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Chapter 2314 Alstreim's Determination

Davis was thankful to Whis Alstreim for offering words of wisdom, but he already wanted to stop hearing about the tragedies caused by the Vacuous Beasts. The more he heard about it, the more his hatred grew for Fraser Herrion and the more pity he grew for Myria because she was the one being targeted for it.

Surely, if these people heard that Myria was the source, they would go after her to seek vengeance. Founder Alstreim Windstorm was the same until he made the other party understand somewhat, but not everyone would be as understanding as Founder Alstreim Windstorm.

He couldn't help but feel complicated about this matter.

"Well said, uncle Whis."

"All we can do is strive forward, so I admit defeat. All the resources in our family will be henceforth splurged on you."

Davis raised his brows. Admitting defeat was commendable but to accept it in the heart and remain optimistic was a feat beyond average men. Just how did Founder Alstreim Windstorm raise these individuals?

He couldn't help but want to know the trick as he would have his own children to look after in the future.

"I don't want it." However, he shook his head.

"Don't be so humble." Jerius Alstreim smirked, "You have the right to be arrogant."

Davis clicked his tongue, shooting an amused look, "I'm not humble. I'm richer than you all at the moment."

"Ha, don't lie—"Jerius Alstreim almost laughed out loud but suddenly froze, recalling his defeat.

He couldn't help but look at his grandpa.

"It can't be, right?"

How could the Grand Beginnings Continent have immortal resources?

"But it is true..."

Founder Alstreim Windstorm lampooned, causing Jerius Alstreim's lips to hang agape.

"Alright, it was good to make acquaintance with you all. However, I'll also give you people a fair warning. Don't ever think of double-crossing me. If I find any one of you trampling the growth of this family and mine as we're interconnected, don't think of staying alive even with an Immortal King's protection. At that time, even death would be a luxury."

"Now, if someone could show us our quarters, I'll be thankful for starters."

Davis smiled brightly and cupped his hands as though he had said something to felicitate their meeting, leaving Jerius Alstreim and the others speechless.

However, the level-headed Whis Alstreim only had his expression slightly twitch before he brought Davis away as he gestured.

"This way…"

Davis nodded before he followed Whis Alstreim into the mansion.

The people looked at the mansion's broken roof tiles before glancing at Jerius Alstreim, who wryly smiled. He turned to look towards his grandfather, his expression becoming solemn from awkwardness.

"Grandpa, just who is he? How could he be so powerful?"

"Ah, you'll eventually know in the future. For now, please don't ask. Even if others demand information on even the slightest hint of him for some wealthy exchange, don't spread it, or else, forget about him killing you. I'll kill you all myself and commit suicide because there isn't another path for us once the world knows who he is. We will face a fate worse than death."


Founder Alstreim Windstorm's words left them even more speechless than Davis's speech, even horrified, causing Jerius Alstreim to hesitantly open his mouth.

"Is… is the situation really that dire?"


Founder Alstreim Windstorm recalled the abnormal amount of immortals in the South Ascendance Monument, even inviting an Immortal King. If even the South Ascendance Monument attracted such a line-up, then he could very well understand what happened in the West Ascendance Monument, causing him to smilingly shake his head.

Since the Emperor of Death was undoubtedly connected to the Alstreim Family while the immortals who exited the Grand Beginnings Continent should know that he allied with Davis, he knew that he would definitely come looking for them.

Fortunately, when he came here with his family, he did so in anonymity while this mansion belonged to Klade, the relatively unknown Burning Phoenix who refused to mingle with his fellow Burning Phoenix because they shunned him. Also, many people didn't know that they had only become sworn brothers in the last few decades.

Therefore, it was unlikely that they could connect the two of them and appear here to demand the Emperor of Death to step out unless someone became aware that the Alstreims were here.

"I don't want to remain weak and pushed around by the major powers anymore." Founder Alstreim Windstorm's expression became solemn as he raised his hand, a glint of determination s.h.i.+ning in his eyes, "We either aim for the top or die trying, as this is our only chance to make sure that we won't lose anyone ever again!"

"… Yes!"

Everyone's eyes widened as they gave a reply in unison, their hearts resonating with him.

They were indeed sick and tired of losing everyone. It wasn't like they didn't have enmities with other powers, but in the face of absolute death arriving before them, they were powerless to even quarrel or curse. They didn't want to feel such helplessness anymore, causing them to become riled up.

They were no longer the people who wished to avoid falling to death but walked through that thin ledge.

Founder Alstreim Windstorm watched his family's expression and nodded satisfactorily, expecting them to give him their full support.

"It's been a long journey. Let me go take some rest first."

"Please do, father—"

Everyone wished for him to rest, causing Founder Alstreim Windstorm to smile brightly.

He had inflamed everyone's hearts and was grateful that they still followed his old bones, but he couldn't help but feel slightly weak at the moment. After all, he had left three drops of his blood essence to Davis's little sister, Diana, and one drop to Davis's cousin, Lucia, as a precautionary measure to prop up the Alstreim Family if they all died, including Davis.

But shortly after he transfused his blood, Davis had given him a dubious pill that miraculously boosted his regeneration of blood essence, so he was not surprised that he was a capable apothecary and an alchemist who would probably be able to heal his sworn brother Klade although it came as a surprise.

In fact, he truly hoped that Davis could save Klade. Otherwise, the guilt from being useless would only make him feel worse.

Nonetheless, he thought he would be back to shape soon with a bit of rest, returning to his bedchambers to sleep.

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