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Chapter 2517: Won’t Let Them Die

“Alright, anyway, today’s situation isn’t bad. They’ll come to the cultivation world after a short time. They’ll take revenge at that time.” Jing Jining looked serious. He was looking forward to seeing Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting in the cultivation world again.

“Will they kill the patriarch?” Jing Yanhua asked worriedly.

Although Jing Yaorong had made a terrible mistake and should be punished, he was Jing Yaorong’s older brother after all. Jing Yanhua didn’t have the heart to watch Jing Yaorong die.

As long as Jing Yaorong wouldn’t be killed, he could accept other results.

“They won’t kill the patriarch. After all, the patriarch is Yunyao’s biological father. They won’t kill him, but the patriarch has killed Yunyao’s husband and separated her from her son for so many years. Even though Yunyao won’t kill him, she’ll disable him!” said Jing Jining. Upon thinking of what would happen to Jing Yaorong, he felt no sympathy for him. Jing Yaorong deserved it.

Hearing that, Jing Yanhua said nothing further, because he couldn’t stop it. And although he hadn’t suffered the same thing, he could understand Jing Yunyao’s hatred.

In fact, Jing Yanhua also wanted to ask Jing Jining for something else, but he felt it wasn’t appropriate.

He wanted to know who would take over the Jing family if Jing Yunyao really unseated Jing Yaorong’s family.

In the Jing family, Jing Yunyao was at the highest level, so she could surely be the new leader.

Even if Jing Yunyao had no intention of becoming the new leader of the Jing family and wanted Jing Jining to take over the position instead, Jing Yanhua and Junior Mrs. Jing would support her if she wanted to be the new leader.

No one in the Jing family was more suitable than Jing Yunyao.

After that, they stopped talking about that, and continued to eat.

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Jing Yaorong didn’t send people to eavesdrop. Because Jing Jining was already at the peak of the Golden Core Stage, he could only send people at the Yuan Ying Period over if he really wanted to do that. Otherwise, the person would be easily caught.

He wouldn’t do that, and felt reluctant to let the first or third elder do it. Although he was the patriarch, the elders didn’t need to obey his orders. The elders would only show up at important meetings.

It was a humiliation to them if they were sent to eavesdrop outside the door, and it would annoy them. At this key moment, the last thing Jing Yaorong should do was to annoy the elders. Therefore, Jing Yaorong did nothing.

Besides, Jing Jining wasn’t dumb, so he would be alert.

Jing Jining knew Jing Yaorong very well, so when he was sure that no one was eavesdropping, he told his parents what he knew.

After having the meal, Jing Jining went back to his room for a rest. Since he couldn’t leave the cultivation world, he could only cultivate at home.

Jing Yaorong’s people still failled to find Jing Yunyao, but he didn’t give up.

The next day, Leng Shaoting went back to the military. Gu Ning also went to work, while Jing Yunyao went to her flower shop.

Two days later and the day before the Lantern Festival, Gu Ning returned to City B and celebrated the festival with her family.

At the Lantern Festival, Gu Man invited Gu Qing’s family and Gu Qinyang’s family to spend the day together in City B. They were free anyway, so they all came over.

As for Gu Qinxiang’s family, Gu Man didn’t invite them. Although she could get over some things, they could no longer be close again.

Gu Man had no idea that her mother had already woken up, because Gu Ning told other people not to tell her about it.

Old Mrs. Gu wasn’t completely conscious. Her arms could move now, but her legs couldn’t, so she could only sit in a wheelchair.

Anyway, she could speak now, though she could barely say a complete long sentence. She was only able to finish a brief conversation.

Because Old Mrs. Gu was taken back to Gu Qinxiang’s family now, Gu Qinxiang hired another nurse to take care of his mother. The first nurse he hired was taking care of the mentally-ill Lin Lijuan.

Although Lin Lijuan was mentally-ill now, she normally stayed quiet. Only once in a while would she get sick and cause trouble. So as long as they kept her in the house, everything would be fine.

Old Mrs. Gu wasn’t completely awake now, but she was as mean as always. She never stopped complaining, and swore at Gu Man and Gu Ning sometimes.

Although Gu Qinxiang had already told Old Mrs. Gu that Gu Ning had helped her wake up, Old Mrs. Gu believed that Gu Ning had caused her to be disabled. She even refused to believe that Gu Ning had the ability to help her recover. She strongly believed that she was blessed so that she could wake up.

As a result, Gu Man and Gu Ning were still the same in her eyes.

Seeing that Old Mrs. Gu didn’t change at all, Gu Qinxiang stopped talking about it. He felt embarra.s.sed to let Gu Ning and the others know about it. It was extremely shameful!

In the old days, Gu Qingyun had a close relations.h.i.+p with Old Mrs. Gu, because Old Mrs. Gu always spoiled him. However, watching Old Mrs. Gu’s current look, Gu Qingyun was reluctant to be close to her any longer.

His hostility towards Gu Ning totally went away now. Instead, he was very grateful to Gu Ning and she even became his idol. Therefore, he began to hate Old Mrs. Gu since she wouldn’t stop swearing at Gu Ning.

Nevertheless, Old Mrs. Gu treated him well, so he said nothing. He didn’t want to be ungrateful. Accordingly, he did his best to avoid her, or he might lose control and argue with her.

Today was the Lantern Festival, so Leng Shaoting came back from the military base, and brought Jing Yunyao back to the Leng family’s house.

Gu Ning had a call with Leng Shaoting at noon, and Leng Shaoting complained that she was always absent when they celebrated a festival.

Gu Ning said that Valentine’s Day was the day after tomorrow, so she would go back to the capital in the morning the day after tomorrow. If he was still in the capital the day after tomorrow, they could spend the day together.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting realized that Valentine’s Day was around the corner!

If there was no special task the day after tomorrow, he would definitely wait for Gu Ning in the capital.

Leng Shaoting was carrying out a task on the last Valentine’s Day, and Gu Ning was also busy back then, so he didn’t pay much attention to it. Therefore, this time, if both of them were free, Gu Ning hoped that they could have a romantic day.

There is no girl who doesn’t like romance.

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