the Inborn Realm, were easily avoided.

“Hey, pretty! Don’t run anymore!”

A middle-aged man lowered his stance suddenly as he made a straight dash towards Tang Yinxuan.

Tang Yinxuan was taken aback. s.h.i.+fting her arm, she drew the longsword kept within the Zither of Hao Zhong and slashed towards the middle-aged man.


“I got you, pretty!”

The middle-aged man withstood her attack with the two exceptional large poison fangs in his hands and revealed a sly smile.

Tang Yinxuan instantly felt pain from her belly. Lowering her head, she saw that the fangs of the sea snake had sunk into her. The next instant, she felt her whole body going numb.

Screech, screech, screech!


Suddenly, the middle-aged man with a sly smile instantly felt as though ten thousand needles were penetrating his ears as his body went stiff.


A pink dolphin that had stayed aside previously had now crashed heavily into his abdomen.

Tang Yinxuan took the opportunity to stab the spiritual sword in her hand into the body of that middle-aged man. After completing her action, she felt her whole body go numb as she slouched onto the dolphin below her.

Weng weng!

That pink bottlenose dolphin let out a shrill cry. Instantly, several dozen dolphins stopped and attacked the seven members from the Creepy Snake Group frantically.

“Kill! Kill all these dolphins!”

A middle-aged man growled in fury.

Swish swish swis.h.!.+

A short distance away, other members of the Creepy Snake Group rushed over immediately after picking up on the commotion.

“The marine creatures here seem to understand cultivation arts. Don’t let even a single one escape. They would be greatly beneficial for our sea snakes!”

A deafening roar sounded in the sea. The crowd of Creepy Snake Group members licked their lips and bloodthirst was evident on their faces.

“These dolphins are so intelligent! Die now!”

An old man swung the poison fang in his hand and easily killed two dolphins.

“Run now!”

Tang Yinxuan struggled to grip her zither as she played a note!

Screech, screech, screech!

When a pink bottlenose dolphin saw its fellow dolphins being killed easily one after another, it turned around, opened its large mouth and let out a bone-chilling screech.

“Go! Little pink nose!”

When Tang Yinxuan saw it stopping, she was flabbergasted as she struggled to scream.

Wu wu!

That pink bottlenose dolphin turned around and shook its head slightly at Tang Yinxuan before opening its mouth slightly.

Around it, over a hundred other dolphins had stopped. The next moment, they charged towards the Creepy Snake Group members as though they had lost their minds.

Screech, screech, screech!

Ear-piercing screeches reverberated as fresh red blood oozed out of their bodies.

The fresh blood instantly dyed the water around them red.

Tang Yinxuan slouched on a dolphin with tears of blood flowing out from her eyes.

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