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Although the two people are quarreling, their sight, however, never moves away from Zhao Jiangui's body.

Guaizi Sun died, and they don't look like they're feeling a tiny bit sad.

Killers must inherently be this cold-blooded and ruthless.

They are just staring at Zhao Jiangui unwaveringly, carefully vigilant of the movement of his next step.

Zhao Jiangui's mood is complicated.

He and Xiao Lin are only acting jointly to deceive Ji Han for the sake of the Haoran Alliance, Ji Han believing it to be true is also just fine, however he never thought Ji Han would truly risk his life protecting his "having difficulty moving" self.

In this way he's a responsible Demon Sect Leader, he actually sees it for the first time.

He lets go of the head maidservant's flexible sword.

Since he doesn't know how to use the flexible sword, then this sword's usefulness for him isn't great.

Ji Han's sword is still pierced through the middle of Guaizi Sun's lower abdomen.

After Ji Han stabbed in this sword, he was already without the strength to pull the sword out again.

The bottom of Zhao Jiangui's heart seems like it has something quivering softly, causing his state of mind to be incomparably jumbled. After grasping the sword's handle, he expectedly calms down little by little.

This sword is a little narrower than his, a little longer, also a little lighter.

Even with this being the case, he yet remains feeling untroubled.

This is just an inherently good sword.

His heart has already stilled completely.

s.h.i.+ Ge and Xu Jingying finally come to realize they were wrong.

If they're unable to someone the first time they still can have the second time, it's not worthwhile for them to lose their lives here. Granted that they are still alive, lacking an arm or missing a leg, after half a lifetime, so what.

Xu Jingying says, "Zhao Daxia, if the three of us start fighting, we'll all inevitably be injured. It would be better if we each retreated a step..."

"No need to speak more." Zhao Jiangui grasps the sword, at peace with himself, "I absolutely will not let you leave."

Xu Jingying says, "But..."

Zhao Jiangui says coldly, "Draw your sword!"

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