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Chapter 2399 Zyrus Family Prefecture

Davis was eager to learn this legacy technique that probably spanned to Immortal Emperor Grade if he was not wrong.

However, to obtain its Immortal King Grade portion, one should be at least a core disciple of the Ghost Tear Hall. That's why Davis was only able to obtain the Early Immortal Grade portion while the Mid and Late Immortal Grade sections were only available to inner disciples or deacons and above.

However, even the Early Immortal Grade portion of the Hateless Ghost Emperor Steps cost nine million immortal crystals!

It had to be known that for a normal immortal without any additional prowess to cultivate to Level Nine Immortal Stage, they should require only about five and a half million immortal crystals or so with the half a million, give or take as the right amount would depend on many factors.

But for the Hateless Ghost Emperor Steps to be priced at nine million just for the Early Immortal Grade section, it could be seen how powerful, nimble, concealing, and masterful it was.

When Davis offered a glance at it, even he had to admit that he would take a few hours to comprehend it. This was considering his experience with concealment techniques, and without a doubt, he knew Wolfhowl had been using this legacy technique, becoming capable of utterly hiding his presence as though he didn't even exist.

He felt that such a feat could not be achievable without death energy, but he was proven wrong. Darkness energy could also approach that realm, and the Hateless Ghost Emperor Steps was none other than a pioneer for it in his vision.

It was no wonder Wolfhowl was so arrogant and confident in himself, excluding the part where he was an immortal who could practically flick a mortal to death, which was justified.

But Davis wondered… what if he was able to use death energy for the Hateless Ghost Emperor Steps? If it was compatible like his previous concealment and movement techniques were, then things would change!

His concealment ability would rise to the heavens without him even having to use Fallen Heaven!

Davis couldn't wait to train in this manual and find out for himself whether it was compatible with death energy or not with little modification but before that, Davis felt that he should mark Klein Zyrus and train while waiting for the right opportunity to deliver a death blow as an would.

Without question, Davis also spotted other techniques, such as the offensive and defensive techniques, which focused on one-hit kill or invulnerability towards poison and other such harm that comes with missions. There were many techniques that broadened his horizons. However, the better ones were locked under the inner disciple status, so he thought of waiting before buying them.

Moreover, he found supportive techniques like avatar techniques.

However, he lacked the funds to obtain them as even one of them cost about fifty to a hundred million immortal crystals or more. He was sure the lower-priced ones wouldn't even help him, so he didn't think of buying them. After all, he could only buy them all and check if he could create an avatar since avatars weren't working for him anymore, at least soul avatars.

Just by reading, he wouldn't know.

As for body avatars, with his Tyrannical Firestorm Physique and chaotic tempered body, he didn't think it was possible either. It was a general thumb rule that people with physiques wouldn't be able to create avatars if they possessed a physique unless they researched it themselves or lucked out by having it already researched for them by some elder or random stranger with a similar physique.

However, Davis guessed that it should still be possible for him to create a normal fleshly avatar that didn't have the kind of specialty he possessed. It wouldn't have a Soul Forging Cultivation, but otherwise, it could be useful for other kinds of errands and schemes.

Nonetheless, with the current shopping spree he went on in the Starsky Flame City, buying talismans and maps, he purchased about fifty-five million immortal crystals worth of goods, with the spatial talismans costing ten million each, offensive talisman costing twelve million, defensive talisman costing eleven million and concealment formation about six million immortal crystals.

As for the two maps, they came to a million immortal crystals.

Combined together with the techniques he purchased from the Ghost Tear Hall, he expended eighty-eight million immortal crystals, leaving him with a little over two million immortal crystals.

Right about as he entered the Teleportation Formation connected to a city in the Zyrus Family Prefecture, he vaguely got the urge to go bully Haijin Minn for those fifty million immortal crystals but somehow controlled himself, inwardly fuming as he left.

Davis felt engulfed in a dark s.p.a.ce which he recognized to be a spatial tunnel. However, this spatial tunnel was stable and smooth, only making him feel like he was floating in the air.

Within a second, he found himself on the other end of the Spatial Teleportation Formation, arriving in the new city.

He couldn't help but be astonished, wondering if that was all, as it felt surreal to him as there were no spatial turbulence or spatial storms encountered.

'This wasn't a scam, right?' The experience felt rather satisfactory, making him think spending a hundred thousand immortal crystals traversing that kind of distance wasn't that bad.

"Step out of the formation, fellow cultivator."

A guard at the entrance spoke to him, causing Davis to raise his chin, his lips curving into a vague smile as he gave the nod, walking out like a young master would with his hands behind his back.

At this moment, he was the rich young master Mo Tian, so he couldn't be humble.


But as he walked out and panned his gaze to view the structure of the formation, he saw a few people appear out of another Spatial Teleportation Formation to the side.

'Kill! Kill him now… there wouldn't be another great chance to him…!'

Davis's mind was screaming at him as he gazed at the black-robed person in the middle of the entourage.

Lush black hair, purple eyes, and a strangely suave square-shaped face with a shapely chin contour projected a n.o.ble individual with undulations of Peak-Level Ninth Stage in all three cultivations: Klein Zyrus.

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