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Chapter 1812: Are You a Dog? III

‘Master loves peace, but Nan Luo keeps bothering him. If she stays here forever, won’t that make Master have no peace in the future?’

“Master, I think… We can kill this woman secretly. Then, no one will bother you again.” Qing Zhu chuckled.

A cold light flashed in Nan Xian’s eyes.

He pondered for a moment.

“No, Qing’er wants to keep her.”

“Just kill her when the princess is not aware…” Qing Zhu smiled proudly as if it was still gloating over the fact that he had solved a big problem for its master.

However, Nan Xian suddenly walked up to it with a gloomy face and dragged it up from the ground expressionlessly.

“Master, where are you taking me?” Qing Zhu was almost crying with fear and asked pitifully.

“I’ll bring you to Qing’er.”

Qing Zhu looked confused. “Why are you suddenly going to find Princess?”

“You encouraged me to disobey her.”

Qing Zhu was speechless.

It suddenly felt like it wanted to run away from here and never come back again.

Qing Zhu cried out loud. No matter how it struggled, Nan Xian refused to let go of it. It could only allow him to drag it to the backyard helplessly…


Tang Yin held a plate of fruit when someone suddenly was thrown down from the next wall and fell in front of her.

She was so shocked that the plate flew out of her hand.

And the plate coincidentally fell upon Nan Luo, smas.h.i.+ng her head hard.

“You…” Tang Yin froze for a few seconds. “You are the daughter of the b.a.s.t.a.r.d who bullied Aunt Suyi? Oh, how dare you come to General Manor? Just now was that vixen…”

Tang Yin paused and changed her tone. “Did Nan Xian throw you here?”

Nan Luo got up from the ground with a livid face. She pursed her lips and snapped, “Who are you, and what does it matter to you?”

Tang Yin raised her eyebrows and smirked, “Do you like Nan Xian?”

“What?” Nan Luo panicked, and she hurriedly took two steps back.

‘Is it so obvious?

‘How I’m going to face Feng Ruqing if she knows about it…’

“Nan Xian comes to this courtyard and plays his flute for Xiao Qing and Xia Xia when he has nothing to do. All people in General Manor know about this, and they will not bother them.

“Except for me…” Tang Yin pointed to her own face proudly. “Only I, Tang Yin, can disturb him at this time!”

Nan Luo’s face was slightly pale.

She had indeed inquired about this matter and knew that Feng Ruqing had gone out today, so she deliberately used this time to meet him.

However, what she did not expect was that Nan Xian would be so cold! It seemed like he would never allow anyone to come close to him.

Nan Luo’s eyes fell upon Tang Yin’s proud face. A cold light flashed in her eyes after she thought about what Tang Yin just said…

“You unintentionally disturb them?”

Tang Yin patted Nan Luo’s shoulder hard, causing her to almost fall to the ground.

‘This girl is quite strong…’

She lowered her eyes, looked at the cracked ground, and then looked up at Tang Yin, her gaze flooded with panic.

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