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Feng Xinying bit her lower lip as she took the hankie from him and wiped her tears. He looked intently at her and asked, "Why were you crying?" 

Feng Xinying licked her lips. She didn't know what to answer so she just kept quiet. After wiping her tears she gave the hankie back to him. As she gave it back, her fingers slightly brushed his hand and once again he could feel his blood running in between his thighs. He chided himself, "For the love of G.o.d, Shengu stop thinking about her. She is married to someone and you are just impersonating." He wrestled with his thoughts and then unable to bear to stay away from touching her anymore, he just held her hand on the pretext that they were cold. 

"Why are your hands cold?" he asked. 

Feng Xinying frowned slightly. "They are not…" she replied. Even though she wanted to keep holding them, she replied on an impulse but as soon as she replied, she felt like slapping herself. 

Xie Yuansheng felt awkward but continued, "They are," and held her small hands warmly in his. He suddenly had an urge to pull her on his lap and wrap his arms around her. Why did he feel that it was a natural thing to do? Perhaps he was just way too attracted to her. It saddened him to think that the day Xie Yuansheng would wake up, he would have to leave her. Was there no other way to stay with her? 

Feng Xinying was happy and didn't protest. She just let him hold her hands. She didn't ask about Kate at all because all that mattered now was the fact that he was with her. 

They reached the hospital in the next half an hour. When they were walking towards the doctor's chamber, he asked her, "What is wrong with you Feng Xinying? Maybe I can help you." 

Feng Xinying smiled and replied, "Nothing is wrong. I have come for my regular checkup. That is all." 

Xie Yuansheng was so tensed all the way that when he heard that she had come for her regular checkup, he relaxed. Finally his lips curved slightly. 

"Can you wait for me outside?" asked Feng Xinying not wanting him to tell about her pregnancy, as that would push him away. 

"Sure," he replied. He went to sit on the sofa outside while she went inside. 

The doctor examined her and said that things were all fine and now that she entered her second trimester, she was safe. She had to again be careful in the third trimester. She showed the ultrasound of the baby and she could see a tiny dot there. Feng Xinying felt so nice seeing her baby that a big smile appeared on her face. Her family was with her and that gave her a secure feeling. The doctor prescribed her medicine and asked her to come next month. 

When Feng Xinying went outside, she started to go to get her medicines, but Xie Yuansheng stopped her and instead he went to get the medicines. He joined her soon and they left for home. 

Feng Xinying was in a very happy mood when she retired to bed. Xie Yuansheng had made fabulous dinner for her. 

When Xie Yuansheng retired to bed, he reflected upon the day. He found Kate to be quite an interesting girl. She was so lively that he laughed at her antics. He picked his phone and started to play the game. To his surprise, he found her online. She was so ecstatic to see him online that they ended up playing the game until 1AM with the group. 

Next day, Feng Xinying woke up pretty late. She wanted to spend the time at home and was feeling lethargic overall. She also wanted to spend time with Xie Yuansheng. When she reached downstairs, she saw that the breakfast was already on the table. She immediately felt very good and went to have her breakfast She noticed that Xie Yuansheng would keep coming in and out of the kitchen on some or the other pretext. Finally he asked, "I hope the salt is fine today."

She laughed remembering the last time she had created a drama over cheese b.a.l.l.s and replied, "Yes, it seems you have learnt from your mistakes." 

"Then you should have more," he said as he served her some braised sea cuc.u.mbers. Just as he was serving her, a chirpy voice came, "Brother Xie Yuansheng!" 

Startled at this intrusion, both of them looked at the source of voice and found Kate standing there. Feng Xinying's face darkened while Xie Yuansheng was baffled. Why was she here? 

"Can I join you for breakfast?" she asked Feng Xinying. 

Kate had planned on giving him a surprise visit that day. She wanted to see him. Her heart fluttered with the thought of meeting him but when she entered the house, she saw him serving food to her. She became so jealous that she had to stop him or make her presence loud. 

"Sure…" replied Feng Xinying. 

Kate sat on the chair and smiled nervously at Xie Yuansheng. He smiled back at her stiffly. When he looked at her, she winked. Xie Yuansheng's smile disappeared and he turned to go to the kitchen. Kate started filling her plate ignoring what Feng Xinying must be feeling. While eating, she secretly glanced at Feng Xinying. She looked so high-cla.s.s even in her morning outfit that she huffed. 

Kate broke the silence and said, "I always wonder why everyone speak so highly about you and also about your smug behavior." 

"What do you mean, Kate?" asked Feng Xinying keeping the fork down on the table. She could feel her hostility. 

"You don't even try to win people over. You have no humility. You just feel that everyone around you is below you," said Kate.

Feng Xinying scoffed, "I am sorry, but why should I go around winning people. Do I need that? I am fine the way I am." 

Kate made a face, "Oh really? But of course that makes sense. You already stand out amongst people. You have so much power, fantastic background and you can influence people well. You have wielded your power over Brother Xie Yuansheng also. He looks at you only because you are rich and influential. Honestly, other than that, there is nothing, which is good about you."

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