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"Place them on the table and leave."

Not a fan of making those women who were scantily dressed and were sent with the intention to seduce the men and make them spend more, Meilin had them quickly leave while they looked pleadingly towards Jian Shen.

As women who hoped to make a huge commission by making the guests they were responsible for spend more money, the women wanted to stay inside the room and somehow try to achieve that.

And even if they wouldn't be capable to make the weird group spend more money, it would be fine as long as they could stay inside the room.

After all, if they left the room their superiors would definitely give them an earful of scolding for how useless they were today.

Noticing their pleading expression which looked similar to cute little puppies that didn't want to be abandoned, Jian Shen who always had a soft spot for beautiful women said, "Just sit somewhere and don't disturb those women."

Nodding their heads gratefully, the three women sat in one corner of the room to not bother anyone else and just silently watch. Maybe this way they'd be able to understand more about this weird group.

Seeing all of this, the group of women who were sitting at the front snorted in union and began whispering between themselves while pointing towards Jian Shen.
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Bitterly smiling and shaking his head, Jian Shen started thinking that maybe he shouldn't be so kind and begin behaving like one of those macho dictator men and keep all of the women in his control.

Once again shaking his head, Jian Shen managed to make Li Suyin think that he was thinking about something but resting to actually do it.

'Maybe he's thinking about me?!'

Trembling from excitement Suyin began stroking Jian Shen's hair causing him to snap out of his thoughts.


Walking onto the stage while deliberately moving her body in such a way that she showed off all of her curves, the female auctioneer managed to grab the attention of every single one that came to attend the auction.

Excluding Jian Shen and Suyin of course.

"Welcome honoured guests, I, Meng Ya take honour in being able to host this Auction of Five Centuries."

"Since all of us are here for only one thing, I won't waste any of our time with meaningless words."

"Let's get started with the auction right away. But before that, let me remind you that all the transaction will only be taken place in the form of Qi Stones."

"If anyone is short on Qi Stones, they can even use precious materials and exchange them with Qi Stones through the maids that have been sent to your room."

Qi Stones.

This was the generally accepted currency on the Sword Island.

As a special high-grade material which formed in places that had a high concentration of Qi, Qi Stones were something which aided cultivators in their cultivation.

That's why it was only on a place like the Sword Island which represented the most luxurious landma.s.s inside the Mortal Realm, that something like Qi Stones was considered as the common currency.

Luckily, if someone while coming here came while possessing their old currency, and it was in the form of precious materials like gold or silver, they could exchange them for Qi Stones at a generally accepted exchange rate.

Jian Shen, however, didn't have to bother to do with such a thing due to the huge load of Qi Stones inside the World Crest.

"Now without any further ado, let's get started with bidding for the very first auction for the day."

Jian Shen had already learnt from Meilin that the auction which was set to go on for five days would have one specific type of item sold every day.

And the first day, which means today would be the day where the items being sold would be cultivation resources and herbs.

The second day was for weapons.

The third day was for rare treasures.

The fourth day was for cultivation and combat techniques.

And finally, the fifth day was when the best of the best items across all categories would be auctioned.

Therefore, Jian Shen who didn't have much interest in the auction in the first place felt that the auction couldn't be any more boring.

The items that were being sold weren't of low quality or any such thing, but what could Jian Shen who had everything he might ever need inside his World Crest possibly want to buy from the auction?

But the same couldn't be said about the women he came here with.

Since Jian Shen had said that he would take care of the bill, and even they thought that there was a False Immortal Realm Cultivator behind him, they didn't hesitate in the slightest to bid on everything they wanted.

The way they were continuously bidding for every single thing they wanted made Jian Shen realize that there was no such thing as enough money.

After all, even he who obtained so much wealth without having to do anything felt a little pain in his heart at how much the women were spending.

Especially Meilin, after she said a few words which no normal mother would ever say.

"Since I'm your future mother in law, and the only way for you to have an offspring that is related to Zheng Niu in case she turns out barren, you wouldn't mind paying for what I bid, would you son in law?"

Honestly, Jian Shen would've just paid for whatever she bought even if she hadn't said those words.

But since she had already said them, he quickly agreed before she started spouting any more nonsense.

Hearing all of this, the maids who were sent here understood that Jian Shen was the rich one and not the addition the women brought with them.

It might just be because he has no interest in the auction that he was sitting in the back row.

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