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Chapter 15: Merely Touching

The pool's wall was too smooth and slippery, the water platform's height was about 1 meter tall. Yan Luan used her hands and feet simultaneously in panic and fear, it's a pity that however much she tried to climb up, Yan Jing already entered the pool from behind. The round ripples swayed from one side to the other, the unknown danger was nearing her step by step.

Yan Luan became all the more anxious, she tried to tiptoe with much difficulty, trying to climb the wall again, her bare naked behind was bent upwards while she was kneeling at the pool side with hurried breath. She prepared to get up and scurry away, but when she just succesfully propped her body up, her long black hair that fell like a waterfall was dragged back by Yan Jing.


The root of her hair felt a severe pain and Yan Luan's pair of eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears. She didn't dare moving about again as one of her hand was propping her body on the cold floor, while the other hand was pressing down on the awfully painful back of her head.

Yet Yan Jing was standing on the pool that reached to half of her arm, the fresh petals rippled along with his exposed waist, his big palm seized her soft black hair without any pity. His eyes remained calm while looking at the panic-stricken and helpless Yan Luan, the indifferent gaze frequently swept across the young girl's uncovered jade bosom that looked like it can't be held completely within his one hand.

"Big Brother! Big Brother, please don't do this, I- I'm scared! Release your hand first, I won't tell mother, okay?"

Yan Jing's eyes already started to wantonly lingered on the young girl's tender and graceful body. Without any garment covering her, her dainty slender waist that can be circled by an arm was even more slender than the one inside his imagination. Her perky and perfectly round b.u.t.tocks and her exquisite legs that were as smooth as the finest jade made him started to be somewhat crazy and infatuated.

"Ah Luan, Big Brother only want to hug you, didn't you always giving me hugs before?"

As he approached closer, his slender fingers made a surprise attack on Yan Luan's s.h.i.+ning and white ankle. The light contact with his ice-cold fingers almost made Yan Luan felt that she was tangled and squeezed by a poisonous snake, so she instinctively tried to avoid him.

"Don't be like this!"

Yan Luan's lovely and fragile voice already started to tremble in cry, her almost inhumanely beautiful small face became ghastly pale as her pupils tightened in fear. But with her helpless and pitiful appearance like this, it instead aroused Yan Jing's interest even more, so much so that he's unable to wait anymore. His long arm tugged Yan Luan's hair in a swift motion, pulling her body straight to the middle of the pool.

Splas.h.!.+ Losing her center of gravity suddenly, Yan Luan was taken by surprise and fell to the water. After several desperate flops, she was choked dizzy by the pool water that entered her mouth and nose like a torrent. However, Yan Jing only stood at the side while looking at her struggling for her life with a smile on his face.

Finally, when Yan Luan gradually lost her strength and her body almost sank to the bottom of the pool, he leisurely hauled her body up with a calm face. The young girl's warm and unusually fragrant naked body was soon limply leaning inside his bosom. Yan Jing couldn't control his love for touching her bare flesh, his strong arm encircled Yan Luan's slender waist firmly in his embrace.

The almost fainting Yan Luan was already incapable to resist him as Yan Jing propped her up against the smooth and glossy pool wall. The misted beautiful eyes finally couldn't bear it anymore as big teardrops flowed down continuously from the corner of her eyes.

She had never expected that Yan Jing would put his hands on her this quickly…

The young girl in his bosom was too fragile and delicate. Yan Jing slowly extended his hand as his long finger hooked her smooth chin, slightly lifting up the beautiful jade face that all mortal under the heaven praised, the soft and graceful contour have a somewhat resemblance with him, this was the beauty that he coveted for a long time already.

"When I met Ah Luan yesterday, you looked substantially different than before."

The former Yan Luan was an absolutely pampered and rash beautiful woman, with a personality that's as fiery as the sun and veiled sarcasm that made other people felt difficult to be near her. But yesterday, the gentle and cautious Yan Luan was etched deeper inside Yan Jing's heart, just like this look of hers right now that looked like a tiny pitiful rabbit, trying to flee from the control of his palm. The sounds of her sobbing made him want to ravage her, devastate her, trample her into a mess, greatly satisfying his perverted and twisted desire.

Slightly coming closer, the air he breathed in was full of the young virgin girl's alluring sweet fragrance. Yan Jing's s.e.xy thin lips was just about to be pasted on the young girl's fragile pale lips when Yan Luan moved her face away to avoid his advances, the slightly chilling dominating kiss fell on her tender cheek instead.

Yan Jing laughed lightly, still not feeling dejected, he then released her lower jaw, his palm leisurely stroke downward. The joints of his fingertips started to clearly slid along her jade-like neck, gently and softly caressing the chaotic blood vessel of the frightened young girl.

"Ah Luan is truly beautiful when you're not wearing any clothing ~ "

Detecting Yan Luan's fearful trembles, Yan Jing slightly revealed the deep demonic smile inside his dark eyes. His slender fingers caressed the enchantingly exquisite collarbone, that dazzling snow-white skin of hers already thoroughly fascinated his eyes like a madman.

At this time, although Yan Luan felt furious, she also didn't dare to move randomly, her heart beat wildly along with Yan Jing's every movement.

"Big Brother… you, you're acting like this is wrong, it goes against humanity…" Yan Luan's resisting voice was whispered in a low voice, she feared that she would infuriate this barbaric man.

"Humanity? Luan Er think that I would care about that insignificant thing? I'm already keeping watch over you for 13 years, I'm clearer than you of what I should do."

His manner of speaking was undoubtedly presumptuous and arrogant, perhaps what Yan Luan said really somewhat made him angry as his one palm invaded Yan Luan's slender waist with a fierce and ruthless strength, raising Yan Luan's body up, revealing her delicate soft and white b.r.e.a.s.t.s that was hidden inside the water.

Conscious of Yan Jing's burning hot eyes on her, Yan Luan felt that she might as well break everything loose.

"You, don't be like this! I-I'm only 13 years old! I still haven't have my period yet… hic hic! If you dare take advantage of me, I'll tell your mother! I hate you!"

Her wailing became more intense, however Yan Jing acted as if he's not hearing her and pinched her slender waist even more tightly. Her long smooth thighs stretched taut and came apart as she tried to kick him in unrest while her body was firmly locked between Yan Jing's hard body in front and the pool wall behind.

"I know that you still haven't got your period yet, so be good and listen to me, today I still won't do other things, I only want to touch you a little."

As if afraid she wouldn't understand the meaning of 'other things', he jabbed an iron-hard hot shaft between her smooth legs, frightening her immediately.

H-huge… and hard…

She became obedient at once and made Yan Jing felt satisfied as his big palm impatiently raided her impressive and lovely bunnies, and surely enough, the young girl had developed a perfectly round big white buns that can't be grasped fully by his one palm alone.

"Eh, Luan Er's here is really big and supple, Big Brother can't hold them all in my grasp, mnn… how fragrant."

Even though the words he spoke were all perverted and indecent, Yan Jing's handsome and light-hearted expression was still the same like usual as he gracefully bent over to lick and suck the sticking out red cherry on the tip, his low voice spilled out like the finest mellow wine, attacking Yan Luan's eardrum with fascination.

Yan Luan became much more sensitive because of his hot and damp tongue licking wantonly, for a moment she felt like she can't stand it, her apricot face and peach-shaped cheeks painted with a faint crimson blush as her misted eyes trembled with falling teardrops. Until Yan Jing's tongue began its attack, turning her peak round and round, sucking and biting, she bit her lovely lips tightly to restrain the almost overflowing lovely and soft moans from coming out!


"Looks like Ah Luan loves Big Brother licking your… bunnies."

Looking on helplessly on the n.o.ble face of Yan Jing that was speaking out vulgar words, Yan Luan subconsciously clamped her itchy legs. She couldn't help but recollected those spring dreams before she transmigrated and felt that Yan Jing's voice was mixed up with the man in her dreams…

"You, if you want to touch then touch! Don't talk nonsense!"

Enduring his husky s.e.xy voice and perverted movements, she was so ashamed that she was a bit wet, she really can't stand him rubbing her chest while listening to his serious and earnest obscenities…

Yan Jing almost let out a low laugh from his throat while soaking her teasing peak with his saliva, rolling while sucking, stamping his  scalding marks from her supple bosom all the way to her slender and smooth neck, tenderly licking and inhaling while his teeth was nibbling through Yan Luan's frail line of defence.


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