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At first Feng Xinying was confused but when she heard someone opening the door, she understood that her husband was doing it on purpose. She played with him and enjoyed every moment of the kiss. 

When they finished, she was left panting and wanting for more. Xie Yuansheng had become ultimate in seducing her. 

Xie Yuansheng turned to look at Lim Chuen and his face became cold and bitter as though trying to convey that how dare he interrupts his sessions with his wife. 

"h.e.l.lo Xie Yuansheng!" said Lim Chuen becoming very stubborn. 

Xie Yuansheng did not reply to him and called his secretary, "Cai Xin, please come in."

When Cai Xin came inside, he reprimanded her, "Don't you know that I am here with Feng Xinying? How could you allow anyone to enter when I am here with my wife? Haven't I given you instructions about it?" 

Cai Xin flinched. She said, "Sir, I had told him that Miss Xinying is here but he still barged in the room."

Lim Chuen made a face and kept sitting on a chair in the office. "Calm down Xie Yuansheng. I have come for something very important." 

"You may leave Cai Xin," said Xie Yuansheng as he went back to his computer screen. 

After the secretary left, Lim Chuen cleared his throat. Feng Xinying was laughing inside as to how nicely her husband gave this man a message. She picked up a magazine and avoided him. 

"I hear that you are finding a land for making a mega towns.h.i.+p. I would like to be your partner in it. I already know several people in the government who can help us in giving the best land," said Lim Chuen. 

"Do you think that Feng Conglomerate would need a partner for a towns.h.i.+p with that budget?" asked Feng Xinying keeping the magazine down.

"What do mean Feng Xinying? After all whatever you people will do will affect the company's share and market value. You have to take everyone in confidence before going for such a project," replied Lim Chuen. "As being one of the major shareholders, I demand to be a.s.sociated with the project."

"On what level do you want to be a.s.sociated, Lim Chuen?" asked Xie Yuansheng. 

"As one of the investors and partners," he replied. Lim Chuen wanted to use Xie Yuansheng by stealing his idea and making the towns.h.i.+p on his own. He already had all the blueprints in his hand. The architect who was working on all this had handed him the blueprints at a price. 

Xie Yuansheng smiled and said, "Well, if you insist." 

"But Yuansheng, do we need investors?" asked Feng Xinying tilting her head.

"Theoretically we don't need them Xinying. However, since Mr. Lim Chuen is insisting, we cannot ignore. After all he is a major shareholder," replied Xie Yuansheng with a faint smile on his lips. 

Lim Chuen was celebrating inside. He had fully prepared his scheme as to how he would acquire the land using Xie Yuansheng's name and then create his own towns.h.i.+p. He already had plans in his head on how to kick him out. He looked at the two of them and chuckled inside, "These two are too young for me. I will kill them like a mosquito."

"So does that mean that you have agreed?" asked Lim Chuen. 

"Yes," replied Xie Yuansheng and went back to his computer screen. 

Feng Xinying shrugged. 

Lim Chuen walked out of the office feeling victorious. 

The first thing he did that day was to meet the concerned government officials. He took the forms and offered them bribes to sell the land to him behind the scenes. They say that the advertis.e.m.e.nt to invite the bids would be taken out and it won't be possible to sell the land to him behind the scenes. Hence they had to undergo the process of bidding. It was an unsuccessful try because none of the officials wanted to get into this kind of a scam. The three lands that the government was going to sell were of very high value. 

The advertis.e.m.e.nt were published in the papers and Lim Chuen filled the forms for himself also knowing fully that Xie Yuansheng would also fill the forms for the same. The bidding was supposed to take place after two weeks. He eagerly waited for the bidding. In the meanwhile he called his son number of times to talk to him about the new towns.h.i.+p but Lim De Zhi wasn't picking the phone. Even Chang Ling's number was switched off. 

Feng Xinying was getting bored sitting at home all day these days. At first she loved staying at home and doing nothing, but slowly as time pa.s.sed, she started getting bored. Her life was packed with so much work until then, that staying at home soon became boring. Her hands started itching to do something, hence she would often accompany Xie Yuansheng to his office. She was overlooking the small room that he was getting constructed at the back of his office. It was coming out very nicely under her direct supervision. 

One of the days' Feng Xinying's aunts came to visit her. They had come after a long gap. The last she saw them was during her father's funeral. She was very surprised but she was happy to see them. She took them inside the house and talked her heart out. They were both equally happy to see her and before leaving they invited her to come and pay a visit to them and meet all her cousins. Feng Xinying couldn't feel more welcome and close to her family.  

Now out of the three lands that were up for bidding, Lim Chuen had to know which was preferred by Xie Yuansheng. So he started keeping a tab on his activities. His spy in the company told him about the land that Xie Yuansheng was majorly interested in. And it was this land that Lim Chuen also focused on. 

The day of the bidding arrived and all the parties were seated. 

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