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Eclipse a.s.sociation, Delmar City

Early in the morning inside the Eclipse a.s.sociation Rank 2 magus and acting manager of The Order of Peth's side branch preacher Revon entered the building. His twinkling black and grey mage robes fluttered around when he moved. He had a few piercings one pair connected from his lip to his ear, another on his left eyebrow, and a third set on his nose. Revon's bald head s.h.i.+ned in the light just as much his piercing.

Once inside the building, Revon walked unimpeded towards the war room. As he opened the door he saw a neat row of people sitting across from each other. They were all either clan branch managers or representatives like himself. But as he looked around Revon realized that he was the only representative in the group. Undiscouraged by that Revon quietly took his seat while he listened to a few other members converse with each other.

"Shut your mouth, you old crone and leave me alone".

Those distasteful words were uttered out of the mouth of a woman who's beauty didn't fall short of the legends spoken about her kind. Her bluish green hair cascaded down her shoulders like a waterfall. Her near flawless skin was just as smooth as her silky hair. Her ample bosom appeared to wish to burst forward but was held back by the artistically designed holding her chest together. The color of the mirrored that of her hair that hung around her neck, scales that covered her entire lower fish half, and green eyes that were currently staring at an old woman in front of her.

The woman had the appearance of an enchanting mermaid but you would be a fool if you judged her on that alone and meet a similar end to many sailors of old because that woman wasn't a mermaid but a treacherous siren. The woman's name is Delphin she is a rank 3 elemental mage and branch manager in one of the large guilds in Delmar City. Delphin moves around not by flying but swimming. By utilizing her special ability she is able to create ripples were ever she wants effectively making the world her ocean.

"Why are you getting so upset for, I simply want to know the secret to your beauty? That scaly dry skin, those dead cloudy eyes, that perfect row of needle like teeth, and that amazing smell of your that never seems to leave the room. I have no interest in that fake beauty that you show everyone only your real beauty. I work hard to maintain this perfect figure of mine, but I could always use a few improvements. So, woman to woman tell me what is your secret".

Delphin isn't ashamed of her other appearance every siren has that hideous other half the problem for her was that that the person asking for beauty tips was a freaking hag. She knew that when she transforms that she wasn't the best to look at but she never once thought that she was so ugly that a hag would come to her for beauty tips.

The hag's name was Allegra Morag rank 3 witch and manager of the Black Cauldron side branch. The Black Cauldron is a super clan use to be completely comprised of females. Today it is a highly diverse clan that is publicly known as the wealthiest clan in the world. Allegra wore multiple old tattered clothes that were layered over her. Shrunken heads were wrapped around her waist. The heads were just as hideous as her own face that was covered in moles and had a huge crooked large nose.

"You filthy hag I have nothing to give to you so, stop asking".

"Ah, I see so your looks are natural, *humph* some people have all the luck".

With a displeased look Delphin said, "why do I have to suffer through this and endure the pestering of Raijin's flies while we wait?".

Next to Delphin was a freshly rotting corpse it wore black and red robes that looked brand new despite the state of the body. Flies and maggots escaped out of the hollowed out eye sockets and moved in a coordinated pattern around it. Raijin is a rank 3 cultivator and a man who has mastered the art of the living buddha.

Delphin was swatting away a bunch of flies that kept bothering her while she waited and amongst everyone there she was having the worst time.

"You sat next to them meaning you only have yourself to blame".

The man playfully joking at Delphin's expense was named Mason ward. He is a rank 3 mechanical adept and an incurable horder. Both Mason's arms and legs were clearly replaced with mechanical ones. He had a strong jawline and a muscular physique that seamlessly blended well with his mechanical parts.

"No, I didn't they sat next to me, and, uh-huh why won't these Flies leave me alone".

"That's because their trying to communicate with you, but you keep swatting them away force them to restart". Mason said while rolling his eyes as he stated the obvious.

"Well, what are they saying then?"

"How am I suppose to know when you won't let them finish speak".

A vein popped up on Delphin's head as she became fed up with the flies.

"Stupid flies, why can't Raijin just speak like a normal person I know that he can".

"Hay, swarm of flies is a regional dialect that has a long history many people still speak it today. There's no reason to get upset at him just because you're too ignorant to learn". Stated Mason as he defended Raijin's choice of speech.

A loud buzzing sound filled the room as Raijin tried to say something. Once the buzzing ended everyone at the table burst out in laughter except Delphin because she didn't know what he said.

With a look of confusion, she asked, "what is it, what did he say?".

Allegra after she was finished laughing said to Delphin, "it's best if you don't know you wouldn't get it anyway".

The others nodded in agreement as Delphin stared at Raijin's rotting body with a glare as painful as daggers.

While Delphin was being ridiculed Revon was having a conversation of his own with someone else. He was speaking to a s.h.i.+rtless man that appeared to be in his mid twenties. That man had the appearance of a human but had two sets of horns growing out of his head. One pair grew upwards while the other grew forward. Barely any fat could be spotted anywhere one his body he simply had layer after layer of muscles, yet still had a thin figure. His hair was as wild as Ragnar's but still looked well groomed. The depths of his eyes contained a deep loneliness while everything else about his demeanor radiated only strength.

That man's name is Nigel Rey also known as The Black Fist or more popularly known as the Black Tide. He is a rank 3 seal master a cla.s.s that is not only a way of cultivation but a path of study. Most people when they first learn about seal masters believe that they only specialize in sealing things but that is only partly true. Sealmasters are without a doubt one of the deadliest close range to mid range combatants in the world.

Sealmasters were developed after a great mage became an overlord in his field of study just like mechanical adepts. Sealmasters are a cla.s.sification of mages that combine the techniques of magi and the fragmented knowledge of one of the greatest beings that ever existed asura. Through the consecutive usage of strange poses and an enormous number of runes seal masters barrage their opponents with an seemingly unending number of debuffs while buffing themselves and converting the entire battlefield into their home ground at the same time as they fight. If it wasn't for seal masters weakness against long range tactics they would be much deadlier then they already are.

"So, Revon what happened to william this time since you're still acting as the manager I can only a.s.sume the worst".

Nigel spoke in a peaceful tone as he conversed with Revon. Revon rubbed his smooth head for a moment before he said to Nigel.

"William is no longer with us".

"Is he dead". Nigel asked with a bit of concern in his voice.

"No, he is somehow currently in Niflheim (mist world, land of frost giants"

"How in the world did he get there?".

"I have no idea. One day that man was taking a walk in the clover forest, next he's on a boat in the middle of the Blood Sea, now I hear that he's somehow in Niflheim. How he achieved that is a mystery to everyone".

"That man's sense of direction was always otherworldly".

As Nigel and Revon talked Mason Interrupted them to add his own remarks.

"I believe you mean to say that man's sense of direction was always p.i.s.s poor. I've seen that man get lost going down a straight hallway. He's an amazing fighter and he's good at politics too but I can't help but wonder how that man is still alive".

"I agree its only a matter of time before that man finds himself inside of a place too dangerous for him to return from. Allegra stated what she believed to be the truth. Raijin's flies buzzed in agreement while Delphin nodded her head in agreement".

As the group continued to converse about William's likely demise the main door parted allowing 3 figures to walk through. They were lord Nisus Bel overseer and strongest person within Delmar City, Velar Kadyn who was Nisus's right hand and held authority only second to Nisus Bel himself during peacetime, The third person was General Emma Von Cooler she is the general of the army meaning that she has authority second only to Nisus Bel during wartime.

Emma Von Cooler was shockingly a very small girl. She had blond hair, long eyelashes, a pet.i.te build, a flat chest making her in no way look older than 10 years old. In fact, her adorable looks and demeanor would make people think she was younger. But those people would be fools to think so and would all be manhandled by Emma until she couldn't find any more walls to throw them through.

Emma Von Cooler is without a doubt a monster of a person that is feared by many. He has lived a long life and had enough kids with dozens of different men to be cla.s.sified as someone's great grandmother 100 times over.

Emma wore an all black military uniform that was decorated with red velvet and gold ornaments, a large a.s.sortment of medals and badges. She had a strong aura that demanded everyone's attention even as she stood next to Nisus Bel. After Nisus took his seat the war meeting finally begun.

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