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After Minerva's attack, the entire city was placed under full lockdown. The city guards rushed to the walls along with the reserve units who were tasked with transporting supplies and manning the guns on the walls. The DCPD kept civilians from rampaging in the streets in distress as they carefully evacuated everyone towards The Underground.

While that was transpiring above ground Desmond had already made his way back to his home in the sewer. The rank 1 magi let Desmond go after taking some of his information. He wasn't detained because the magi had more pressing matters to attend to and since Desmond had a master making him an official apprentice which altered how specific laws work against him.

Typically the act of murder would get a person arrested and prosecuted just like on earth. But since both sides were official apprentices it was considered an apprentice battle which made the whole situation legal. That includes the act of looting of the loser's body afterward. The damage to the city and loss of civilian lives is something both sides masters were suppose to bare.

Desmond trudged inside his base at a steady pace, he tried his hardest to keep up his appearance when he was in front of people. But after he snuck back into the sewer Desmond's facade completely broke down.

A thick layer of sweat made Desmond's skin stick tightly to his clothes, his knees buckle under his own weight, while his vision was mostly an amalgamation of blobs and blurs. Desmond's spirit was weak, he overused his soul fire which placed him in a weakened state. He had almost no magic left inside him. Desmond couldn't even properly restore his magic by using the magic crystals he had on him. But all those things were of little significance when compared to the state of Desmond's mind.

Desmond's sea of consciousness was like a piece of shattered gla.s.s. Thinking alone pushed the capabilities of Desmond's mind to its limits forcing him to keep his thoughts to a minimum. But it was hard before this incident Desmond never realized how much energy people waisted on useless thoughts.

When Desmond entered his base Zane's will saw the state he was in and honestly didn't care, but he also had nothing else to do so he was interested in it nonetheless.

"What happened to you?".

Zane's will spoke in a plain tone it didn't even bother trying to covey a sense of worry for Desmond or the slightest bit of empathy. He made it clear he was only asking because he had a fleeting interest. Desmond remembered how untrustworthy Zane's will was but he wasn't in a good enough state to worry about that. Zane's will was pretending to be on Desmond's side and that's all that mattered.

Desmond slowly took off the rogue outfit that had become c.u.mbersome for him to wear after all the injuries he received. Under the rogue outfit was the enchanted chainmail that he purchased at the gathering. The chainmail helped disperse most of Gerald's attacks keeping Desmond from being blasted apart. Though the chainmail helped save Desmond's life it wasn't the greatest piece of armor. After enduring Gerald's attacks it was in desperate need of repairs. The runes used to enchant it were all dull and barely s.h.i.+mmered at all.

After Desmond took off his clothes dozens of dark purple bruises could be seen all over his body. Broken bones stuck out from under his skin and made him wince in pain. Desmond couldn't cut off his pain receptors because his soul was too weak. He could only endure it like he endured Zane's h.e.l.lish torture.

"Heal me, please"

Desmond didn't want to grovel for Zane's help but he had few choices. He could use a healing potion but those were meant for emergencies while Zane's talent at healing was far superior than the potion could ever be.

"Why should I, you never even answered my question when I asked you?".

Desmond knew how the conversation was going to turn out if he didn't comply with Zane's demand first so he took the time to tell Zane everything that happened to him while he bled on the floor.

"Interesting you actually managed to kill 3 apprentices that were a higher rank than you that almost never happens. But you did damage their souls so it's understandable that you won that way. Though if it was a fair conflict you most definitely would have lost. The training at The Twilight Academy is far superior then what you received at the reserve unit".

"I know that I would have lost if it wasn't for my ability to directly damage a person's soul I couldn't even cut that deep into that person's skin with an enchanted dagger".

"That's good you think that too many people blame their equipment for there own lack of skill and end up dead afterward. A highly skilled person can kill a well equipped one while a well equipped person can easily do the same. There are too many possibilities for what could happen in a fight. All that matters is what you do to prepare yourself before it's your turn to die".

"Your words are truly insightful but I killed multiply students from Twilight Academy and one of them said their master was going to seek revenge for what I did so how should I handle this matter".

"Obviously you do nothing, no one at Twilight Academy would dare cross me over such a small matter they know better than that. I don't care how many clans support that school I'll still burn it to the ground. You have actual power in your corner now don't worry about small things like this".

Desmond listened to Zane's and found it difficult to continue listening, the room started to spin as Desmond found it increasingly difficult to stand upright.

"I am honored to have such an amazing master, but can you help me now, please".

"Your such a needy b.a.s.t.a.r.d". Zane's will grumbled for a moment lightly before he continued to speak. "I can heal you but that will take a lot of my energy. I am a will not a living person I have a limited time frame that I can exist without a source of energy to replenish myself. So, the more tasks I do outside of what I was meant to do the less time that I can stay here. The original me will send others like me to you to continue your education before I eventually disappear but I am unsure if he has even created another like me or when my subst.i.tute will arrive".

"I am more than willing to make that sacrifice".

Zane's will didn't comment on Desmond's obvious lack of respect he just touched Desmond's chest and begun healing his wounds. Desmond's entire body felt numb for a moment before he felt a twisting pain all over his body. Desmond felt his muscles and bones turned into sand before they were magically reformed until they were even more compact and st.u.r.dy than ever. Before Desmond was already muscular, but Zane's healing made Desmond's muscles more defined. Desmond still felt like s.h.i.+t because Zane's magic didn't defy any natural laws all he did was rebuild Desmond's body which took away a lot of Desmond's own energy as well.

"How were you able to do this?". Desmond said absolutely amazed by Zane's work.

"I am a trans.m.u.tation grandmaster as well as a transformation and blood path master".

"I thought you were just a formation path grandmaster".

"People can have more than one field of expertise. I personally have achieved grandmaster attainment level in 6 different paths and am a master in 12 others. Not many magi or cultivators have achieved what I have. Typically someone at my rank is only a grandmaster in 1 or 2 fields of study or probable none at all. I am a rare breed amongst my kind a true elite".

Zane's will gave off a smug aura as he bragged about his skills. That moment to Desmond was like watching a university professor flaunt his degrees in an ignorant student's face. While it was disheartening it made Desmond realize killing Zane may be a bit harder then he thought.

As Zane gloated Desmond felt a hammer bash against his head.

"You didn't fix the damage inside my mind".

"That's because I can't its something that you got to let time heal or fix yourself. Though even if I could fix you mind I wouldn't".

"Why not?".

"Because it would only encourage you to fight this stupidly again. Lisen well because I'm not going to sugar coat this. You can no longer use magic the injuries you sustained to your sea of consciousness is too great. Your foolish way of fighting almost killed you and has currently placed you inches away from death. The damage your mind sustained is more than enough to kill a person. You typically need an extremely st.u.r.dy mind to withstand that level of damage and not die, go crazy or end up brain dead.

The only reason I can think of for you to survive those injuries besides you being too stubborn to die is the fact that your not human or a normal living creature. Don't get my words twisted and miss understand me what you are allowed you to exceed the damage a normal person can endure. But as you are your own thought process and any stimulating external stimulus is enough to kill you or at least turn you as dumb as normal wandering spirits".

Zane's wills words made Desmond turn pale as a ghost as he began to worry about his future.

"There has to be a way to fix this I have to go partic.i.p.ate in the war soon. If I don't show up I won't be able to even walk a block down the street before I'm arrested".

"There isn't a quick fix that isn't expensive but there is a way to st.i.tch up your mind before it gets any worse and boost the rate at which it repairs".

"If there is then let's do it I'm not going to have my path to magic cut off just because of something like this".

Desmond felt as though his journey had just begun so he was unwilling to have it end just because of some random person on the street and his vendetta.

"You haven't even heard of the potential dangers, so hold on. The method I suggest to fix your mind is for you to put a piece of your soul fire inside of your sea of consciousness. Because it is your own personal soul fire you shouldn't face any rejection from it entering your mind. Doing this can aid in the expansion of your sea of consciousness but we don't want that if your mind expands any further before it heals it will break. You must use your soul fire's purifying ability to speed up the repair.

While this is an easy fix it comes with severe consequences. The wills of the people that you've eaten has contaminated your soul fire that is clear from its unique color. Putting it in your mind will allow for those wills to influence your mind easier. Not only that but your soul fire's unique mutation may have unpredictable side effects, whether they will be good or bad I do not know. Which is why I didn't opt for this method beforehand.

In addition to this, I will need to place a dampener on almost all your emotions temporarily. It's for your own good the cracks in your mind will make you easily susceptible to external things. if your over emotional because of something you'll just make all this work pointless. You will still feel things but your emotions will be suppressed".

Desmond didn't bother thinking about a single one of the consequences he Immediately agreed to everything. Magic was Desmond's world it was his life to have it slip away so easily from him was acceptable unacceptable.

"What must I do?".

Desmond's resolve was shown in his eyes as a fire raged behind them.

"create a bit of your soul fire in your hand then give it to me I'll do all the work you just need to lay on the floor and go to sleep".

Desmond did what Zane suggested and began to fall asleep while he didn't like Zane's will having full access to his mind or body Zane already had Desmond by the b.a.l.l.s anyway so it meant little difference. As Desmond's mind slipped into darkness a small fire flickered in his mind. A mult.i.tude of voices emerged from the rainbow flame it was a beacon of change because when Desmond woke up he will be a different man.


Twilight Academy, Delmar City

In District 0 Twilight Academy stood tall its structure radiated an aura of a high standard quality of life. In its ma.s.sive courtyard, a plethora of students gathered to be a.s.signed their tasks to a.s.sist with the war. Walking by that large crowd of people was Maverick, he wore a dark hid to cover up the extensive injuries he received all over his body. The metal spikes that Maverick used for legs dug into the concrete and made a metallic clacking sound as he walked.

As he walked towards his dormitory another student had long since sensed his approach. That man had similar features to Maverick but was more handsome and popular in school then Maverick was. Girls often threw themselves at his feet while other boys while jealous of him and his talent often befriended him because he was so easy to get along with. That person was Warren Maverick, Howell Maverick's younger brother (Howell is the person that the author only refers to as Maverick). Few people refer to Howell by his first name Warren is one of them. The reason other students don't call Howell by his first name is because Howell made it crystal clear what would happen to those who do.

[Note from the author: I will only refer to Howell by his first name only when he is interacting with people who does use his first name or only when he speaks to his brother. Every other time he will be called Maverick].

"Howell, there you are I finally found you. I leave for a few weeks on a mission and when I return I hear about all those underhanded things that you've done. This academy is meant to transform us into leaders, people who others look towards for guidance. But you keep messing around and act like some common thug. I demand that you return what you've stolen from our fellow cla.s.smates and apologize to them at once".

Howell raised his brow and spoke in a sarcastic tone as he talked to his brother.

"Stolen? I stole nothing the reason I was able to take what those people had was because they broke the rules and stole from me. You of all people dear brother should know that I always follow the rules to the letter".

"Howell you can not keep doing these things you commit all these misdeeds that make people spit on our family name. You act like a child Howell, what do you think our aunt and uncle will say about this".

"Why should I care about the thoughts of those third rate mages. Their both nothing more than a waste of s.p.a.ce anyway".

"Take that back Howell their our family they took us in, raised us, and helped get us into this school. We owe everything we have to them".

Howell could only sigh at his brother's stupidity, he couldn't even realize the real reason why their aunt and uncle took them in was only for their inheritance money. Howell knew that their aunt and uncle owned multiple businesses that were failing a few years ago. The timely death of Howell and Warren's parents saved there business. Howell knew all about it but he never told his little brother. In Howell's opinion if his brother couldn't figure out something as simple as that on his own then he was useless to his plans.

"Your blind Warren but I'm not going to open your eyes for you".

"I can see just fine Howell I can see that - uhh ... your skin it's red, covered in puss, and bursting blisters. Wait a second there's a stone on your head too that stone, don't tell me that you, WHAT DID YOU DO TO FERRISE!".

"Oh, him well you see Ferrise and a few of his friends were tarnis.h.i.+ng the reputation of this school. When I saw them walking down the wrong path and knew that they couldn't be saved. So, I took them off that treacherous road and guided them down to the underworld. There no need to thank me its what any good student would do".

Warren couldn't believe what he heard. While Warren was stunned by the news Howell tried to walk past him to get to his room. When Warren saw Howell trying to walkway he tried to stop him. Warren grabbed Howell's shoulder but when he did ...

*Bang*, *Crack*

Without Warren noticing Howell had his finger pointed at Warren's right knee and out of Howell's finger shot out a bullet that tore threw Warren's knee and shattered it. Speed was not Warren's strongest point so even with his inhuman reflexes the bullet still hit him. The sound of Howell's hidden weapon firing off and Warren's scream attracted many people's attention.

Warren supported himself with his other leg and a near by poll so he didn't fall down but he did tightly grip his leg in pain. Howell then said to Warren as affectionately as he always has these words.

"I am in a good mood so I will leave you with only that small wound but don't ever come to me with the problems of others ever again. I don't have time to listen to repet.i.tive drivel about people who cower behind you to get to me".

Howell didn't say anything to Warren after that he promptly left towards his room leaving his brother to bleed out where he stood.


Inside Maverick's room Maverick when he entered went straight towards a large metal cabinet that stored all sorts of spare limbs Maverick created in advance for any situation. From the cabinet, Maverick pulled out a fresh new pair of legs that looked exactly like his old ones. An artificial layer of skin that Maverick developed covered the entire thing while runes inside the legs made them stronger and more durable. Maverick didn't care about losing his legs he was striving to become a mechanical adept anyway which is a group of people that love to augment their bodies so it's not like it mattered much.

Maverick didn't immediately attach his new legs instead he moved towards a dissection table with his new legs and laid down on it.

"Edna start procedure-12 remove infected skin then decontaminate my body. Once that is complete graph a new layer of skin onto me and attach the legs with serial number 2443690".

[Understood while the medical procedure is being conducted does master wish to be incapacitated?].

"No, just sedate me. While that is going on pull up all information I have on a man named Desmond Gillies".


Rows of information hovered above Maverick as it was displayed via holographic projection. Maverick looked thew everything regarding Desmond Gillies that he had but it wasn't much and most of it was far too normal. Most of the information Maverick had was so normal that it was suspicious. Maverick was disappointed in what he was seeing till he saw a bounty posting for a 1000 magic crystals. The bounty wasn't official but it was a clue to find out more information about Desmon. Yet, In the end, Maverick had too little information to go on to effectively plan for the future".

"Edna mark everything related to the man named Desmond Gillies as important and inform me about it immediately".

[Understood. Notification alert maked as important]


When Maverick saw that the alert was about Desmond's apartment complex on fire Maverick didn't know what to think about it. Was it a coincidence or could it mean something more?

"Access community camera footage in that area around the time of the fire and download everything".

[Understood. Access denied city security has been significantly increased because we are currently in war time].

"Check to see if the academy posted any missions to aid the DCPD".

[There are Exactly 10 separate missions with various rewards currently available].

"Sign me up for one whichever allows me access into there office the most].


As Maverick waited for his body to heal he thought about the proposition he made to Desmond and whether he would accept it or not.


A few hours ago

After the explosion startled everyone the magi that questioned Desmond and Maverick had left leaving Desmond and maverick together alone. After the magi left Desmond immediately went towards the 3 dead bodies and started looting them. On Ferrise, Desmond found a Magic ring that could significantly reduce a person's weight making them buoyant to the point it looked like they were bobbing up and down inside water. Desmond also found a none enchanted bag with 400 Magic crystals, and 5 advanced scrolls containing the [dark lance] spell.

Linda's only possessed a strange bracelet that Desmond didn't know the effect of while Gerald's loot was even worse than Linda's because he only had a frog in his pocket. Was it magical, did it possess some kind of hidden secret? Desmond didn't know all he knew was that he went through h.e.l.l because of those people and wasn't leaving empty handed.

After acquiring everything off the bodies Desmond checked the conditions of the morrow beatle and Ventricle worms only to discover that they both looked like s.h.i.+t. The beatle was flipped over and twitching while the worms were somehow spitting out blood. After Desmond saw that he got everything of value he decided to leave.

"Just going to leave like that without even a goodbye. Someone as old as you should have better manners than me".

Desmond had hoped Maverick would stay quiet while he left but he was obviously hoping for too much. Desmond turned to face Maverick and said to him, "what do you want kid I'm busy, or do you want to fight me too?".

"I wish for nothing of the sort I simply wish to make a proposition to you"

"Oh, and what would that be?".

"It will be a mutually beneficial agreement for both of us. I scratch your back you scratch mine that sort of thing".

"I see an what is it that you think I can do for you and what can you do for me?".

"I'm sure an experienced man such as your self can provide any number quality skills to any group as for myself I am a student at Twilight Academy meaning that I have access to a lot of knowledge. Most of which I can't sell so long as it belongs to the academy but that doesn't mean what I have is useless. I can purchase all kinds of restricted items and give them to you, I can get easy access to all kinds of buildings, I have knowledge about a plethora of black market deals. I can even provide aid In a few discreet jobs that you have planned. I offer all this and more all you have to do is agree".

A friend on the inside Desmond knew how amazing something like that was. Desmond lacked useful people like that and needed friends of his own badly. He knew powerful people but he sadly couldn't call any of them friends.

"I'll can sider your proposal but let me warn you I never want to see this s.h.i.+t show happen again. I know it was you that caused all this to happen all because I traded that healing potion with you earlier. Coincidences do happen but not like this, you did something to the items I traded with you didn't you".

"I admit it I did place a tracker on those items I sold you, but I a.s.sure you it won't happen again".

"Your a crafty man Maverick and honestly one of the most dangerous kinds of people that I've seen. Your shrewd, cynical, and above all shameless, honestly it might be interesting working with you but only time will tell if we do".

Maverick had a devilish smile on his face as he said, "you flatter me too much".

After that, the two parted way and whether their paths will cross again in the distant future remains a mystery.

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