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Chapter 3164 Provoking Them

"You guys don't believe me? Look."

Davis suddenly reached out his hand and held a person by his hair as though he was holding a radish or, perhaps, even a mandragora. After all, the person curled their legs and hands together, s.h.i.+vering as they appeared to be begging for mercy with their palms clasped.

However, that person's body was suddenly instilled with many gazes, causing them to become frozen, only their head moving as they panned their gaze at the young geniuses of the true immortal world.

"Look. Your fiancee grimaced just now…"

Davis whispered into Aric Stormsong's mind, causing him to shudder as he hurriedly located his fiance amongst the crowd, and when he saw her face, he saw that she really was frowning, although he wondered if she was thoroughly disgusted by his actions.

He could feel immense shame swell in his soul, causing his thoughts to go blank.

'No attacks after provocation? Seems like they really know offending me could end in their deaths…'

On the other hand, Davis saw that the young geniuses before him were not responding to him treating a fellow Transcendent badly, making him wonder how good of a cohesion Transcendents possess since they took over the world and replaced the Immortal Cultivation Method with Transcendent Cultivation Method.

In the end, it seemed like it was all for the benefit.

"To the Stormsong Family's disciples, I may return this lowlife for an appropriate price, but I'll give you only one chance. If the price doesn't equal his life, then he will die. You can ask me if I dare, but at that point, I would've dared already."

Davis swung Aric Stormsong like a swing and threw him, but Aric Stormsong disappeared mid-air, absorbed into Davis's life ring.


This scene left the young geniuses feeling a spine-chilling coldness shooting behind them.

What was going on?

Who was this man who was spouting so much nonsense?

Did he not fear the Upper Realms, who could destroy a Lower Realm on a whim, or did he not understand the implication since he was a denizen of an archaic world known as the First Haven World?

Either way, they didn't want to offend him as he seemed to have the necessary strength to protect himself and even the people behind him.

"And you lot behind me. The young genius before me is stating that he will give asylum to you all, backed by the hope that the Astral Pill Upper Realm will descend and evacuate us all. Why don't you take advantage of that opportunity instead of relying on me?"

Davis spoke but didn't look back.

"Indeed. Even if the Astral Pill Upper Realm doesn't appear, we will protect you as long as you swear not to hunt for treasures, thereby stating your intent to become a non-partic.i.p.ant in this lawless land, although I should warn you that not all factions are going to respect our word and that you should prepare for the worst regardless."

The Astral Pill Upper Realm's disciple added, causing the captives that Davis saved to hesitate.

After half a minute, a group started moving towards the Astral Pill Upper Realm's disciple, and as if starting an exodus, many started to move towards him.

"Great. I give my word that I will protect you all to the best of my ability."

The Astral Pill Upper Realm's disciple smiled genially.

With that, almost all the immortal geniuses who were following Davis left, deciding that it was better to be in a stable and hopeful yet strange place than be with a powerful and anarchic being where their life and death could be decided in an instant, not to mention under the whim of a stranger.

The Astral Pill Upper Realm's disciples claimed that there were already hundreds of immortals in the shelter, so they were inclined to believe that it was a safe place.

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However, Davis saw that the Golden Crow Clan, Starlight Jade Wolf Clan, and Obsidian Crystal Turtle Clan didn't leave him, sticking to their initial plan of following him to death. He appreciated this gesture but saw all the disciples of the Ghostly Crow Clan leaving except Nyoran.

"Are you not leaving?"

He turned to look at her and asked through soul transmission.

"Well, if I'm going to die, it better be along with someone I respect."

Nyoran's face was expressionless, but her words told him what he needed to hear, causing him to look away and stare at the two women who were standing before him now.

"Many thanks for protecting us, Saint Mo Tian."

Fairy Mei Novara cupped her hands, "I don't want to be a burden to you, so I'm taking my leave."

"I feel the same way. It greatly saddens me to leave you, but-" Fairy Aila Cherryweave also cupped her hands, "Allow me to congratulate you on concocting the so-called realm pill. Thank you for saving us."

Davis also cupped his hands as he appreciated their words. However, he didn't say anything, causing them to smile lightly behind their veils and leave.

"What are you doing? Do you not want them?"

Suddenly, Davis heard Tina's voice, causing him to blink as he never thought she would be the one to ask him this, considering that she hadn't been bedded by him yet, meaning that she was only lowering her chances of spending time together.

"Tina, even if you want to recommend your close friend, make sure you are satisfied first before saying anything."

He sent a soul transmission in a slightly stern voice, causing her to pout.

"I know, but these two are Celestial Fairies. Even I feel that it is a waste sending them away, so what about you?"

'What about me…?'

Davis inwardly laughed.

Of course, he felt that it was a pity, but so what? He was already satisfied with Evelynn and the others and was only pursuing Myria at the moment. That chase itself satisfied him to his core, especially as he now knew that Myria had confessed to him back then.

A sense of fulfillment already swelled in his soul, so he felt like there was nothing that could stop him or distract him. But that didn't mean he could see a beauty fall into despair as he was a connoisseur of nature's beauty, so he helped Fairy Mei Novara back to health.

Looks like his women misunderstood that part of him.

"Excuse me, ladies. Are you the so-called Celestial Fairies of the First Haven World?"

Suddenly, the Astral Pill Upper Realm's disciple asked the two fairies with narrowed brows.

Fairy Mei Novara and Fairy Aila Cherryweave were of different physiques, one tall and the other short, forming a sweet view, but they tensed together at the same time, knowing that the whispers of fellow disciples fell into his ears.

Having no choice but to reveal their status, the both of them nodded.

Seeing them nod, the Astral Pill Upper Realm's disciple expression turned a bit awkward.

"This… I'm afraid I or our sect cannot protect you two as Celestial Fairies are hot targets that are as valuable as Peak-Level Sovereign Grade Treasures, so forgive our inability to-"


Fairy Aila Cherryweave was stunned before her eyes narrowed.

"What happened to the other Celestial Fairies?"

"I have only heard that three are held captive, their fates unknown, while one was violated before she committed suicide."


An eerie silence suddenly poured into the already tense atmosphere, shocking everyone on the scene.

Davis's gaze also flickered in shock. Three were captured, and one other committed suicide after being violated.

He had only met five Celestial Fairies, but there were actually twelve of them. He remembered all five of their shape, att.i.tude, and mannerisms as they were all unique, and two of them were still standing before him, their backs appearing like peaches.

Aila Cherryweave from the Cherryweave Family.

Mei Novara from the Golden Phoenix Clan.

Selene Lunaris from the Lunaris Family.

Lyra Celeste from the Celestial Descent Light Spirit Tribe.

Xiu Juili from the Twin Emerald-Eye Serpent Clan.

Although he wasn't interested in any of them, he remembered their beauty that eclipsed the moon any time of the night. He also remembered how it was discussed that a Celestial Fairy would usually be met with one of the two fates, either being alone till death or dying tragically.

"Who- who was it that committed suicide…?" Fairy Mei Novara clenched her fists.

She was not close with anyone as they were in compet.i.tion, but as a group who had ventured into a secret realm and thought this could also be her fate, intense fury swelled in her heart, wanting to bring justice to the Celestial Fairy, who met a tragic fate.

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