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Like everyone just woke up from a dream, the crowd suddenly changed from absolute silence to making lots of noise. It was a complete chaos, no one could understand what just happened before their eyes.

"This is impossible!!"

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"How can this trash beat Senior Brother Qiu?!!" They are seriously still calling him trash after all that?

"This must be a dream right?" The guy was slapping himself.

Noah was dumbfounded for a second, not because of the fight but because of the crowd absurd reaction. He shook his head and gazed at the arena again, waiting to see how things would turn out.

Even after this shocking event, the tournament still had to continue. Fights for the ranking happened left and right, but no one in the crowd cared about them anymore. They were all discussing about Xiao Long and Qiu Long fight, the tournament ended this way, some people were so concentrated on chatting that they didn't even realize the compet.i.tion ended...

Suddenly, a moderately old man in a robe walked into the stage with his hands behind his back. He released some pressure and the crowd had actually stopped talking for the first time in a while. He waited for some seconds looking around to see if anyone was still speaking, before starting his speech about why he came.

"My name is Zhan He, I'm a inner elder and I came here today to welcome the new inner disciples and announce the compet.i.tion prizes." Noah was very interested in hearing about this.

Elder Zhan talked for a while, and according to him all the disciples who were in the ranking would be given a jade tablet and should go to a certain place in the sect tomorrow. Anyone who doesn't come in time will be considered as not wanting to go to the inner sect yet and will only be able to go after the next compet.i.tion.

Noah thought of it as too lax method, anyone could just take your tablet and go in your place. Obviously, the thief would need to steal from someone unknown enough since it's over if they recognize him, and probably would need to kill the guy too.

There was also the possibility of someone who dislikes you taking your tablet away so you can't enter the inner sect, but that would only work with unknown guys since the ones who were high in the ranking were very well known. Unless a Elder made things difficult on purpose, it would not be a problem.

'Why do I feel like this could happen with Xiao Long...' It really sounded like some third rate villain "master plan".

'Well whatever...' Noah was sure things would end up well anyway, so he turned his attention to the prizes they would win. The first to the third place got some special pills that toughened the body, the first place got the right to go to the second level of the Martial Arts Pavillion and select one martial technique and all the ranking from tenth place to first got Spirit Stones. The amount of Spirit Stones they got varied base on their rankings, the tenth place got mere fifty stones, and Noah got around two hundred. He heard the third to first place got three hundred.

It was a funny sight, anyone who doesn't had a s.p.a.ce ring had to carry all those Spirit Stones in a bag given to them. Noah had a s.p.a.ce ring, but he didn't want to reveal it so he was forced to carry the tablet and all the Spirit Stones. Noah left to his cave and stored the bag when he reached it.


He almost threw himself into the hay he sleeps nearly everyday, outer disciples didn't really had a bed unless they bring one with them.

He closed his eyes to have a well deserved rest he didn't had in a long time, in antic.i.p.ation of what would happen tomorrow.

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