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Chapter 3467  Thirsty Mingzhi

Later that night, Davis met up with Mingzhi.

He was no longer able to wait and practically kidnapped her as he said he would and f.u.c.ked her in the courtyard behind the mansion, after which he carried her to his master bedroom.

Fortunately, Tia and Dalila seemed to have cleaned his bedroom before they left. This allowed Davis to not be yelled at by Mingzhi and plow her for hours.

They did everything from sixty-nine to bondage, including dual cultivation. Their fun lasted till the morning or a day and a half in the time chamber.

They lay on the bed, caressing each other until Mingzhi popped one out with just her hands while a puddle of his yang essence stained the bed and its luxurious canopy.

"Hehe, this amount never ceases to amaze me, hentai protagonist…"

Davis was unamused as he stared at her grinning face. However, she seemed to have wrapped his yang essence with her soul force, easily collecting it within a vial and sealing it.

"What are you doing?"

"What? You can have our milk, but I can't have yours? This yang essence filled with life energy is not only tasty but extremely nutritious for my skin and even cultivation. Are you going to deny me my right to drink it!?"

Mingzhi stared at him, her eyes widening in a threatening manner.


Davis could only blink thrice before he had to give up.

It was true that Mingzhi collected breastmilk from his other women who had become mothers and made ice creams and other dairy products that everyone liked. He was guilty of liking it even more, so they didn't refuse Mingzhi collecting breastmilk from them.

However, the same couldn't be said about his yang essence. Mingzhi was quite shameless, but he never imagined she could be this shameless, although he imagined if the others came to know that Mingzhi had taken his yang essence, they would forget their shame and ask for him too.

'Sure enough… I have a father complex…'

Mingzhi rolled her eyes and wondered if she would get pregnant as she was ovulating now, although the chances were still extremely low. If not, that was also fine, as she had to go get her Malevolent Darkness Soul mutated and finally enter the Immortal Emperor Stage.

As she cleaned, she wondered if she forgot to say anything.

She informed Davis that the Poison Haven and the Northern Sphere Bandits no longer disturbed the Jadedrite Sword Mini Realm, and the compet.i.tion for the Jade Lotus Valley's Matriarch position had been moved to today.

Davis expressed that he didn't want to go and Natalya would take care of everything, which made her wonder if he wasn't interested in Jade Aurora and Ivy Aries, but it wasn't her business, so she didn't ask anymore.

The Central Primesky Alliance was also growing well without facing much retaliation. In fact, their growth could be said to be unimpeded, as it was publicly known the Emperor of Death was behind them. However, she was also careful and didn't let any of them misuse his name, informing him that no foul play had been found.

Other than that, she gave him a few letters sent by Fairy Aila Cherryweave, which he didn't even cast a second glance at, which made her feel prideful as he had been still focused on pleasuring her. There were also a few dozen wedding proposals, all from wicked path powers, including the Zyrus Family, but Davis told her to discard all of them, making her full of approval for him.

Although she was extremely busy, she wished these peaceful days would continue.

Her eyes turned cold as her hands stopped moving, 'If not, I'll have to learn such dangerous fusion Law no matter what.'

Outside, Davis walked towards a chamber.

His steps were a bit hurried, and his expression was somewhat worried even though he was confident or at least had been confident. Besides, evidence also stated that it would be successful, but he just couldn't get his mind to stay logical. After all, no one had come to call him, which meant it was nothing other than a success.

He soon arrived before a chamber, sensing numerous auras, including Myria and Ellia's.

Pus.h.i.+ng it forward, he stepped in and turned to look around before his eyes spotted his little sister, Clara. She seemed to be on the bed resting- or was it something else?

"What happened?"

His gaze flickered as he turned to look at Evelynn.

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