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Chapter 132

Michael had just travelled for a day and arrived beside a huge lake to prepare to camp out in the wilderness when a problem suddenly occurred, and right now, Michael is surrounded by four players on all sides, while there's another two, a priest and a hunter that kept their distance and observing their actions from afar and every single one of them are red named players .

"Brat, you should give us all of your gold coins if you don't want to die!" one of them said, all of them laughed evilly as they eyed Michael like he was some kind of a sheep on the chopping board .

Michael just grinned as he suddenly disappeared from his original position and appeared outside of their encirclement, as he already managed crossed half of the distance between him and the enemy priest .

The sudden change of events startled all of them as their brains suddenly short circuited as they just stood there and watched as Michael killed their priest under their noses before Michael bolted in another direction, and immediately summoned his black horse and fled from the scene .

"G.o.dammit! After him!" one of their melee was the first one to break from his stupor, and angrily yelled at his companions, and immediately ran towards the direction where Michael had fled to and also summoned his own mount, a brown horse and went after Michael, but his mount's speed is clearly slower than Michael's black horse mount .

And the others also hurriedly followed behind them, also riding on their own mounts .

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Get back here right this instant!" the player chasing behind Michael, who's armed with a small diamond s.h.i.+eld and a saber yelled angrily at Michael when he realized that Michael is slowly getting further away from him .

Michael looked back and smiled towards the guy and showed him the middle finger, as he doesn't have any plans of ever facing them by himself, especially when they are located inside a huge and vast plain with very few hinding places and that is of couse someone is dumb enough to hide underwater inside the huge lake, and not getting attack by water monsters would already a miracle for them .
An hour later, Michael finally left them in the dust .

His horse slowed down and started trotting instead, his pair of eyes continued to scan everything around him, trying to spot if there are possible herbs to be harvested, and during his time on the road he had already harvested a lot of herbs along the way, from Common to Uncommon quality, and managed to raised his [Herb Gathering] skill to Level 3 .

And this particular skill can't be upgraded using skill points, that's why Michael would need to harvest as many herbs as he can, and the higher the quality the better, because that's the only way that the Herb Gathering skill could be upgraded .

The current skill level of his skill made it possible for him to harvest any herbs from Common to Rare, and even if he stumbles upon an Epic quality herb, he has an item called [All Powerful Trowel], which is sent to him by his teacher when he had just started his journey towards Starlight City for three hours, and personally delivered to him by a monstrous fire dragon whose body is covered with scars of battle .

It sudden arrivel startled him so greatly that he even felt his soul is slowly leaving his body when he stood in front of the fire dragon when it landed before him .

The good thing is that the dragon just looked at him along with a snort before it threw the trowel towards him, but some good things would always come to an end, because just as it was about to leave .

Michael's little pet rabbit started provoking the dragon by screaming at it, and of course the dragon just ignored it, as it didn't even bother to give the rabbit any attention .

But that dumb rabbit probably felt offended from the dragon's disregard towards itself, and suddenly attack the Dragon with its Lightning Hammer .

And because of that, the dragon's eyes was suddenly filled with killing intent and it spoke in very tyrannical and deep voice, "Little brat, do it one more time and I'll burn you into ashes! Don't think that just because you're a Jade Rabbit means that no one would dare kill you! Even you're Rabbit King wouldn't dare to be this disrespectful towards me! A Dragon KIng!"

"And you little human, make sure to discipline it or else . . . hmmp!"

After that, it flew away from the scene, and Michael started a round of sermon towards the rabbit which the latter just ignored him and even snorted towards him with disdain in his eyes like it was trying to convey 'You're just a puny human, you are not qualified to be my master yet!'

Michael finally couldn't hold back and knocked the rabbit's head in anger, as Michael even wondered how did this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d even have this kind of nasty personality when it had just broken off from its sh.e.l.l, and so his impression towards the other Jade Rabbits is that all of them have nasty and arrogant personalities, and the little rabbit is already the very proof of that .

And also because the sudden presence of the dragon in the vicinity, they had never met any monsters on the road for a few hours, which extremely made Michael unhappy as he couldn't harvest any experience points .

And from then on, Michael had not brought the rabbit out as it just loves to really court death so much, and the only time that he would call it out is when they are facing monsters .


Suddenly, Micheal pulled the reins of his horse which made it come into a halt, and it was because Michael had spotted an inconspicuous herb in the distance, growing beside a small rock as it dance along the wind .


Michael immediately made his horse galloped towards the direction of the herb, and when he's almost near, he quickly got down from his horse and dashed forward .

"Oh boy, a Rare herb . This would be already be my third Rare Herb that I had stumbled upon"

[Four Leaf Clover] [Rare]

One of the main ingredients for concocting an Elixir . Can be sold for a lot of gold .

Micheal quickly pulled a trowel from his Inventory and started to carefully dig around the herb .

[All Powerful Trowel]

Enables you to harvest any herb a level above your current Herb Gathering skill .

Current Effect: Enables you to harvest any herbs below Epic quality .

Once Michael's Herb Gathering reaches Level 4, then he'll be able to harvest herbs that are of Ancient and Unique quality using this tool, and maybe after that, he wouldn't even need to level it up anymore once it reaches Level 5 as he will then be able to harvest those Legendary Herbs .

[Congratulations! You have successfully harvested a Rare Herb - Four Leaf Clover!]

[+ All stats are added 1 point each]

[+ Received 1000 Skill Points EXP]

"What a great harvest . Now, my current attributes is more or less similar as a Level 28 even though I'm still Level 25" Michael chuckled, and put his trowel and his newly acquired herb inside his Inventory .

Michael then leapt onto the back of his horse and continued on the road towards his next destination .


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