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Artic started looking at the woman in front of him after taking a deep breath. Their location was a green pasture and ıt was very nice for a fight. When he saw the woman in front of him looking at him with a smiling expression, he began to think internally.

"she probably sees me as weak inexperienced guy who never fights"

Artic then looked at her with a sneaky smile on his face. The girl in front of him was wearing basic clothes. This suggested that she was from the previous group wearing , plain and basic clothes.

After the woman stared Artic for a time then, the woman suddenly raised both hands and soon after, long swords manifested on both hands.

Artic was surprised to see this. Because he was not as knowledgeable as the other mystics. But what he had to do was to know that he needed to be calm right now and use his abilities as always he used to be.

After these thoughts, Artic immediately called the Black Horse and the White Horse. Then he called the Black p.a.w.n and the White p.a.w.n.

As soon as the White p.a.w.n arrived, his s.h.i.+eld was activated. After the woman in front of him smiled, she started talking.

"You seem to have quite different abilities. It's going to be fun, by the way, my name is Violet»

Artic didn't say anything. He only approved with his head. Soon after his approval, the White Horse and the Black p.a.w.n began to attack at the same time.

Violet was trying to escape the attacks from The White Horse. But at that time, the Black p.a.w.n was attacking him from a distance. Soon after, the Black Horse began to carry out different attacks.

Violet was started to sweat because she was under attack of three chess pieces at the same time. she couldn't fight all these weird statues. Especially the White Horse, which attacked him closely, was really strong. she attacked the White Horse with swords she had created several times. But she didn't see it work. Her swords even didn't manage to hurt that white horse statue even the slightest

Meanwhile, Artic spoke with a slight smile.

"Your attacks are not working. I think you should give up directly»

Violet was a little angry when she heard Artic speak like that. But she couldn't reciprocate in any way. After all, what the man in front of him said was true. There was really no point in continuing to fight if it wouldn't have any effect on the attacks. But she had another idea in mind.

So after continuing to accelerate and escape as best she could, she attacked directly towards Artic. After approaching an average of 10 feet, she swung his sword. But that's when the White p.a.w.n's s.h.i.+eld came into play and it protected Artic.

Violet felt a lot of pain in her back right after she attacked. But she managed to escape.

When she attacked the man in front of her, she forgot about the Black Horse's attack and ate an energy wave in his back which comes from Black Horse. The attack wasn't very strong, but if she hit by three or four more from this attack like previously, she would have been in a serious and dangerous situation at the same time.

Artic just kept looking at Violet and laughing. After an average of 15 minutes, the war was over. Artic put Violet on his shoulder and, like the others, began to return to Liaka and the rest of the group.

With Artic coming, the whole war was over. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The other group leaders were serious. , none of them, had ever beaten someone from Liaka and his group. This whole situation caused those leaders to be embarra.s.sed and angry. However, the battles were fought by notifying a council. So they had no choice but to have their tails pinned down and left the starstones to them.

After an average of 15 minutes, Liaka and the other leaders talked for a while. And then after the fainted people in the other groups woke up, they all turned their backs and started to walk away.

Artic was looking behind the basic dressed group, and the girl he had previously fought with turned her head and gave him a look.

Artic smiled lightly. This girl, Violet, had green hair. Even the simple clothes she was wearing couldn't hide how beautiful her physique was. she also had a sweet-looking face too.

Liaka caught everyone's attention when Artic was thinking about it. Liaka, who coughed a few times and cleaned his voice after the whole group turned their heads to Liaka, and after that Liaka started talking.

«There are 30 starstones. I want to distribute these four per person. I will use the remaining 6 starstones as a material force to move the Group to advanced levels.»

Everyone in the group nodded their heads in a manner that approved. Each Starstone was a serious property of real value. So selling six of these would make the group a really strong and rich group.

Then the others in the group took the starstones that were given to them and they all went away to a different area.

Before using Artic, he asked the system how to use stones that resemble destined black coal in the form of stars.

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