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With how the women were spending Jian Shen's wealth to make the final bid on everything they felt like purchasing, it wasn't any surprise that everyone felt like investigating into the group's origins and find out more about them.

For everyone in the audience, the first day of the auction was filled with unexpected surprises.

With the mysterious group of women on the tenth floor purchasing so many items regardless of whether they were of low quality or high quality, it completely messed up the way an auction normally proceeded.

There was always an unspoken understanding in those that attended the auction.

Depending on the quality of the item, those in the higher floors wouldn't normally bid on the lower grade items.

This way, even those audience who didn't possess the same amount of wealth as those in the higher floors could still purchase a few items and not go back empty-handed.

But with the group of women that came with Jian Shen buying everything regardless of what grade they could be considered as, the remaining guests on the higher floors also didn't stay courteous anymore.

Buying the remaining resources on a whim or just for fun, the guests in the higher floors had accounted for a total of 90% of all the final winning bids of the day.


Once the first day of the auction was over, Jian Shen who was so bored that there was even a point of time where he fell asleep during the auction turned alert after sensing a Genesis Realm Cultivator walking towards their room.

Easing up after realizing that this was Meng Ya who had served as the auctioneer, Jian Shen once again closed his eyes as she knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Waiting until she heard those words, Meng Ya opened the door and entered the room to see a very curious scene.

A row of beautiful women were sitting in the front row, while a boy was resting in a woman's lap while the maids were fanning him diligently.

Frowning at this, Meng Ya who thought that the maids were captured by the boy's handsomeness and ignoring the real customers made a mental note to punish those women later on.

"Due to how much the honoured guests have spent on the first day of the auction, I felt that it was only fair if I personally delivered you the items that you purchased."

Nodding her head while trying to appear lofty, Meilin said, "Time to keep up your part of the deal, son in law."

As Meng Ya who felt a little shocked turned towards Jian Shen, the boy himself was having thoughts of acting like he didn't have any money on him and then see what would happen to Meilin.

But chuckling on the inside and shaking his head, Jian Shen decided to prioritize on finis.h.i.+ng the day as peacefully as possible and not bother about with such practical jokes.

"How much is it?"

Blinking her eyes, Meng Ya round it even harder to believe that the young man would be the one who'd be footing the bill.

"The total amount for the purchases is 36,270 Qi Stones. But since you are on the tenth floor, you obtain a 10% discount which brings the total to a 32,646. Rounding this down, you'll need to pay 32,500 Qi Stones."

Despite expecting to hear a huge price, Jian Shen couldn't help but still be surprised when he heard how much they had actually spent.

Still, he didn't show any surprise on his face any calmly moved the exact amount of Qi Stones to a spatial ring inside the World Crest and then brought it out.

Staring with her eyes wide at the spatial ring which appeared out of thin air, Meng Ya was unable to understand where it came from.

Even though she sensed some minute spatial ripples, the question was about where the ring had appeared from.
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It wasn't as if he had done a trick and made the ring in his pocket travel through s.p.a.ce, because that way she would've been able to sense it.

This could mean that the ring had travelled from somewhere else. But where did it come from?

And how could he be so confident that the ring possessed the exact amount of Qi Stones inside it, when the one who sent the ring wasn't here?

What in G.o.d's name was even happening?

Catching the spatial ring which was tossed towards her in a hurry, Meng Ya who verified that there was the exact amount of Qi Stones as she asked for, blankly nodded her head before turning around to leave in a stupor.

It was also now that she understood why the maids were serving the boy instead of the women who made the bids.

Guessing that the boy was someone who possessed a lot of patience to bear with this group of women that were spending his money in such a way, Meng Ya felt very envious of those women.

After Meng Ya left, Jian Shen gave the three maids that had served him since afternoon a spatial ring each with some Qi Stones inside each of them.

Feeling very happy due to receiving this gift in addition to the huge commission they would receive from how much the women had spent till now, the three maids couldn't help but kiss Jian Shen on the cheek before running away like lovestruck teenagers.


Going back to the courtyard in the same carriage, Jian Shen was about to go and start cultivating when Xiulan stopped him and said, "You were more patient than I expected, so how about enjoying a reward in exchange, darling?"

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