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The battle was nothing Cope could ever dream of, it was out of this world... The fight surely made others around that building question, and so did they call out to the cops. The cops were  not pleased to see another body just laying on the room that many had died. In the eyes of the cops there was no creature of any sort, because there wasn't. The creature had suddenly disappeared. Now the cops without second guessing p.r.o.nounced Cope dead. Surely they would later find out that he had not died, but that was not the case. Now the cops did not even consider the fact that he was full of blood. He hadn't been suck out of his blood. The cops had special way to deal with the ones who dies in this building. Without drawing attention, they would go out to the woods and bury the dead there.

In the past people question what had happen to the bodies, the bodies were dried out and the department had not the answer. So to avoid any media, they would got waste the body somewhere far. And so they did.

It had been days and nights since Cope had been buried in ditch somewhere far. Yet he still hadn't awaken. Now why was that? Aren't vampires immortals?

In a place far from Cope was a female human, who had seen everything. She was indeed a normal human, but she was in need of something exciting in her life. Something that would bring the fear out of her. So she traveled far to go to places that humans had unnatural death. And today she had hit the jackpot. She was about to visit the building when she saw cops, bring forth a bag from a room and left, from a distance. She- was- intrigued. And so she followed from a distance far from them, using binoculars to see. She knew exactly what this event was, and made sure to be extra careful. She had been camping in that very spot for nights, till she finally knew for sure that the cops or any other things were not visiting that very spot.
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So she went and made sure that her mental mind is ready for anything that would be there. She walked up to it,closed her eyes and took a deep breath. In- Out- In- Out. Convincing herself that she will find what this was. She then opened her eyes and saw that a portion of the dirt was moving inward. She was paralyzed, scared to even move, but forced her self to hide behind a tree.

Now Cope had enough time to recover from that fight. Opened his eyes just to encounter more pain. Something had entered his eyes. He tried to rub his eyes but his arm was immobilized. Then he had realized he was underground. Cope tried breathing and it worked. He hadn't been too deep underground. So he tried his best to dig out. Moving everything in his body, and eventually his left hand was out. He could feel the sunlight.

Now she decided to look once more at that spot. Just to see that a hand was sticking out. She immediately tried to scream but her voice was taken out. She feel and quickly ran and drove away.

Now Cope with one of his hands out started to dig, and he eventually dug himself out. He hadn't known what happened, nor did he know where he was. Cope, observing his surrounding, remembered his childhood. It pained him dearly, but that was in the past. He needn't to worry.

Cope walked around in circles and found tire tracks. So he followed, thinking that this would eventually lead back home. And it did. Now the tire stopped at a road but it was clearly understandable which direction it went.

Seeing his room, everything was normal. All the blood and everything that had happen seemed as if nothing happened. Cope thinking something is wrong decided to not come back to this place. Now Cope went to work and explained that something had happened at school, forcing him to stay after school and not come to work. Got off clean, the manager did not complain. Since Cope is a strong young man that can lift really heavy objects. He couldn't risk losing someone so efficient.

Cope had to find a new place that was far from his ex. But where could he find another place that had really nice rent. There wasn't, so he went and found a different place far from his work. Now his work gave him promising checks, but he could,t afford to go to school and work at the same time. This went in his mind, should I stay in school or just quit. He hadn't valued school to be important, in his eyes seeing something once was enough for him to memorize it. One could say he had photographic memory, and they are right.

Now Cope knew that this world was different than what he had thought, but chooses to ignore what had happened. He hadn't want to go through what had happened to him again.

So Cope dropped out of high school, and started to work for the last 3 years.

Now he is 18 years old and saved up 1.7 million dollars.

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