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After Artic killed the creature, he took a deep breath and looked around. Different people and students at the origin level were all watching. Artic didn't like his ident.i.ty being revealed. For this reason, a purple mask had formed on his face and he began to walk around with this mask.

The mask had no part of the mask to breathe, or a separate area reserved for the eyes to see. Because Artic didn't need that kind of stuff.

In general, people at Artic's level were people who didn't need to see, if not literally.

At least they wouldn't see it in ways that humans and normal beings know. They understood everything more by directly sensing and grasping the environment. That's why they wouldn't need their eyes.


Artic disappeared after putting on the mask and continued to fly through his red forests.

He was flying 20 centimeters above the ground. It was pretty slow, and he was watching around with caution.


"The plant life around here is quite a lot, but for some reason, they're all red."

Artic thought for himself. The trees, the different kinds of plants and the fruits that he realized were very edible were all around here. But strangely enough, all the plants were red and sensed the energy of a little bit of fire element.

This could be called a paradise for the owners of the Law of Fire.although humans and beings were empowered by knowledge, treasures, nutrients, and plants that matched such elements could strengthen themselves extrstrongly.

Artic now understood why the Red Fire Organization, an organization that had been found on such a planet, was on this planet.

They copied all sorts of things that were directly on the planet and made it the name of both the law and the organization they had. Naturally, they're hardly strong because everything around them works for their law.

But Artic knew it wasn't just that. It was moving slightly through the forest, cutting off some of the plants. The plants didn't do him any good and didn't want to buy it to sell.


As Artic continued to move forward, he looked up with a huge explosion. The sound of the explosion seemed to come from a living being rather than an artificial explosion.

Artic, after looking up, saw four rocks burning in red flames. Each of the rocks stood parallel to each other and watched as if they were living beings. Every once in a while, they moved around and attacked and killed the Origin Level students they felt.

They were directly in physical contact to attack or attacking with smaller pieces of red fireb.a.l.l.s.

Each rock was 30 meters long and large. They looked like little round burning houses.

After Artic focused slightly, the system gave him some information.

"Four Stone of Red Fire"

"Starium Level 1"

"Red Fire Stone (Law)"

Artic shook his head angrily this time.

"This is not fun anymore."

Artic talked to himself. He had just reached the "Starium" Level and was quite happy and felt strong. But it wasn't even a year ago that he had to fight directly with beings that could be a threat to him.


As Artic thought about it, his instincts warned him, and on top of that, Artic jumped up with all his strength and began to move away from the rocks.

Shortly after Artic walked away, the location was attacked by rocks burning with a round red fire 3, meters long and wide.


Artic, who kept his distance, felt that this was no longer a coincidence.

He wasn't talking about such Starium Level a.s.sets. Each of these beings, who entered, was aware of their existence. It was known that there were at least a few. But for some reason, these creatures were constantly appearing in front of Artic.

It was as if they had agreed together and stood up to Artic and tried to annoy him.

Artic smiled lightly.

"There's a different powerful ent.i.ty that controls these creatures."

That was the first idea Artic came up with. The creatures had a lot of intelligence. Even though they were Starium Level, Artic was hiding his energy. In short, the only way for these creatures to realize that they were a starium level was if the law that the creatures had was a law of feeling or an intuitive law.

He's never seen a presentation like this before. There was only one sign of this, which naturally indicated that these burns were controlled by a true powerful creature. That wasn't hard to understand. This reason was angry with Artic.


"Why am I drawing all the attention when I'm not doing anything"

Artic asked himself that question for the first time. Soon after he asked the question, he turned around and began to flee directly away from the rocks. He wasn't afraid to fight. However, he could not threaten himself because of an empty subject by constantly fighting wars. He needed to think about it and know it.

After all, the life he had was his own. He wasn't going to attack a man who attacked him for reasons like heroism or honor unless he had a plan.

Besides, those who constantly attacked him could kill and destroy him with their power because he was at his level.

Artic didn't like to take these kinds of risks in simple battles. Yes, it didn't develop without risk. But he wasn't going to do it for simple reasons. Even if he was going to take a risk, he wanted to win something.


With these thoughts, Artic had escaped a short enough distance in a short period. He took a light breath and heard a metallic sound on his right side.

When Artic turned his head to the right, he saw that a reddish tree turned directly into a metal color and reached more than 50 meters of paint. After a while, this metal turned into a thick, simple human form. His head was made of a square and was also metallic.

In the middle of his head was a red dot. When Artic focused slightly, he cursed.

"Red Tree Metal Golem"

"Level - Starium 1"

"Law - Red Tree / Metal Tree"

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