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"I am not the Ebony You Think I Am" (cont)


The way he called her “Miss” was strange. Ebony was completely flabbergasted, and thought that perhaps this elder was a slave. But the supervisor's att.i.tude towards this gentleman had shown that the latter had, at least, a higher position than the former. Curious, she lifted her head the tiniest bit, only to see an amazing sight before her very eyes.

Against the backdrop of an elegant castle and widespread field stood an elderly gentleman wearing a charming suit. He was a butler who seemed to have popped right out of a perfect fairy tale. It was as if she were dreaming. Is this really a person? Not a wax figurine? Ebony stared at Schneider's butler, her mouth awkwardly ajar.

“We have been looking forward to your arrival.”

What a lie.

That's definitely a lie. As expected from a butler of a n.o.ble family, such good acting. Not knowing Ebony's inner thoughts, the butler gently smiled at her with a face full of wrinkles. He then reached out his hand towards her and accepted the old luggage bag that she had been carrying.

[translated by fudgidi – ]

“I will guide you to your room.”

What the heck. Is this some new type of abuse. She had no idea why the butler was speaking so kindly to her, nor did she dare ask him for the reason, only following after him with her head lowered.

Even Ebony knew of Schneider Castle's well-renowned beauty and magnificence. Would she be able to hide herself in such a perfect picture? Wouldn't she end up scratching or dirtying it? Her mind was filled with such questions.

And though the servants would usually enter through the backdoor, the butler confidently opened the doors to the main entrance.

A double staircase covered with white carpet, a marble floor s.h.i.+ning so bright that one's skirt would s.h.i.+ne from the inside, and a chandelier s.h.i.+mmering like the Milky Way made a grand but intimidating display, frightening Ebony. Everything just seemed so perfectly beautiful.

“This way, Miss.”

Ebony was startled again. Maybe he's calling me “Miss” due to a habit? Ebony followed after the butler as he climbed the staircase. The perfect carpet had been completely brushed down to the last hair, yet her dirty shoes left a terrible, crumpled mess everywhere they stepped on. She felt that she was committing a horrible crime.

Oh G.o.d.. If only I could fly up the stairs instead!

"Since it is our first time serving a woman in the castle, the servants met and shared their ideas on how we should do so. We ended up selecting the room on the second floor with the best sunlight and have prepared the room to have a homey touch, so please take a look at it. If there is anything uncomfortable or if you need anything, you just need to let us know.”

[translated by fudgidi – ]

At this point, Ebony couldn't help but doubt her situation. Surely this elderly butler hadn't come to pick up the dirty Ebony Voniak, not her. Perhaps he was supposed to pick up a princess with the same name and had gotten the wrong person. So then, without realizing she asked –

“Why…are you this nice to me?”

– with a tiny, trembling voice.

Standing in front of the glinting mahogany doors, the butler gently smiled at her like had had done before.

“As I said previously, because the Miss we have been waiting for has arrived. Ah, here we are, at your room.”

He opened the door. Ebony peered into the room.


Oh G.o.d. Oh, oh my G.o.d. This place is definitely heaven. When did I even die? I'm glad my death wasn't really painful. G.o.d, did you pity me and let me skip death as you brought me to heaven? You finally listened to my prayers!

The inside of the room was full of white and s.h.i.+ning objects. It was as if she had stepped into a queen's bedroom that only appeared in a masterpiece painting.

Four engraved wooden pillars surrounded the bed. Elongated canopies and flowering vines adorned the bed, and above them were large, cloud-like pillows and duvets neatly folded and arranged. The floor was covered by a soft carpet with the same color as wood. The entire side of one wall had been pulled out to form a vanity table, and an extending balcony was just as wide as the bedroom. And more than anything, the purple hydrangea that filled the room. [t/n: wow i want a room like this!]

“This is what the owner specially has us prepare for you.”


She hadn't even gone inside the room yet but knelt in front of the door in shock at the dazzling display.

Translator's Corner:

i don't want to do homework ?

also, just to clarify, i will split the translations into thirds so it'll be 700-800 words per chapter. this is because when i have time i will translate that much in one sitting and so i can stay motivated throughout.

but if you want me to just upload a whole chapter at once, that's fine too and i can do that. let me know ?

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