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Now that the portals which led to the Treasure Lands had opened, no one waste even a single second. 

Despite the fact that it had only recently pa.s.sed the midnight and quite a lot of them were asleep before the Shockwave woke them up, all those that came here to enter the Treasure Land wanted to enter it as soon as possible. 

After all, three days in the outside world meant three years inside the Treasure Land. 

Since that was the case, every minute they wasted without entering the special portal meant wasting days which they could spend inside the Treasure Lands.

Even though losing a day or two wasn't too much when the total time they could stay there was three years, why would anyone want to waste something which they could avoid?

Thus, if not for the rules which kept them from jumping inside the recently opened portals like savages, Bai Long who was looking at all of them felt like a stampede would've definitely taken place. 

With Lifen having explained everything she needed to about that Treasure Land of Yin and all that he needed to take care of when on the inside a long time back, Bai Long who was given the most priority in entering the portal to the Treasure Land of Yin started walking towards it. 

Basking in the envious looks he was receiving, Bai Long also found many of them that were holding themselves back from rus.h.i.+ng him to move faster. 

Stopping in front of the portal which led to the Treasure Land of Yin, Bai Long could sense a terrifying coldness flowing out of it. 

And this coldness was actually making Bai Long feel all warm and happy on the inside as if that place on the inside was where he was supposed to stay at.

Therefore, even if not for the anxiously waiting eyes of everyone around him who wanted him to enter the portal as quickly as possible, due to wanting to please his desire of seeing that cold world which was calling to him Bai Long stretched his right hand forward. 

Barely touching the pitch-black portal which was no longer spinning and instead looked like a funnel of sorts, Bai Long felt an otherworldly suction suddenly appearing. 

With the portal suddenly pulling him, Bai Long couldn't even clearly see or sense what happened. 

But the next time he opened his eyes, Bai Long found himself in a completely different world which from just his first impression he could tell that this was a place he wanted to live inside forever if possible. 

Putting aside the fact that the Yin Qi was so much better in quality, there was only Yin Qi present around him. 

Only Yin Qi and no other kind of Qi existed where Bai Long was at right now. 

As expected of the second most famous Treasure Land. 

Thinking so, Bai Long quickly moved forward because he had a feeling that standing in the same place wouldn't do him any good. 

Soon after Bai Long left, the next person pa.s.sed through the portal and arrived at the same spot that Bai Long was previously standing at. 

But that wasn't the end of it, after the second one, the number of people kept on entering one by one causing those who entered later to into those that entered before them causing a miniature human pile up. 

Seeing this, Bai Long shook his head and sighed as she started walking away to explore the Treasure Land of Yin. 

The reason why the Treasure Land of Yin was considered as the second most popular one of all the Treasure Lands was because of not just everyone inside the Divine Night Sect hoping to enter it but because the Treasure Land of Yin wasn't just related to the element of darkness. 

It was even related to other elements like water, shadow, and so on due to which it was considered as the second most famous Treasure Land after the Treasure Land of Yang.

Against what Bai Long had expected before entering the Treasure Land of Yin, the island he was on didn't look like anything he expected.

It wasn't covered in thick clouds which blotted out the sun, it didn't have marshlands which had a hugger concentration of Yin than normal soil, there weren't too many lakes or ice anywhere, there were no such things.

Bai Long was right now standing on an island which very closely resembled the tropical islands he had seen on Earth.

A weather which wasn't too hot and just perfect, huge trees which were neither too close nor too far due to which it didn't feel like he was inside a jungle.

And once Bai Long walked near the sh.o.r.e, he understood what everyone meant by not being able to leave the island through any way other than through the portal he had stepped through.

There was a barely visible transparent layer surrounding the island from all the sides like a dome.

Walking near it, Bai Long when he tried to make his hand pa.s.s through it was forced to quickly pull his hand back if he didn't want it to be burned.

Frowning from his finger which was completely charred from having just pa.s.sed a little through the barrier, Bai Long didn't need someone to show him what would happen if they tried to walk, fly, or in one way or the other try and pa.s.s through it.

Not even their bones would be able to survive from taking the damage that the barrier was causing to them.

Either way, Bai Long understood that even the current him would find it impossible to pa.s.s through the barred if he overstayed his welcome.

So, he needed to make sure that he left the island once the three years were over.

If not, he would have no choice but to wait until the portal once again opened to get out of here.

Like this, when Bai Long was lost in such thoughts he heard the earth-shattering roar of a very angry beast that didn't seem to be too far from where they were at.

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