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Chapter 134

Hedwig sharply looked at Michael while fixing the position of her gla.s.s, as she scrunitized him, "Blood Orchid? Then you must be new to the city if you're asking for information regarding an Epic quality herb"

"Oh? Please enlighten me then My Lady" Michael replied, as he realized that there must be some kind of a requirement if someone wants to browse the books in this place .

"Hmmp! Listen well, the first floor, also called the Black Iron Section is where anyone could freely browse the books designated here, but in the Silver Section which is the second floor is a restricted area and the information you want can be found there . You can only access that area if you have a Silver Token and if you forcefully barge on the second floor, then the rune barrier that was set up by a senior would immediately immobilize you, where you will be thrown in the prison afterwards" said sternly by Hedwig, as her gaze never left Michael .

The edge of Micahel's mouth twitched when he listened to her, "Miss, it seems you're trying to imply something here?"

"Hmmp! Didn't you just come here pester me and gain my attention? Stop acting mysterious by hiding under that cloak of yours, you're probably just one of those annoying wastrels from those n.o.ble families" Hedwig snorted with annoyance .

'It seems she had mistaken me as one of her suitors chasing after her hand' Michael thought bitterly .

"Sorry about that, but I'm not one of them" Michael said as he slowly removed his cloak .

"This . . Oh my, I'm so sorry about my earlier behaviour . I thought you were one of those annoying suitors of mine . I didn't expect that it was actually someone like you, a renowned adventurer" said Hedwig, as her face turned red from embarra.s.sment due her earlier behavior .

"Hahaha, it's fine, but could you please tell me what I need to do to get a Silver Token?" Michael said, as he just chuckled .

"Of course!" Hedwig beamed in joy when she noticed that Michael didn't really mind her behaviour earlier .
"You can get a Silver Token by paying five thousand gold coins…" Hedwig stopped and looked at Michael's reaction .

"What!?" Michael's eyes bulged along with a raised eyebrow as he didn't expect that a freaking Silver Token is that expensive .

"Don't worry, there's also another way to access the second floor and that is by asking someone who has a Silver Token to accompany you, and I just happen to be able to go anywhere inside the library" Hedwig laughed and continued .

"My Lady, it seems you are in need of my help" Michael quickly said, when he realized that she was hinting towards him .

"Yes, I do need the help of someone of your capabilities" Hegwig said, as her eyes suddenly flashed with surprised when she noticed the small tattoo on Michael's neck .

'Four Leaf Clover? Is he related to Sage Laura?' She thought when she noticed that tattoo on Michael's neck . After all, members of prominent families are very familiar to insignia of the people that shouldn't be offended, and the Four Leaf Clover insignia is one of them .

'It seems she noticed the tattoo' Michael thought, as his teacher had explained to him before the importance of her insignia, and that no one is dumb enough to make enemies out of him except for those "group of people" .

"It's actually pretty simple . I just want you to lend a helping hand at my friend's Alchemy Shop for a day, and if you do that then I will give you what you want"

A message window immediately appeared in front of Michael after Hedwig said those words .

[Clue to the Blood Orchid]

The Young Heiress of Silverstar Household had asked for your time to help around at her friend's Alchemist Shop for a day . In exchange, she will give you access to the second of the library, and the book that has information about the Blood Orchid .

Difficulty: D

Rewards: Information about the Blood Orchid

Failure: Hedwig's Friends.h.i.+p .

Accept / Decline

"When do I start?"


[You have accepted Hedwig's request]


The next day .

After staying for two hours at the library yesterday night and read a few interesting books that Michael hadn't read before .

Michael's avatar once again appeared from another corner of the street near the library after staying for the rest of the night at a nearby inn .

And at the entrance of the library, a hooded figure is standing there and seems to be waiting for someone .

Michael just smiled and quickly went over, "You're early, shall we go?"

Hedwig carefully lifted the upper part of her hood and looked around warily, "Let's go, let's make sure that no one finds out about me while we're on the road"


After that, Hedwig lead the way while Michael carefully followed behind her with a stiff smile on his face .

'So much for trying to hide your ident.i.ty' Michael thought, as he felt that there are a couple of people watching the two of them, especially him . He figured out that they were probably just Hedwig's guards as they didn't even have the least bit of hostility oozing out from them .

So Michael just ignored them, and made sure to keep a bit of distance from Hedwig as he doesn't want to be misunderstood as one of her annoying suitors .

Meanwhile .

"I'm almost at Central City" a black haired guy mumbled with antic.i.p.ation as he watched the pa.s.sing scenery through the window inside his small sleeping cabin inside a train .

"Michael Grey, your death is coming"

The man said with a grin as his eyes flash with a cold gleam .


Forest of Despair .

"This Forest of Despair truly deserves its name" Amanda sighed while looking at her remaining potions inside her Inventory while hiding inside a tree through a concealed s.p.a.cious burrow on the base of the tree .

'When will they leave?' Amanda thought with frustration while she observed the small group of High Orcs walking around near the three of where she's hiding .


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