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As the beautiful woman who had suddenly been kissed was unable to understand what the h.e.l.l was happening, Bai Long kissed her once more and said, "What? Don't like my gift? It's okay. I'll just give it to someone else."

Saying so, Bai Long turned around to leave while Lifen who was shocked from seeing a gift which had never been given until now quickly recovered and followed him.

At the same time she began thinking that even though it was a little fun, this wasn't as great as Bai Long made it sound it would be.

This was when the woman's father in law suddenly shouted, "Hand over your life you little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

Turning around in surprise, Lifen saw the honourable Grand Elder of the Sect of Enlightenment show a face which one couldn't normally see.

Filled with rage, the pasty white face of the old man literally turned red in colour.

Luckily, before he could do anything their own protector appeared with a happy smile on his face.

"I always knew that there would come a day when you would reveal your true colours, fool. Attacking someone from the younger generation is exactly the kind of thing you drunken fools would do."

"You think you can protect him? I'll kill the both of... "

Ignoring the loud shouting, Tan Qiang waved his hands and teleported the three of them away with a mouth full of praises towards Bai Long who did something that no one until now had done.

He could literally keep on praising Bai Long for an entire day due to what he had just done.

Even though he did something which could be seen as an immature prank done by a teenage boy, the impact of this prank was more than enough to satisfy the ruffians which made up the Divine Night Sect.


"That wasn't what I expected you to do."

Shrugging his shoulders, Bai Long said, "That was just the result of me improvising."

Understanding that Bai Long did everything without any plan inside his head, Lifen didn't know if she should feel happy he managed to come up with something or angry at the possibility of them being embarra.s.sed if he hadn't come up with something.

Either way, everything was now in the past and what they needed to do now was get ready for the special portals which would soon open.


According to Lifen's explanation, the special portals would open at this place every time. Also, the camps were actually in the middle centre while the portals which were going to open were situated around them.

And the camps were also made in an apt location which was the closest to the portal each of the force placed the most importance on.

This didn't mean that those from the other forces couldn't enter the Treasure Lands which had some force camping near them.

Instead, it only meant that the force which camped would be given the first priority to send their members through the portals. And only after they sent every one of them away would those from the remaining forces be allowed to enter. 

This was because every time the Treasure Lands opened, there would be a limit in the number of cultivators that could enter them. And this number was different every rime the Treasure Lands opened. 

It could be as many as a few ten thousand spots, or less than ten. 

Therefore, the force which camped would obtain the first priority in sending its members inside the Treasure Land, and that too with the most important ones entering them first.

As for the Divine Night Sect, it was the special portal which led to the Treasure Land of Yin that they considered as the most important one to them.

Therefore, over the next few days everyone inside the Divine Night Sect's camp could feel the ma.s.sive increase in Yin Qi, while the neighbouring camps also felt an increase in the respective Qi depending on which portal would soon open near them. 

Weirdly enough, the special portal which the Sect of Enlightenment chose to stay near of actually led to the Treasure Land of Gold.

Yup. Just as the name sounded, this Treasure Land was something which contained ma.s.sive amounts of riches inside it in all forms.

This included riches from real gold to diamonds, precious metals to cultivation herbs, and so on.

Just this was enough to let Bai Long, and everyone else who didn't know much about the Sect of Enlightenment until now to understand that they were truly a greedy bunch of hypocritical people like the Divine Night Sect claimed it to be.

Along with the increase in the quant.i.ty of Qi around them, at first everyone felt that the weight of the air around them was increasing.

But on one night, the heavy feeling around everyone suddenly disappeared the same way the additional amount if Qi did.

And in their place, a very small barely visible spiral began forming not too far away from where the camps were set.

The spiral which formed originally was so small that it wasn't even as big as a fingernail, and unless one knew where to look at or had a cultivation high enough to sense the minute changes in the s.p.a.ce around them, no one would be able to notice them.

Luckily, Bai Long had Lifen who pointed the spiral to him due to which he was able to see the constant change happening to it.

Growing a little by little, the spiral in less than a week became as big as a human torso and then it let out a shockwave to let everyone know that the portal was now officially open.

"Well, that's it, now off you go boy."

"Through that? What am I supposed to do? Put my head inside it?"

Rolling her eyes, Lifen explained how he would enter it by just touching or with his hand, and also about how everyone from the Divine Night Sect would give their lives to keep him safe.

After all, they had all been warned that if Bai Long didn't make it out alive, none of them needed to bother coming out. 

And weirdly enough, this actually made Bai Long feel good.

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