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Jian lin reached foreign lands this instant, which he was going to dominate and later gain control over the ma.s.sive battle field.

It took Jian lin about three whole weeks to reach his current destination, it was a smooth journey. As soon as he reached the place, he went for Jian family's camp without a moment delay. Rather than slowly raising his ranks among them and become a distinguished character, he went for the leader and crushed him the strongest cultivator at the place, the current leader of the camp and took control over it.

The colossal battle field was was divided into two fields one which was dominated by the human, while the other which was under the control by Demons. Millions of lives were lost within minutes. A gigantic and large scale battle had been going on, which was never put to stop, geniuses were falling like leaves from the old withering trees.

But within few months, after his arrival, nearly all the camps which had been lost to demons earlier were recovered back by humans, under his leaders.h.i.+p.

The enemy were pulverized under his might, his twin swords which he had brandished, released terrifying murderous aura that freeze the enemy down their souls.

He was like an judgement released by h.e.l.l, to punish the demons for their menace, to destroy their soul for being impure, to pulverize their bodies for their atrocious deeds.

He was like a 'Hero' sent from heaven, as a gift to humans, and 'Reaper' that was descended down upon them, from the h.e.l.l to demons.

The demons were getting eliminated and had been nearly exterminated, whole of the foreign lands which were once chaotic where now under the control of Jian lin.

He got the t.i.tle " Twin Blade Asura " from humans who witnessed his fight.

By the end of five years he wiped out the demons, made several friends whom he addressed brothers in the battle field.

But sadly, within the years he was away from Jian mansion, all his brothers and relatives, who were intimately related to him in the family, in one way or an other were brutally murdered by Grand Elder Zing, his children's and first ancestor were missing, not to be present as if they didn't exist to begin with, Jian lin was naturally ignorant of these matters.

While he was on his way back to home, Jian lin was ambushed by few masked experts, he was poisoned by them sneakily.

His vision was little blurred, making him unable to visualize things easily, still how could he not recognize the very same people whom he addressed as brothers. Little did he not expect that those sworn brothers of him, would one day betray him and selled him out, for cultivation breakthrough pills.

one day later.

In Jian clan's dungeon, prisoners section.

Jian lin was awakened at last, he's feeling nerve wrecking pain all over his body. He found that his hands chained to walls. Lying in a cell filled with pungent smelling air, he had difficulty in breathing. His life essence was nearly sucked dry and Dantian was also abolished.

Jian lin's appearance resembled an old beggar, his crimson red hair turned to smoky-grey, charismatic and bright eyes turned into blood-flecked, clear and smooth face into time chiselled wrinkled face, the robust body turned skinny, he had crooked fingers and was looking as an old man half step away from grave.

After 1week

He had been chained for a week, before a tall robust man entered his cell, he was wearing an red colour dress, he has thin eyebrows with Slim face, he was very delighted in seeing the sorry state of Jian lin. He was Jian zing also referred to as Grand Elder zing, Jian lin's old rival.

" Jian lin... Had you thought that, one day you proud little s.h.i.+t become like a beggar, your life would be worse than a dog " Jian zing who arrived at the same bellowed out after delighting at the sorry state of Jian lin.

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" Where am i... " , Jian lin asked weakly.

"Jian family dungeon... " Grandelder zing exclaimed out with a sneer at his face.

" How did I end up here ?" He was sure that it was his sworn brothers, who sold him out. But he still want his instinct to prove him wrong.

"Your so call sworn brothers, selled you over some breakthrough ancestor pills, hahaha... "

He stated events that occurred after his absence, he also pointed to listed out his grievences against Jian lin.

" It was I, Jian zing who was chosen to be next patriarch, all elders were supportive of me, I was the center of attention for every one. I used to be the young patriarch, it was my birth right until you showed up and stole my rightfull seat. "

" I had a marriage contract with Wu family's first young lady even before my birth. never expected her to turn out beautiful, she was the most beautiful women I have ever see in my life. Her pear like cheeks, tender lips, alluring and seductive body with snowy white skin. She was supposed to be mine but she, she had fallen in love with you, rebelled against her father and ran away on my marriage day, but never to return. Nine months later she died giving birth to the stupid offspring's of yours. "

He paused for a second before turning his eyes teary, bellowing out.

" My daughter fei'er... She was my only treasure I cherished, she was in love with Guan family's first young master, marriage contract was eventually made, until your daughter... that s.l.u.tty bit*h had seduced him over with her s.l.u.tty and alluring body.

My daughter she was thrown aside by him, still she aimed at becoming his second wife, but contrary to her expectations your daughter had thrown him aside, after sucking him dry of money and when he turned worthless a penny.

Guan young master hanged himself and died as of later, my daughter she was heartbroken, died... , died of commiting suicide, followed him to her death.

" Ah~~~ She was stolen from me by your daughter... can you bring my daughter back alive? "

Jian lin could see tears of anger flowing out his eyes

He was smacking Jian lin on his head with wooden baton, amidst the curses that were bellowing upon Jian lin.

" What should I do ? My family was destroyed by yours, so what ? Should I cry out the rest of my days... weeping about the memories of my daughter, no! I want revenge, revenge for my daughter, revenge for my family, and revenge for me. Revenge was the driving force that was keeping me alive, till now. "

"I first initiated my plot with your son. Your prodigious son Jian lu, youngest martial sovereign at an age of 15... I dragged him to back to the weakest peasant, I had poisoned him and lead him to qi deviation. Even tough he had survived, it was not worse than living, correct me if I'm wrong. "Jian lu from that day forth lived as a waste, after loosing his cultivation, t.i.tles and friends.

" As an result his cultivation realm had fallen to body refinement 3rd stage cultivator, even a potential less brat, born out from the family of peasants would be able to reach 9th stage, much less of him at 3rd.

" I collaborated with shen family made Shen yin poison your son with potent aphrodisiac, and was made him loose all face. "

"Just like my daughter, I made your son bleed through and narrated a suicide. Didn't expected your daughter to step in and intervene in my plans. But still he was not able to escaped completely out of my reach. I bribed Wu's pavilion and had used them to threat your son prior to Elder Wu return, made them damage your sons condition to an extreme until.... until...only a devine pill could heal his injuries, Chongjian pill one such pill was present within our treasury can alone treat Jian lu's injury at that time. "

" I bribed Grand Elder jin to suggest a spar to kill, using xuan saint artifact that second ancestor gave me, little did I expect first ancestor to disrupt my plot, But still made your sworn brothers sell you over measly breakthrough ancestor pill, what a lame cause of your impending death by trusting them.

Hearing the exclamation about his Grievance and ploys, Jian lin sneered exclaiming internally " As expected of you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, so what in the end didn't I saved my own family. "

"Here's an present to anyone old friend, before killing him. " Grand Elder zing opened and pa.s.sed an old leathery iron container, with a weird intent over his eyes, those were the eyes of antic.i.p.ation that Jian lin has seen over Grand Elder zings face.

When Jian lin opened the box he had an horror-stricken expression. He was holding a container, which contained a few clean butchered head of all his family relatives and brothers, who used to have an intimate relations.h.i.+p with him.

But amidst the heads, present within the container, there was one particular head which Jian lin refuses to believe. It was the person that Jian lin entrusted his children before leaving to foreign lands, it the very same person who had sentenced him to kill demon beast in foreign lands, the first ancestor of Jian family.

"What... happened to... my children? "

cough.... cough...

" Where... are my... children... Jian zing ?

cough.... cough.... "

Jian lin who was earlier mutilated by Grand Elder Zing exclaimed out with a great difficulty over his speech.

"Oh! your children. I'll send you to meet them soon, in h.e.l.l! Ha ha ha... "

" lu'er... Mei'er... "

Forgive me, for being incompitant and as a failure of father... jian lin exclaimed deep within his heart.

Grand elder zing started to state out his misconduct, which he had done proudly in front of Jian lin.

"Your son I personally butchered him to thousand pieces and had him fed to dogs ".

" Your daughter, I pity her... with such a beautiful face and voluptuous body, how could I waste those resources by simply killing her.

So I made an exception with her case. Gave her a potent aphrodisiac... and you can imagine the aftermath right... he he he.. " with a wide sneer on his face, he started to make sinister laughs.

Hearing this last statement, Jian lin who was in a miserable state was heart broken and of the moment, with no strength to stand or even yelling out loudly, he was crying dry tears, filled with rage and anger wanting to do nothing but to devour Jian zing a whole. It was an awful and pitiable sight to see but, was an marvellous and delightful scene to a particular person, Grand elder zing.

Jian lin bellowed out, " I curse you Jian zing, I curse you, you will die an tragic death, pain that no man has ever experienced. "

"If I am given an another chance, an opportunity, even if i have to breakout the h.e.l.l after thousands of years, I will come back to kill you, to kill... "

Jian lin with the last ounce of energy, he could gather, cursed out at Grand Elder zing before dying out. Jian lin's soul which was originally leaving the Mortal body was sicken out by an golden vortex, he apparently found him, lying in an different place

it was an endless, white light was laminating from all over the s.p.a.ce, suddenly an message popped up in his mind with an blue colour screen that appeared out of nowhere.

" Ding, host has been selected for Demon Slaying System "

" Ding, host has obtained the rights to become a player, does host accept "

" Ding, host has been allowed with 120 seconds time to accept the rights, failure of acceptance would lead to peris.h.i.+ng of host's soul, in myriad number of realms. "

" Demon... Slaying... System? Host...? "

It was an high pitched voice and it was cute and childish .When Jian lin heard these words he was startled for a second as he was not able to understand the current situation.

" Well , as long as I have my revenge, i can sell my soul to the demon or can become a devil himself "

" Ding, system takes this answer of host as accepting the rights. "

" Ding, Initiating Demon slaying system. "

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