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Xia Feng has learnt a lot.

There were truly a lot nice information that he has gathered! All of this had given him a nice ways to continue his journey and cultivation path towards the strongest power - the erossu! Of course, there was also something very nice.

Valaraska's reaction was very cute.

She was blus.h.i.+ng and finding it hard to stay close with Xia Feng. It was as if her yandere side instantly got conquered by Xia Feng's weapon and action... The lady was always screaming 'Kill, kill, kill' but even so, she couldn't kill herself.

Even Xia Feng as he had given her nice information.

It was the name of the lady whose status was 'Mana's concubine'. This woman was from a fire race which was in the same higher world. Her status was pretty high, but her sect was below Mana's kingdom and so they couldn't really do much other than being happy that she became a woman of his.

Everyone was happy, so Valaraska just decided.

"I will eradicate their sect."

"You can do it, but wait a little. I will call this woman soon using kingdom's order... Haha~~ I am a f.u.c.king prince now, so I might also call their strongest people to guard her... Hey, wanna play a little?"

"Play? You want to play with me? Die!"

Valaraska surely was sensitive to the word 'play' but only the one that comes from Xia Feng's lips! She mistunderstood him and threw herself at him exposing a little of her race which was one of the mythical ones.

A few days pa.s.sed before a play that Xia Feng had in mind got into an action.


The Fire Devil Sect!

This is the sect that had one of Mana's women. She was of fire devil races and her name was Davia, a very outstanding lady when it came to her race and beauty. Of course, it was surely due to the fact that she could possess a grace of strong fire meridians of Mana.

"I miss the nights with him... I loved when he pulled me and my p.u.s.s.y."


The lady was also pretty open about her feelings.

She was currently going to the Three Fire Gates Kingdom as a call has been made... There was some important information and even her closest guards were asked to come... There might be some pretty strong inheritances found out and a help was simply needed.

Their sect was weaker from a kingdom, but only weaker to them.

Such opportunity was also nice as Davia could become closer to Mana's kingdom and also get a power for herself and her own place.

It was also a chance to learn how Mana is doing!

"Miss! We are under an attack!"

"Eh?! Who? We are so close-"


The explosion suddenly rang out!

It was an explosion that thoroughly destroyed a carriage belonging to Davia which was floating up in the sky. There was a lot of fire beneath it and it was clear that this is kind of transport those popular people use from higher world.

In her case, it was a carriage going on a devil path.

She might be a fire devil, but this is a mere imitation compared to the real devils from an underground. Its been said that in the past, they were already punished by a real devils for calling themselves as such.

Their race just had a fire that was not so friendly!


"Ah, she is so cute!"

"Shut up! Stay focused and watch out for her!"

Valaraska was indeed a cute, but also mythical! Her race was that of the basilisk and so there were two wings and a very long tail coming off from behind. The usually enraged eyes were so narrowed it was scary yet still adorable.

Those jewels were yellow, just like a little flames that were coming from her mouth.

She was not a fire race.

At least Valaraska hadn't considered herself as such. And so she made sure that her Mana also would think of so. A fire was just a mere addition to her power! It was something that Mana swore to change yet he was simply too weak!

A long tail was in a wind attribute and her wings were screaming with a might as if that was the reason for their appearance.

What was her power was simply the body!

Her qi was mostly used on her body cultivation and it was what dominates! Not only her mythical race made her strong, but also unique and s.e.xy.

The words she spoke next weren't really s.e.xy, however.

Of course, who knows? Valaraska's beauty might made those s.e.xy in the future!

"I will kill you."

"W-why? What have I done?"

Davia was perplexed, but inwardly, she had a guess as to what happened... If Valaraska had found out about her relations.h.i.+p with Mana, then she might have already used him! She used her loved one and began the rampage!

If this is a truth...

"Wh.o.r.e... You try to play a fool in front of me?"

"Ah, this is bad! We must deal with her!"

There were the strongest guards here, so Davia had some hope. They all unleashed their evil flames and so a battle quickly unfolded. The sky turned red with an impossibly loud explosions that were likewise falling from the sky.

At first, it was a mere fire falling like an used piece.

But as some time pa.s.sed, such fire also got mixed with a bigger one which were actually the guards of the fire devil lady.

Davia's guards were falling like stars with a one thought in their minds.

A thought of Valaraska's small hands sinking in their flames as if nothing! Such small hands were naturally fit for cute and s.e.xy lady, but a power behind those was simply unthinkable... That was a horror for them!

As one of the guards fell, her lips let out a painful scream as she felt herself on the brink of the death!


"Oh, you poor lady."

But before the death arrived, the guard could hear an unknown voice. Such voice was pitying her and soon enough, her head could feel something very nice...

It was a touch yet it felt nice!

"Have you been a good cultivator for your whole life?"

"I have...."

The pleasant voice and touch! It quickly got rid of her pain and she felt as if the best pleasure descended onto her just before her death... Her hair was just stroked by a man yet it felt very nice.

But she was not aware that her wounds were being healed as Xia Feng began applying a medicine.. It was a medicine that was used externally, so it was not that strong unlike a pill!

This was the erossu's play, but was this play only for a fun?

Of course, there was a motive behind it, but what can it be?!

"Do you like when I stroke your hair?"

"Yes, I like it. Thank you very much."

"Haha, what a cute fire devil you are. Your race name is kinda misleading now."

What can it be?!

Xia Feng surely wouldn't use a medicine for free and even stroke the lady's hair as if he was a good grandpa without a reason!

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