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On the day of the bidding, Xie Yuansheng woke up early. He wanted to go to the auction hall in time. He found Feng Xinying sleeping next to him. A night before Feng Xinying had been feeling her b.r.e.a.s.t.s when he entered the bedroom. She had taken her bra out and was pressing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. They were getting bigger and she could feel that they were becoming tighter than before. Even her nipples were becoming bigger. When Xie Yuansheng entered the bedroom, he found Feng Xinying exploring herself. He got excited and his member revolted in his pants. How could one resist seeing a woman touching and squeezing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s? It surely was an invitation.

He went behind her and started squeezing the b.r.e.a.s.t.s for her. Feng Xinying exclaimed, "Xie Yuansheng, my b.r.e.a.s.t.s are becoming bigger. Can you feel that?" she asked as he squeezed them from all sides.

"Yes darling," he replied softly.

"Even my nipples are getting bigger," she exclaimed again.

Xie Yuansheng took his fingers and pinched them slightly. His member had now gorged. His wife's b.r.e.a.s.t.s had indeed become larger. He sat of the bed and pulled her in his lap. "Let me inspect them properly."

Feng Xinying pushed her b.r.e.a.s.t.s in his hand and said, "See!"

Before she could say anything her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were already in his mouth. Feng Xinying smacked his head and said, "You pervert, what are you doing?"

"Baby I am inspecting your b.r.e.a.s.t.s," he said and started sucking them again.

Feng Xinying pursed her lips. Why the h.e.l.l did she even ask him? Suddenly she saw that Xie Yuansheng had held her hand and brought it to his pants. He was licking her b.r.e.a.s.t.s from all side and then sucking her nipples crazily. "Help my little brother darling. You keep disturbing its peace every now and then."

"Xie Yuansheng, you are-", she was about to say something when Xie Yuansheng sealed her lips with his mouth. Since she didn't open his zip, with one hand he opened his pant's zip and took his member out. Once again he held her hand and took it to his member.

Feng Xinying felt the bulge is her hand. She shook her head, and started stroking it softly.

"I would love your mouth around it," he said without an iota of shame.

Feng Xinying chuckled and brought her mouth around his member. He pushed it in her mouth and it swelled further. Within seconds he came. He was panting as he held his wife close to him.

Kissing her pa.s.sionately again, Xie Yuansheng went to take a bath. He came out and together they had dinner. "Tomorrow it is the bidding day Xinying. I have to go early."

"I hope everything takes place nicely," she replied as they walked back to the bedroom to sleep early.

"I have to go to my aunt's place tomorrow," she informed him.

Xie Yuansheng knew that her aunts had come and invited her to their place. It was only right for her to visit and meet all her cousins. "Okay Xinying. After the bidding is over, I will come to pick you up."

"That would be nice Xie Yuansheng because that ways everyone would meet you too," she replied feeling warm in her heart.

Next day Xie Yuansheng woke up early and got dressed. The bidding was supposed to start at 9AM in the morning. When he reached there, he found that almost every other interested party was already there. Lim Chuen was standing with the government officials. As soon as he saw Xie Yuansheng, he rushed to him and said, "Xie Yuansheng, I will support you in your bidding process."

Xie Yuansheng looked at him and without speaking went to sit in his place. Lim Chuen followed him and sat right next to him. The auction of the land commenced with the official telling about the location of the land.

The first two lands were sold at one billion each and Xie Yuansheng didn't even partic.i.p.ate in the process. However, when the bidding for the third piece of land started, Xie Yuansheng became interested. The asking price was one billion, which Xie Yuansheng raised his card for. Immediately another party raised their card for 1.1 billion Yuan.

Lim Chuen became excited and he raised the bid to 1.2 billion. Xie Yuansheng asked him, "Why are you bidding? One of can bid and that would be enough?"

"Well, whosoever between us gets that land can let the other person invest. It is after all for the good of the company," replied Lim Chuen.

The other party raised the bid to 1.5 billion Yuan.

Xie Yuansheng raised the bid to 1.75 billion Yuan. But the other party again raised it to 1.9 billion. Lim Chuen took the opportunity and placed a bid for 2 billion.

Most other people who were interested in that land became quiet. Now it was only three people who were fighting for that land.

The third party was h.e.l.l bent in taking the land and so they raised the bid to 2.25 billion.

Once again Xie Yuansheng raised his card and made that 2.5 billion.

Lim Chuen was getting nervous. He didn't want Xie Yuansheng to acquire that land. He was too eager to take that land and start his own towns.h.i.+p. His people had already visited the land and given him positive reports.

The third party raised their card and the bid was now at 2.75 billion. Xie Yuansheng raised his bid to 2.85 billion.

Lim Chuen became very nervous that the land would go in Xie Yuansheng's hand and he couldn't even counter bid because he was caught in his own words that it didn't matter who acquired the land, they will together make the towns.h.i.+p.

The official waited for some time to see if anyone was raising their bid, but upon seeing that no one was, he goes for closing it 2.85 billion 1, 2.5 2, and before he could hit the hammer the third time, the 3rd party says 2.95 billion.

This was his opportunity and Lim Chuen placed a bid of 3.15 billion Yuan. The third party gave up and so did Xie Yuansheng. The official raised his hammer and closed the auction. Lim Chuen was very happy when he saw how disgusted Xie Yuansheng looked. He a.s.sured Xie Yuansheng, "Don't worry, I will come up with a plan soon for the project."

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