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Chapter 1806: The Scheming Little Sick Delicate

Ye Junchen's heart skipped a beat. His family was considered to have doted on his little cousin very much. Ye Junchen could not grasp hold of Ye Tingyun's att.i.tude. "Tingyun, Emma is my cousin. Since she was young, she has suffered a lot… "

"She did not suffer much. The person who really suffered is not her."

Ye Tingyun did not reveal too much to prevent himself from crossing the line. He hung up the phone first. The tragedy back then could not be checked since quite some time had pa.s.sed. During that era, the castles in the castle district had its own entrance and courtyard. Anything that happened in the house was not necessarily known. Any traces of it were also thoroughly cleaned. However, Ye Tingyun managed to check Emma's background.

Emma's original name was Daisy. Her British mother was Ye Chu's nanny, and she had also suffered many mishaps in her life. After being Ye Chu's nanny for a year, she got to know a Parisian businessman. The two of them fell in love very quickly and had Daisy. They also spent a period of bliss back then. Good times did not last long. Her husband became addicted to drugs and alcohol due to his business failure. He beat and scolded both mother and daughter. They were always chased for their debts and had to hide often. They lived very miserably.

That year when Daisy was three years old, her father died in an accident. The insurance company compensated a large sum of money, allowing the two of them to clear their debts. However, her mother was cheated of her looks and wealth by a man. In the end, it was Ye Wen who acted and settled her difficult situation. They had nowhere to go and returned to the little castle again to look after Ye Chu. Emma basically had the same treatment as Ye Chu in the little castle.

Interestingly, Emma's father did not really die. Before something happened to the little castle, he was active for a period of time. Subsequently, he disappeared again. This family had absolutely committed insurance fraud back then.

Thereafter, there was no trace of her father again. He was most likely fraught with grim possibilities. When something happened to the little castle, Emma went to the Tang En family. As her nanny had looked after her, she was given an additional large amount of money. She could also live a carefree life. Emma inherited half of Ye Wen's a.s.sets and was also a little rich woman. She had her own little treasury. She did not purely depend on the Tang En family for a living.

Alice was also a good sister. Moreover, she was very generous. She gave all of Ye Wen's a.s.sets to Emma. She invested half of her portion into funds. It was also being used by Emma all along. Both mother and daughter lived an interesting life.

Emma's mother had continuous lovers. She lived a rich life and provided for a handsome young man. She lived very unrestrainedly.

She lived so despicably and had no burden at all in her heart.

Ye Chu looked at the investigation report, and her heart did not waver at all. Due to her nightmares, her memory was slowly coming back. Although she could not recall everything, there were traces in the past that she could follow.

"So why did they want to burn me and become an impostor?" Ye Chu could not figure it out. Ye Wen was not in the little castle back then. In the beginning, Emma absolutely would not dare to be an impostor.

Then why did they want to burn her to death and even cause her mom to die accidentally?

"I remembered that my nanny treated me very well." Ye Chu thought of that pair of hands in her memory. Her nanny actually spent more time with her than Ye Wen did. She also gave Ye Chu more concern and love than Ye Wen ever did. During those times when Ye Wen was absent, she had treated her nanny as her loved one. She also treated Daisy as her sister and had never suspected them. However, due to a fire, they were burned beyond recognition.

Ye Tingyun said, "I'm afraid that they were not the ones who wanted your life."

They most likely only grasped onto the chance of being an impostor. Inevitably, they were not the ones who wanted to kill Ye Chu. They were accomplices at most.

"But my mom had died."

This could not be forgiven. She was still so young.

"I kept feeling that Mom did not like me. If she had liked me, she would not have sent me to the little castle. She would not see me only once a year. Every time she came to see me, her att.i.tude was also very bad. She kept reproaching me on my bad points. When I was young, I was mischievous and disobedient. I liked to fight and was not liked by her. She always forced me to do things that I did not like. I was also rebellious and kept talking back to her. After she left, I would be sad. Every time she left, I would look at her secretly from the windowsill on the second floor. I was unwilling to send her. She always took one step and looked back three times. I was very young at that time and did not understand her good intentions. I only knew how to complain about her throwing me alone in the little castle. It was only until something happened to me that I knew how much she loved me. She was willing to die in exchange for my life."

The person she had let down the most was her mom. She did not even see her for the last time and even lost her memory. She did not remember her mom's voice and smile. Who wanted to hurt her? Was it her family who could not tolerate her?

"Ah Chu, do you want to take revenge?"

Ye Chu nodded her head. She thought, Otherwise, why would I let Emma have Ye Tingyun? I want to take revenge against Emma.

"I'll bring you to Paris and find out everything clearly," Ye Tingyun said. In front of pure power, all the dark forces were paper tigers. Since she was troubled in her heart, she should seek clarification.

Confrontation was the way to solve it.

"Alice doesn't want me to tread on muddy water," Ye Chu said. Moreover, the matters of the family were a taboo to her sister. She was unwilling to mention them further. She also had some hatred and was also afraid that there was inside information. She had her own plan.

"You'll have to find out clearly sooner or later."

When this matter was settled, Ye Chu would then consider their relations.h.i.+p seriously. Otherwise, she would not know forever.

"Let me think about it."

Ye Tingyun covered his chest and coughed heavily. The weather change was drastic recently. He had not recovered from his serious injuries, and his body was originally weak. He had a fever and was coughing. He also looked haggard and had lost weight. Ye Chu saw that he was coughing continuously and poured him a cup of water. "Are you alright?"

He was just about to say that he was fine when he raised his head and saw her eyes. He became a little weaker. He had the look of a soft and weak beauty who was sick. "My head is dizzy. Support me and let me sit for a while."

Ye Chu believed him and supported him as he sat on the sofa. Ye Tingyun made use of the opportunity to hold her little hand. Ye Chu's hand was especially soft and small. He felt great when he held her hand in his. It made him want to protect her.

"Why is your head dizzy?"

Ye Chu also fell sick frequently and knew that it did not feel good. "I'll call the doctor for you."

"It's already very late. I don't want to trouble him to make a trip here. You can stay by my side while I rest."

"I'm also not a doctor." She was not a doctor and was not medicine. He would not get better if she stayed with him. Moreover, when something happened to her late at night last time, didn't he call for the doctor anxiously? It also did not seem like he felt that he was holding up others.

"My basic foundation was hurt in this car accident. The doctor said…" Ye Tingyun made himself appear pitiful appropriately. "The doctor said that some of my ribs were broken. Although it was fixed back, it has not recovered all along. I also hurt my heart and lungs. I'm afraid that in the future…"

In this kind of situation where one wanted to speak but stayed silent, the art of language made others have misunderstandings. Ye Chu knew that he was seriously injured in the car accident. It was also because of protecting her. It was inevitable for her to feel that she had somewhat let him down.

"Will you die?"

He had spoken until all thoughts were dashed. Ye Chu also thought of death. The most serious thing to her was death.

Ye Tingyun thought in his heart, Baby, don't curse me.

How can I bear to leave you?

"Yeah. The doctor said that he was afraid I would not have a long life." Ye Tingyun looked dejected. It seemed that breathing was also a kind of pain. He covered his chest and became delicately sick within seconds.

Ye Chu frowned. "Oh… "

Ye Tingyun thought, This isn't following the script. Did I use too much strength?

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