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Supreme Soaring Immortal

Chapter 54 Conspiracy

Tianqin Restaurant.

Tianqin City’s only high grade restaurant, is also the tallest building, with a total of three floors. At this time in the third floor of a window box, sitting around are four 20 year old youths. Each young man has a woman to accompany. For the four young men to prepare dishes, pour wine, smile beautifully, while those four young men from time to time pinched their waists, let those four women cry delicately.

“Wèi gē!*” A young man with acne on his face holds a wine gla.s.s toward a tall, square-faced youth said:

“I heard that the Seventh Princess now lives in Tianqin Town?”

That Wei Ge grinned disdainfully: “Just a waste material. I heard my father say that the seventh princess is as fat as a pig, and her qualifications are garbage. Already 13 years old, and only in the refining skin phase. In w.a.n.gdu she can lie down, will absolutely not sit, can sit down will absolutely not stand, enjoys being lazy*. Not only is cultivation garbage, but also illiterate, does not understand court etiquette. If she didn’t have the ident.i.ty of a princess, even as a house slave, she wouldn’t be wanted. The Queen was finally annoyed, and sealed Tianqin town to her, she was a.s.signed here.”

A sleazy-looking young man said: “But people are princesses ah, even if shes garbage, but she also has land!”

“Its a fart!” Wei Ge once again curled his lips in disdain and said: “I heard that the entire Tianqin Town did not pay her taxes, and she could not even eat rice.”

“No way? Shes a princess, her guards are eating s.h.i.+t?”

“Where are the guards? Who’s going to follow garbage to a place where the birds don’t s.h.i.+t? Those people have long run away, it is said that there are only three people around her, one is her wet-nurse, one is a gardener, and one is her servant girl. Of these three people, the one with the highest cultivation is her wet nurse. Its said to be the refining muscle period of repair. With such strength, why do those people in Tianqin Town even bother to pay taxes to her?”

Having said that, Wei Ge said, “It’s a pity, those taxes were handed over to my father before the seventh princess came here. Now theres nothing.”

“Shhh…” A young man with a scar on his face said, “Let it go, Wei ge. Now in Tianqin town, keeping order should be that w.a.n.g family, right? Did he collect taxes and not send it to your father? Your father is the lord of the city, unless he fancies being destroyed.”

“Haha…” Wei ge laughed.

“But it’s also an opportunity!” The sleazy young man touched his chin.

“What opportunity?” Wei ge asked indifferently.

“What opportunity?” The look on the face of the sleazy young man is even more obscene: “That is a piece of land ah. Wei ge you know that piece of land is worth how much money?”

“I don’t know.” Wei Tianhua shook his head: “These are all under my father’s control.”

“I’ve investigated, there are two mines in Tianqin Town, and in Tianqin Mountain, there are all kinds of beasts and herbs. All of this can be collected through taxes. If you can take the town of Tianqin down, absolutely rich.”

“How to take it?” Wei Tianhua laughed.

“Wei ge! You don’t have a lot of money on your hands, do you?”

Wei Tianhua’s face suddenly became very awful: “My father guards the money very tightly, I am naturally not well-off.”

“If you get Tianqin town, you can have more money on hand.”

“How do I get it?” Wei Tianhua also became interested.

“Marry the seventh princess!” The wretched young man said firmly.

“Get out of here!” Wei Tianhua looked distracted, then smiled and scolded: “You let me marry a fat, pig like garbage? You really think too much!”

“Wei ge! Wei ge!” The wretched young man hurriedly said: "Just a name, with the stupidity of the seventh princess, married her, your not gonna take control of her right away? Will it delay Wei ge to enjoy the spring flowers*? What do you say?”

At this point, the wretched youth reached out to the woman’s chest to grab a handful, in exchange for an unrestrained cry.

“No!” Wei Tianhua shook his head: “Even if its just in name, I can’t stand looking at a fat, obese pig, its unbearable.”

“Wei ge, are you really not doing it?”

“Not doing it!” Wei Tianhua’s head shook like a rattle.

“If your not doing it, I can do it.”

“You…” Wei Tianhua looked stupefied at the wretched youth: “Your taste is so heavy? Have you seen her before?”

The lewd young man smiled bitterly: “Wei brother, don’t joke. My taste is no longer heavy to that extent. Isn’t it all forced by my dad?”

“Your father forced you?” All three men looked at the wretched youth: “Your father forced you to go to the seventh princess?”

The lewd young man rolled his eyes and said, “My father doesn’t have that heavy taste.”

Speaking of this, he sighed: “Am I not nineteen years old? But my repair is only the peak of the refining bone period, and it has been stagnant for two years. My father said that all day I only know how to eat, drink and play, cut my pocket money in half. Saying that I waste my time on a woman’s belly and told me that if I couldn’t break through the refining essence stage before the age of twenty, he would let me study business. But then I wouldn’t have time to eat, drink, and be merry.”

“You’re wasting your time on a woman’s belly, hahaha…” The three men in the room guffawed loudly.

“Don’t laugh!” The wretched young man said earnestly, “If I marry the seventh princess, Tianqin town will belong to me, and I won’t have to look at the old man’s eyes.”

Wei Tianhua’s eye turned: “Guo Tian, have you really decided?”

“Yes!” Guo Tian’s eyes flashed a hint of darkness, and said fiercely: “Its just a name, if the seventh princess isn’t sensible, I have a hundred ways to torment her*. It’s just that I’m afraid the Seventh Princess won’t agree, so we’ve got to make some means.”

“What does she have to disagree with? Not to mention, the look of the fat pig-like seventh princess is very well-matched with your wretched look, hahaha…”

The young man with acne on his face laughed, and the crowd laughed boisterously. Guo Tian smiled with a red face:

“What are you laughing about? Aren’t you my brothers?”

“Yes, we’re brothers! After all, the Seventh Princess is a princess. Its very likely she will not see you. And now Tianqin town is nominally the seal of the seventh princess, but all the tax revenue is in my father’s hands.” Wei Tianhua looked at Guo Tian with a smile:

“Guo Tian, let us help you, with what?”

Guo Tian then extended four fingers and said: “40%! 40% of the tax! 20% to Wei ge, and 10% each to Yang Mu and s.h.i.+ Suo.”

“Its a deal!” Wei Tianhua clapped his hands and said: “We’ll give it a go!”

Four men’s heads got together.

Actual terms…

(1*) Wèi gē! -Wei older brother

(2*) Enjoys being lazy 好吃懒做 hào chī lǎn zuò- Idiom, literally eats a lot but never works ; Figuratively a parasite; happy to partake but not prepared to do any work (idiom); all take and no give

(3*) “Its a fart!” 屁 pì- fart; flatulence; nonsense; (usu. in the negative) what; (not) a d.a.m.n thing; So it could translate to “Its nonsense!” or “Not even a d.a.m.n thing!”

(4*) 寻花问柳 xún huā wèn liǔ -lit. to enjoy the beautiful spring scenery (idiom); fig. to frequent brothels; to sow one’s wild oats

(5*) 折腾 zhē teng -I choose torment but it could be the following, maybe 1,3, or 4???

1. to toss from side to side (e.g. sleeplessly)

2. to repeat, over and over again

3. to torment

4. to play crazy

5. to squander (time, money)

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