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Chapter 9 - Demon Lord Capture

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

"Ha, it's in……ahn, aaaaaah, hiiii……nnnn!"

It can already be seen that Bell is desperately resisting by wiggling her a.s.s.

Her resistance didn't mean she doesn't want to accept mine, but an instinctive reaction that only virgins show.

Well, I have experienced this many times, so it's easy for me.

“Calm down and take a deep breath. Once I get in, it will feel good."

"Ahhn, B-but that's-……!"

Though seeming troubled, Bell still did what I said.

I also gathered a lot of strength, and pushed my c.o.c.k into it.


Considering that she is a virgin, she is still quite narrow.

It sticked around my p.e.n.i.s with earnest, stimulating the head of my p.e.n.i.s further.

"It's in……it's going in……Nnn, Ahnnn! Ahaaa!"

"I'm going to push it further"

I held her hips and pushed her crotch out as well.

I felt like I hit something like a wall, and immediately understood that I was able to put it inside her v.a.g.i.n.a easily.

"Haaahaaa……it's all in……! it's all in isn't it?"

"Yes, all up to the roots"

"Ah, ahahaha……I'm, I'm no longer a virgin"

"Y-yeah……I really wanted to experience it after all"

Though it's funny that she had a crisis over her posture of getting stuck on the wall, while she's all calm as a monk on her formal loss of virginity.

This demon lord might be an unexpected show-off.

"Is there any pain?"

"No, not at all……apart from that, it felt like my p.u.s.s.y has expanded even more……and it feels very good"

"If you feel like that, then that's good, but let me bring you something even better"

I don't want to say that I'm great at being partners of virgins.

If I were to e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e quickly at this moment, it will become the shame of me.

It's hard to put up with it when you have acc.u.mulated it for three whole days, but it cannot be helped……

"I'll move now"

I repeatedly pushed and pulled slowly.

When I pulled out my p.e.n.i.s, the wall turned tight, and when I put it in, it wrapped me gently.

I can already understand that her v.a.g.i.n.a moves like a different creature.

"W-Wow, it's amazing……it's in…… I know it's in, yet……Ahnnn! It's good, it feels so good!"

"This is bad……it has been a long time for me, and this tightness is so hard"

"Ahaa! For a lowly human like you to be able to enjoy my c.u.n.t, you should be thankful!"

"I can't just thank someone seriously when she's like an idiot stuck on the wall"
"An idiot you say?"

"Rather, you should thank me instead for helping you feel good like this"
"Kuh……good grief, what an impudent human"

Looks like I still have some room to spare.

Shall I try to shake my hips a little faster?

"Ahnn, H-hey! Aren't you getting faster?"

"I'm not even half-way serious yet"

"Th-this is……Ahnnn, Annnnn! Ahhhh! Noo, my a.s.s, my a.s.s is getting pushed!"

"What a lewd b.u.t.t you have"

Every time it hit my crotch, her fleshy a.s.s shook uncontrollably.

Even just looking at the way it clench make me want to c.u.m immediately.

Ah, the struggles of embracing a good woman……

"Haiiin! Hiii……Nnn! Aaaaah, aaaaaaah!"

Bell's panting is getting louder and louder.

And her pitch is getting higher and higher too.

"Here! Take this! I'm going deeper now!"


Zun. When I pierced my p.e.n.i.s up to her womb entrance, Bell wiggled her loosely back and forth.

"Haahaaa……! Wh-that is this……Mu insides, it feels super good……"

"Then have one more shot"

"No, don't……Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!?"

Slapping sounds of flesh and moans of Bell echoed the area.

Did she come? I immediately felt the large amount of love juices gus.h.i.+ng out of the Demon Lord.

The lewd sound of water dripping reached our ears.

"What is this? Did you just leak yourself?"

"Yaaaah……! Don't look, don't look! It's embarra.s.sing!

"But it's drowning here. You seem to have completely fallen in love with my stuff"

"Th-that, no way……! I-I'm just making an opportunity for you!"

Pretending to be tough, aren't you?

Well, I guess that part of hers is cute in itself.

"Then now that you're giving me an opportunity, mind if I get serious now?"

"S-serious? What do you mean"

"I'll move my waist as twice as fast than I'm doing now. I'll even skewer you to your very depths in this instant"

"WhWait a sec, you mean right now?"

"yep, right now"

I grabbed her hips firmly enough to the extent where her toes are the only ones reaching the ground, then I went wild.

The slapping sounds become even louder, making the waving of her fleshy a.s.s all messed up.

That a.s.s of hers to have such a beautiful shape to be squashed, it triggered my innermost desires even more.

"Ahuuu, Aaaah! Stoop, Stooooop, Stoopp I say! Aaaaaaah, Nnnn, Nnnnnnhhh, Ahahiiiii!"

"More, moan even more"

"Aaaaaaaaaah, It's coming! My voice……I can't hold it iiiin! Khuhaaaaa!"

"This is bad, I'm feeling it too"

I didn't think her a.s.s was this erotic.

The indulgence of enjoying a woman who can't move at all pleased my desires even further as a man.

I slammed her rapidly as I could.

"Ahhhhnn, don't! I'm going crazyyyy! E-even though it is my first tiiiime! I- I caaan't"

"No, I can't stop now"

"Demooon! Bruuuute! Whyyyyyyyy!?"

"My purpose is your seal at first, but I changed my mind"

"Why change your mind noooooww!?"

"I'm going to tell them that I won over you, and you have completely surrendered to me"

"Kuhh, kuuuuu……! N-No, I can't, it's impossible……I can't do it anymore!"

I absolutely do not think that the woman who says stop really wants to stop.

Saying that is just them being afraid of them breaking themselves to pleasure.

And if that's the case, I'll just break them down as soon as possible.

"There is more of that from where it came from!"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! D-don't, C-crazyyyy, Nnhuuu!, Hhiiidiot! Hiiiiiinnn!"

"Try not to keep it tight. This is what you demanded after all"

"Ahhnuu, Kuuuuuu! Kuhaaaaa!"

As I push it up from the bottom, Bell writhed in agony, and her other hole gaped out widely.

"Your a.n.u.s is gaping. Evidence that you have completely become a woman"

"Ahnnn, Kuhhh, Hauuuuu! Coming! Something is comiiing!"

"Then come! Come as much as you like!"

"Aaah, Ahh, Kahhhh! C-c.u.mming! c.u.mming c.u.mmingc.u.mmingc.u.mming! I'm c.u.mmminnnnng!"

Bikun, Bell came as she stretched out her back.

The insides of her v.a.g.i.n.a convulsed, her a.n.u.s quickly opening and closing the gap of her hole alternately.

But this is still not the end.

In this state that she has reached the peak, I intend to give her even more pleasure.

From then on, she will become a woman in the truest sense of them all.

"Eguu, oguuu, Aghaaaa! c.u.mmign! I'm c.u.mmming agaaaaaaing"

She is c.u.mming at my every stroke.

I performed it over and over again.

"More, have some more!"


Then, Bell's legs fully stretched out, and with that she dropped herself in exhaustion.

"……I went a bit intense there"

Still, even I wouldn't be able to endure if I get clamped each time she c.u.m.

I wanted to swing a little more, but I guess this is my limit.

"Bell, I'm going to c.u.m inside"

"Inside……Inside……? Ah, hii……"

"I'll fill you out lots and lots, so make sure to feel it all"

"Aaah, don't, your d.i.c.k, it's too thick! I'm getting craaaaazzyyyyy!"

"……I'm c.u.mming in"

I wrapped my arms around her in a hug, then fired all of my energy at once.

Then, all the thick s.e.m.e.n that has acc.u.mulated for three days, I poured them all to the womb of the Demon Lord.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! I-it's coming out……it's coming ooouuut……!"

While murmuring her ravings, Bell tightened her v.a.g.i.n.a further.

It seem to want more of my s.e.m.e.n.

"A, ahaaaa……Haaahaaa……! I-it feels so good……! D-danger, this……I think I'm going to be addicted to it……!"

"Isnt that right?"

"Haahaaa……Gilles, you……the best. You're the best man ever"

"And you are the best woman ever"

"Ufufufu……I-I've completely held captive today by your……Afuuuh!"

Bell lost her power in an instant, and fainted in the similar posture she was in.

However, she muttered something before fainting.

"Geez……without Gilles' body…… I can't live anymore……ha"

Demon Lord Captured! Wait, is this really okay?"

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