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Chapter 2398 Bleeding Ring

A white-robed figure walked out of a well-known establishment, strolling into the bustling streets of a grand city.

"Two Late Immortal Grade Spatial Talismans… One Late Immortal Grade Offensive Talisman… One Late Immortal Grade Defensive Talisman and a few more Quarter-Century Million Kilometer Messaging Talisman for more contacts… and a hand-drawn map of the Southwest Fire Phoenix Prefecture and the Zyrus Family Prefecture that's around ten thousand years old to traverse. Hmm,… not quite up to date, but this will do. What else do I need…?"

"Uhm… I'm not sure, master." A melodious voice resounded within that black-robed person's soul sea.

"You have me with you, so little harm would befall you, master." A similar voice resounded.

"Ahaha. You're right about that, my sweet little Nadias."

Davis laughed as he praised Nadia, causing her to giggle with some pride, except her voice echoed in duality as there were really two of them in his soul sea, each with one tail and their small wolf bodies, looking cute beyond compare. After all, the main body had released both doppelgangers.

The doppelgangers could not be having two tails at the same time. In essence, they were formed from that tail.

Currently, Davis was in the Starsky Flame City, the city where the influence of the Fire Phoenixes was ironclad. Most of the magical beasts here were fire-type bird species. Even the Scarlet Tyrant Hawk was here, parading as a head patrol unit. However, there were other types of birds as well, seemingly appearing like a safe haven for birds.

But most of the patrol guards here were humans. They also possessed the blood of the Fire Phoenix in various amounts as they occasionally strutted it off as though it was really cool to the denizens of the city, allowing him to know that humans have really blended well.

Nonetheless, he was wondering what he should buy to prepare himself for the journey to kill a Young Master Candidate of a power with many Immortal Kings. And by many, he was truly shocked to learn that there were over thirty-nine known Immortal Kings in the Zyrus Family.

He was starting to doubt if he could really complete the mission, wondering what if Klein Zyrus hid within the confines of his estate where the defense would be impenetrable. In that case, how could he kill Klein Zyrus?

One easy way was to use Fallen Heaven. He was truly tempted to try it out, at least lure the person out so that he could kill him with his own hands easily. However, the resulting bubble of ruining the future of a power on the level of the Zyrus Family would absolutely be devastating that Davis retained many objections over using Fallen Heaven just for the heck of it.

Even Lereza also warned him not to use Fallen Heaven when he had left, telling him that it would utterly ruin him and his family and that she would've given the same advice to Myria if she was in possession of it.

Of course, she was indirect about it and relayed it indifferently when he asked her what was going on with bribing his women, but he didn't see a reason to not take her word for it as he arrived at the same conclusion as her.

In the case of using Fallen Heaven, he was convinced that the bigger the mountain, the harder it would crumble down upon being shattered. As a cultivator treading through that mountainous path, he would have to be strong, calculative, decisive, and smart enough to get past the crumbling mountain before it could crush him.

Otherwise, it was fated that he would find himself buried beneath the mountains like all previous possessors of Fallen Heaven.

To that end, he was willing to tread into the Grand Zyrus City to hunt down Klein Zyrus with his own strength and made a few preparations, buying life-saving talismans in the Starsky Flame City and also some techniques from the Ghost Tear Hall, which he bought before he came here.

Now, he was wondering if it was enough or if he should buy more for more safety. In the end, he bought a Mid Immortal Grade Concealment Formation Disc for hidden breakthroughs, not that he was sure if it would ever be able to come in use.

Nonetheless, Davis couldn't help but look at his bleeding spatial ring as a wry smile emerged on his face.

His wealth was… gone, just like that.

To be concise… Davis left ninety million immortal crystals with Nadia's main body back in the Nine-Treasured Immortal Palace so that she would soon be able to reach Level Four Immortal Beast Stage, becoming able to go toe to toe with an Immortal King.

According to the details on Immortal Crystals Consumption he understood from Ancestor Klade's words, Davis felt that he gave Nadia a slight surplus amount of immortal crystals but considering that she was a Nether Springs Death Wolf, a true descendant of a Paragon Magical Beast, he felt ninety immortal crystals would almost suffice.

Nonetheless, if anything remained, it would help the others. Furthermore, he also allocated ten million more to his family to purchase for their respective needs.

That drained him of a hundred million immortal crystals in an instant. However, he didn't care as he felt that was put to good use while he still had about ninety million immortal crystals left to spend.

After all, his original a.s.sets when he entered the First Haven World were worth over two or three million immortal crystals.

Adding on Founder Alstreim Windstorm's million immortal crystals, Ancestor Klade's thirty-two million immortal crystals, and the hundred and fifty-three million immortal crystals obtained in loot and rewards from the bandit triplets, his total net worth reaching a staggering hundred and ninety immortal crystals!

If Haijin Minn obediently heeded his words and gave him another fifty million immortal crystals, that would add to his current wealth.

However, it was not time yet as he had given a week for Haijin Minn to procure it and since he was going to let it pa.s.s if Haijin Minn failed to pay up, he really didn't depend or even bother about it.

Nevertheless, he still had ninety million immortal crystals with all the little included to spare, so he bought a few techniques from the Ghost Tear Hall.

One of them was an illusion-type technique, the Dark Depths Avatar Mirage Technique. It cost him about fifteen million immortal crystals, but he obtained all three sections of it instead of buying them one by one. As a result, he had only read and comprehended the Early Immortal Grade portion of the Dark Depths Avatar Mirage Technique, but it was still extremely useful.

He gave a glance towards the Mid Immortal Grade portion but deemed that although it was entirely comprehendible, it would take more time for him to learn and decided to shelve it in his spatial ring for the time being, including the Late Immortal Grade portion of it.

There was also an Immortal King Grade continuation of the Dark Depths Avatar Mirage Technique. However, one should be an inner disciple to be able to obtain that manual, so that would depend on him killing Wolfhowl or another inner disciple. But still, there was also the cost to worry about, which would probably be more than a hundred million immortal crystals.

Davis didn't know the right amount as the cost wasn't displayed, but he could more or less guess. However, a hundred million was still a heaven-flipping amount, so he didn't dare go near it.

Nevertheless, there was a soulscour technique he mentioned to Wolfhowl. He wasn't kidding but really did buy a soulscour soul technique for nine million immortal crystals, obtaining the manual till the Mid Immortal Grade.

It was called the Mind Sea Extraction Mirage, allowing him to extract the memories from a soul forcefully. Its penetrating power was extremely high, and once caught and intruded, there was little that could be done unless the victim had a truly powerful Will.

As for the third and final technique he bought, that was the best technique he had ever purchased from the Ghost Tear Hall.

Hateless Ghost Emperor Steps, a movement and concealment technique like the Waning Twilight Phantasm Steps. However, it was extremely famous and ranked first among all the underground world's concealment techniques!

Why? Because it was the legacy movement technique of the Ghost Tear Hall!

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