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Chapter 643: Heard That There Was A Patch Of Gra.s.sland On Top Of Young Master’s Head

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Seven o’clock in the morning.

The skylight was warm, and the morning dew was clear. Ye Feifei and Ye Bao brought a group of reporters and gathered mightily outside the castle. They were stopped by the security personnel. There were at least 20 reporters in addition to Ye Feifei’s own bodyguards. They came in a threatening manner.

Within the country, the illegal possession of guns was prohibited. What’s more, they were in front of the media. The security personnel unloaded all their arms and used their bodies to stop them. The Rose Castle was an open castle. This area was considered to be private property. However, it was interlaced with other villas which were in the development zone. Hence, it did not have an iron gate.

There was a two-lane road which led all the way to the castle upon entering the villa zone. On one side was a lake, and on the other side was a golf course. It was very wide.

Ye Feifei had spent some money on the villa zone. They had come in without any difficulties.

One thing that was good was that the guards at the villa zone had also informed the security office at the Rose Castle.

Before the reporters arrived, the security personnel at the Rose Castle had already stopped Ye Feifei and the reporters at the door.

Shen Qianshu stood upstairs and looked at them.

This group of people were really too arrogant.

If Ye Ling were around, Ye Feifei would be taking a roundabout route in this area.

Once Ye Ling was gone, whatever demons and ghosts had all come out.

“Shen Qianshu, come out. You are a robber. Open your eyes big and look clearly. Whose house is this? This is the Ye Family’s property. Ye Ling and you do not have a marriage contract. On what basis are you staying at our Ye Family members’ house? Get out here!”

The only thing Ye Feifei was missing was a megaphone.

Not far away was the villa zone.

The people who stayed there were extremely wealthy and respectful.

There were also many celebrities staying here.

But there were not many people who knew that Shen Qianshu and Tong Hua were staying here.

Zhong Ran and Ah Da had protected this area very well. It was common for kids to come over, but they would remind them warmly that this was private property and that they were not allowed to enter. Furthermore, whenever Ye Ling entered or left the castle, there would be a group of bodyguards following him. Hence, the people from the villa zone did not dare to come here.

There was someone who had took photographs from afar. Zhong Ran could not stop them and had never stopped them before. However, very few people came close to it.

Ye Feifei practically had nothing to fear.

There were whisperings amongst the reporters.

“Ye Feifei said that there would be a big scandal exposed. Never expected it to be true. Shen Qianshu had already been cohabiting with Ye Ling?”

“Still carrying the air of a little angel and taking on the character of someone who always strives to improve herself. This is really disgusting.”

“Yes. The media also kept exaggerating that she had depended on her own capabilities and that she had carved out a niche of her own. Who knew that she had depended on Ye Ling?”

“She had already cozied up Ye Ling’s leg. How does she still dare to call herself a little angel?”

“She even seized the Ye Family’s property. She really is shameless.”

“Not considered seizing. I heard that Ye Ling had a will and left all to them.”

“Who knows whether the will is real or fake. Ye Ling is dead. Can’t say for sure, and she may have fabricated it. Ye Ling had trusted Zhong Ran the most. He is talented, you say… ”

“What did you say? It can’t be!”

“I tell you. This was the gossip I heard. They said that Shen Qianshu and Zhong Ran had an affair. After Ye Ling died, they fabricated the will. If it was not real, why would Ye Ling, being so young, make a will? Why did he give all of his family property to Tong Hua? He was not his biological son. It was not possible no matter how much he loved Shen Qianshu. He still had two biological brothers.”

“Ahh, is it true? Then Ye Ling is really very pitiful. He is dead, and he still has to hold up a gra.s.sland.”

“I also saw Shen Qianshu go AG that day. Zhong Ran was so preoccupied with her. The two of them looked rather intimate.”

“I feel a little pitiful for him.”

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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories Chapter 643 - Heard That There Was A Patch Of Grassland On Top Of Young Master’s Head summary

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