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Turning around in which direction he heard the sound from, Bai Long felt that the roar binged to some beast whose strength could rival Sage Realm Cultivators.

Honestly, there were different names to divided the monsters on the basis of their strength and grade and categorize them, but Bai Long found himself too lazy to bother with such things.

So, depending on their strength Bai Long just categorized them by whatever level of human cultivation realm they were close to.

And this beast roar other than being something which was very close to being considered as officially in the Saint Realm, there was something very distinctive of it that made Bai Long realize what species that the beast which just roared belonged to.

It was definitely something related to the dragon race.

Therefore, Bai Long quickly vegan flying in the direction which he heard the furious roar coming from.

On the way towards the dragon, Bai Long began thinking about who the idiot was that caused it to become so angry.

It was almost as if someone had f.u.c.ked the dragon's wife in front of it. That was how furious its previous roar had sounded.

Once he took to the skies, Bai Long didn't need to follow the direction he heard the sound in because he could see everything that was happening.

Not too far from him, there was a group of people that were running away while a few hundred feet long blue coloured flood dragon with glistening scales was following them.

Flapping the wings which looked too small to carry such a weight but somehow even allowed it to fly so fast that the Saint Realm Cultivators found themselves being quickly caught by its wide-open mouth.

Seeing this, Bai Long also noticed the various other disciples from the Divine Night Sect looking towards them but not helping the group in the air.

This all seemed quite normal to Bai Long, because even though so many of them were in the Saint Realm and the flood dragon was only strong enough to be considered as a beast in the Sage Realm, everyone here knew how terrifying a beast in the Sage Realm was.

Putting aside the obvious strength it possessed due to its physique, the beast in the question here was a real-life flood dragon.

Something which had evolved from being a snake and was only one more evolution away from becoming a true bonafide dragon which could roam the skies with zero worries.

Unfortunately, even though such a thing wouldn't happen because becoming a dragon meant possessing a strength that was in the Qi Quasi Immortal Realm and being able to possess a humanoid body to do which one needed to go against the natural order placed by the heavens, the flood dragon by itself was still something which possessed a combat power that would make even Qi Emperors think multiple times before deciding to attack it.

Similarly, even Bai Long who was confident enough to claim himself as the strongest cultivator in the Saint Realm across the entire world was thinking twice if it was worth to get in a fight with the flood dragon.

After all, he had nothing to gain from defeating the flood dragon other than obtaining its body which was considered as a treasure trove and the looks of admiration from those around him.

But to do so he'd definitely end up overtaxing himself and leave himself weak and open to the possible attacks of others dangerous beasts which might attack him.

This was when the group of people that were doing their best to escape the death which was knocking on their doors shouted, "Whoever saves us can take the Flood Dragon egg we stole!"

Hearing those words, there was no shortage in the number of people who wanted to help them and take that egg.

Still, even though helping them would allow those who saved them to obtain a chance to possess a Flood Dragon as their pet in the future what use would it be if they died in the present?

Bai Long, however, had a different idea.

Seeing that the Flood Dragon was a pure water type with no other affinities, consuming it and then that egg would allow him to obtain so much nutrition and Yin Qi that he could increase his cultivation in the Saint Realm by almost thirty or maybe even forty per cent.

Therefore, while everyone else shook their heads and wrote off the fate of the group as death, Bai Long himself stepped forward and flew towards.

Watching all of this, everyone remembered the warning they were given before they were allowed to enter here.

If anything happened to Bai Long and he didn't come back alive, they would all be killed.

So, if Bai Long ended up dying while trying to defeat the Flood Dragon, would they be able to escape death by explaining what actually happened?

h.e.l.l no!

In that case, they had no choice but to help Bai Long.

But.... What about the reward?

Would they obtain a share from it?

Could a Flood Dragon's egg even be shared? 

Like this, while everyone was thinking about what should they do Bai Long who was flying didn't bother intercepting the Flood Dragon and instead told the group running away to hand over the egg first.

Towards this demand, the group who did have plans on scamming those that helped them and escape with the egg could only grit their teeth and throw the spatial ring which contained the egg towards Bai Long before running away.

After all, along with spatial ring they there away the group was no longer being targeted by the Flood Dragon.

Unfortunately, before they could even fly a manageable distance away, the group suddenly remembered that the one whom they gave the ring was the same one who was supposed to stay alive when all of the three years inside the Treasure Land of Yin was over.

If he died because he helped them.... f.u.c.k!!!

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