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Cope refusing to seek reality, went in the normal life one have. But due to this action things have gone more of a drastic line. Cope had two choices, he could either accept reality and seek a way for him to protect people with his new profound abilities. But he chose the one where he ignores the reality that he was living in. And because of his action thing happened...

Now Cope used his profound ability to earn money. He had went to find jobs where there would be good pay. It hadn't matter what it was. Either killing someone or just manual labor, he would do it. Now Cope was no longer in high school. He had quit his useless time in that place.

Now what had happened to Cope for him to lose his mind. Was it because he encounter that mysterious spider like creature that killed him. Now Cope died once already and he didn't want to die once more. It was a painful experience. The event of having his head decapitated is not one you would want to experience again.

The mysterious girl got over the fact that she had saw some dirt moving. She knew that her over active imagination was the cause for her to run away from time of her life. She had finally brought up the courage to go to the place once more. And when she did her eyes finally opened up. To see blood from the very same spot that she was at. But was not surprised at the fact that there was blood, but the fact that a body was lying there next to it. It was the body of herself. She showed fear on her face that no other had ever showed, and finally fainted.

[ A world where everything was in the sky. Water streams falling down the floating castles, and the beautiful rainbows it would make. Was a sight to see. ] 
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Now she had woken up thinking that this had been a dream, but to her surprised her body was still here. This was a reality that she couldn't escape. Now was she a ghost. That couldn't be, ghost couldn't drive a car, nor could they touch objects. She had tried to touch her body but this was different, her hand would go right through her own body. Now why was that. She fell back finally realizing that she was a ghost. No, realizing that she was dead. She ran as fast as she could to her car but... She could not touch her car at all. She would go right through it. She hadn't been able to touch anything at all since she had seen her body. She fell down to her knees, asking G.o.d why this was. She promised that she would leave this interest of the super natural behind, but nothing happened. This wasn't something she could get out of. Death had taken her, yet why was she still alive? A few minutes have past and she went back to her body. Seeing it once more, she wanted to look away but her body stopped her. All she could do was stare at the dead body. While tears finally formed in her eyes. She had finally accepted that she had died.

This sure was a quite sorrowful moment. A person seeking the supernatural found it, but her life was taken at the same time. The person had finally accepted the fact that she was dead, but something was odd. If she had been dead this whole time? Why was it that she was able to drive home safely, let alone touch anything. She wanted to feel once more, but no matter what she did, she couldn't touch anything. Then a bright idea popped up her mind. Maybe the reason she touched anything before, was because she hadn't known that she had died. She used this to try and touch once more. She went deep in her mind to convince herself that she could touch. Now this was indeed hard, all her life she knew she could touch. Yet suddenly she couldn't no more, and having this experience ruined her sense of meaning. Eventually, trials after trials, she went to touch the rock once more. And to her surprise she felt something. Now the feeling wasn't the usually feeling you get when touching a rock. It was something different. It felt as if you were dreaming and your body moved and touched something. But you, your self don't really feel it. But you know for a fact that you felt it, and that was how she felt when she touched that rock.

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