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Chapter 445: Looking for Clues and Trouble Brewing

Maine just rolled her eyes at her as anyone with a brain would also come to the same conclusion like hers, then she remembered something and said to them with her eyes Michael walking away from the campground and towards the direction of the beach, "Anyway, why did those two suddenly start fighting?"

Brandon turned towards her, but then he couldn't help but look down at that pearly white deep valley in front of him, before quickly s.h.i.+fting his eyes away, afraid of being caught perving at Maine.

"Oh that, I didn't know what suddenly came over to Chad, but he suddenly started buzzing around Lisa like an annoying fly, and when he became touchy feely, Lisa probably couldn't take it anymore and just slapped him from out of nowhere, and the rest is pretty much what just witnessed" said Brandon with a shrug, but inside, he was in fact happy at the outcome that Chad got.

Tilting her head, Maine mumbled with a confused look on her face, "That's weird, I've known him since high school, and even though he can be a douchebag sometimes, well a lot of times, but he's not that kind of a person who can't control that thing between his legs"

Brandon suddenly felt the tingling sensation of someone looking at him, and when he turned his head to look, he saw his cousin looking at him with a questioning gaze.

"W-what are you looking at?" said Brandon in a fl.u.s.ter, his actions were like a kid getting caught doing something bad.

Raising an eyebrow, Mary walked towards him and whispered to his ear, "You did something, didn't you?"

"I did…NOT!"


Mary snorted and grabbed his ear and pulled it towards her and started walking towards a secluded area where the others wouldn't be able to eavesdrop on them.

"I've known you since we were kids Brandon, and you suck at lying. Now, fess up! What did you do? I know you did something to Chad for him to act like that to Lisa with all of us present, especially when the instructors are even with us. People aren't stupid, Brandon. They wouldn't do something they know is bad in the presence of others"

Brandon didn't want to talk, but seeing his cousin's clenched fist ready to smack him, followed by flashbacks of their childhood of him getting pushed around by Mary, he shuddered and finally fessed up what he did.

"I..I just added some e-enhancement to his water"

Mary's eyes turned sharp and said in a grim tone, "Enhancement? Like v.i.a.g.r.a? Why, you have something like that on you?"

Brandon hesitated for a second and replied with a stutter, "Y-yeah, I packed a few and hid them inside my shoes"

"Throw them away before you get yourself into trouble" Mary quickly said, then she added, "Besides, why bring them? It's not like you even have a girlfriend that would f*ck you"

Brandon glared at her and said with a groan, "I p-planned to sell them. After all, we'll be stuck on this island for a few days, so I brought a few with me knowing there's a lot of h.o.r.n.y people in our cla.s.s, especially that nymphomaniac friend of yours''

Mary just snorted and said with a wave of her hand as she slowly walked away from him, "Anyway, it's your choice if you want to throw them away or not. Just don't come crying to me if the instructors learn about it and you get into trouble with them. Don't forget that those things were among the banned items and everyone was told about it countless times, and even that nympho friend of mine that you're talking about didn't even dare to bring one with her"

She didn't care anymore at this point as she already saw in his eyes that he wouldn't listen to her no matter what she said.

'It seems he thinks that the stories about this place from our seniors were just exaggerated and hearsay. He's really gonna get it if they find out what he did'

With that small episode over, Mary went back to her friends who were still talking about what happened between Michael and Chad, especially the weird actions of Chad before the events that took place earlier.

One by one, they realized that there's more story to it than what they initially thought, and Brandon, who happened to walk past them and hear the talks taking place all over the campgrounds started having cold sweats from nervousness.


Brandon hurriedly walked away, probably planning to do something, hopefully to throw away any evidence.

"That's him, isn't it?' said one of the instructors watching Brandon from a distance.

The other instructor on his right nodded and replied, "Yep, I saw him sneakily putting something on that brat's drink"

"Could it be v.i.a.g.r.a or something similar?"

"Possibly, but the effects were so powerful that it even affected that brat's judgment. It's probably an enhance version"

"It could also be that he was also h.o.r.n.y, and whatever Brandon put inside his drink just made it worse"

"Have you thought of a punishment for this sir?"

"Hmmp! Make him run laps around the island! Not only him, but also Micheal and Chad when he wakes up, or else these brats would start thinking that this place is somewhere they can just casually play around!!" said the head instructor with a stern look on his face.

"Yes sir" replied one of the instructors with a huge grin on his face.

"Anyway, anything from HQ? Have they found any clues about those people who interfered that night of the attack?" asked the head instructor, a question that has been bugging him since that night, especially when their HQ discovered that the people that a.s.saulted the island were killed in the middle of their escape.

In addition, the most baffling thing is that the company, a behemoth in the economic and political world, didn't even know that there was another s.h.i.+p that was waiting there to ambush those a.s.sailants. They were like a ghost s.h.i.+p that just popped out from out of nowhere then disappeared like a ghost on the radar, probably thanks to some signal jamming devices.

"They don't have any clue about those people who intervened sir. Though we finally know that those people that attacked us were people sent from the Senate, they were probably tasked to kidnap some of the kids who came from the influential families and plans to threaten them with the kids" replied one of the bald instructors.

The head instructor just nodded and then said, "What about those people who are hiding on the island?"

"Nothing, we already swept through the island with the other team last night and we didn't find anything sir, not even a trail, but what do you think about what I said before sir?"

"That it could have been one of the students?"

"Yes, they might not have partic.i.p.ated that night, but being related to them certainly isn't an impossibility sir"

"Now that you've brought it up again, I suddenly had this thought that it's possible"

When the head instructors said those words, his eyes suddenly couldn't help but look at the direction of where Michael had disappeared to.

"What do you think about Michael?" asked the head instructor to his men.

"Him? Well, he's certainly the number one suspect based on the file we got from him sir, but wouldn't it be too obvious if they do that?"

The head instructor just smiled and said, "Well, sometimes the most obvious one is actually that one crucial clue. I want you guys to observe him carefully from now on, and sound him out if he's got any dealings with those unknown men"

""Yes sir!""

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